Are 3 Stage Snow Blowers Worth It? (Solved & Explained!)

Are 3 stage snow blowers worth it? Three-stage snow blowers have many of the same features as the two-stage blowers but with more power, speed, and a better ability to remove heavy snow. However, three-stage blowers require quite some maintenance to ensure they’re working correctly, so they might not be worth the effort unless you have some knowledge of repairing and keeping them running.

How does a three-stage snow blower work? 

Three-stage snow blowers work the same way as two-stage blowers, except they have another auger in the front. This front auger, called the accelerator, helps break up heavy snow before feeding it into the primary set of augers, which then shot the snow out of the deflector. 

Which is better, a two-stage or three-stage snowblower?

Which is better depends on what you need from your snowblower. In most cases, a two-stage blower will get any job done as long as you keep it maintained and you don’t live in an area with heavy snowfall. However, if you need something with more power that can move a lot of snow, then a three-stage blower will probably be a better fit. 

Is a 3-stage snowblower a gimmick? 

Whether a three-stage snowblower is a gimmick depends on what you think “three-stage” means. A three-stage blower sill can better handle heavier snowfall and ice, so there is a critical difference in performance compared to a two-stage blower. 

However, the name “three-stage” is a bit misleading since there isn’t necessarily another stage. The difference between a three- and two-stage snow blower is the accelerator which can be counted as a stage by some and not others. Mainly the name “three-stage” is used more for marketing than anything else. 

What are the stages in snow blowers?

In the case of a three-stage snowblower, the first stage is the accelerator which sits in front of the augers and breaks up snow and ice. The second stage is the augers themselves which help to pull the snow up into the deflector.

The third and final stage is the snow feeding into the deflector, thrown out into whichever direction the deflector is pointing. 

How much do three-stage snow blowers cost?

Three-stage snow blowers can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,310 depending on how big the augers are and what other features are included, such as heated handgrips. 

Who makes the best 3-stage snowblower? 

The best three-stage snow blower is the Cub Cadet 3X 30″ PRO H with its hydrostatic drive for better handling and extra-wide accelerator for better speed and power. This snowblower costs about $2,599, but if you’re looking for the best and most powerful model out there, then this blower could be worth the price tag. 

What is the minimum amount of snow to use a three-stage snowblower?

Generally speaking, you will need at least 2 inches of snow to use your snowblower. However, you should use a three-stage snowblower only when there is a significant amount of snow since you wouldn’t need to use the extra auger if there are only a few inches of snow. 

Do three-stage snow blowers work on wet snow? 

If you have a large area of up to 24 inches of snow, then a three-stage snow blower is the perfect fit for you. While other types of snow blowers can perform decently in smaller spaces, a three-stage blower is the only reliable blower when it comes to moving wet snow. 

Can you use a three-stage snowblower on a gravel driveway?

Two- and three-stage snowblowers will do fine on a gravel driveway since they are less likely to have their augers touch the ground. A single-stage blower needs to be pushed and can contact the ground depending on how you are using it, so it is likely to pull up gravel along with the snow. 

Can you use a three-stage snowblower on grass?

Similar to using a three-stage snowblower on gravel, it should work fine as long as there is a decent amount of snow. However, you may need to make some adjustments to the skid shoes to make sure you aren’t pulling up your grass and the snow. 

Can you use a three-stage snowblower on dirt? 

Any snowblower higher than a single-stage snow blower will work great on a dirt driveway. Still, again, the three-stage snowblower will excel since you can adjust the skid shoes and don’t have to worry about inconsistency in the way the augers make contact with the snow. 

Remember that a three-stage blower might be more powerful than you need, to think about how much space you need to remove snow from and how much snow you usually get. 

Does a three-stage snowblower work on ice?

A three-stage snow blower is a perfect blower if you need to break through large chunks of ice. If you have a ridge of ice, it might be best to break up the ridge into pieces and run the snowblower over them. You can break the ice either with an ice breaker or with a bucket of hot water mixed with dish soap and rubbing alcohol.  

Can a three-stage snowblower be too big? 

In most cases, a three-stage snow blower will be bigger and more powerful than you need. Especially if you live in an area that gets more slush than actual snow, three-stage blowers are really for removing snow from large areas that frequently get a lot of snow, so don’t think you need to buy the biggest blower to clear a few inches off your driveway. 

Can a three-stage snowblower damage your driveway?

The short answer is yes, a three-stage snow blower can damage your driveway, but it’s not any more likely than any other snowblower or plow, especially if your driveway is older. It’s essential to be mindful of how lower your skid shoes are and the speed you are using. 

How do you get rid of an old snowblower?

The best way to get rid of an old snowblower is to pick it up by a recycling and proper disposal company. These companies will make sure to deal with the blower in the right way, and it saves you the trouble of figuring out which part you should recycle on your own.