Are Ariens Snow Blowers Worth the Money? (Solved & Explained!)

Are Ariens snow blowers worth the money? Ariens snow blowers are inexpensive and dependable. If you are looking for a snowblower to clean your driveway, patio or just a section of lawn for your dog, then an Ariens snowblower is an excellent choice. 

Keep reading to learn about what features the Ariens snowblower has and whether it is the right fit for you. 

Does Ariens make quality snow blowers? 

No one wants to get stuck shovelling snow as soon as the first winter storm hits, and Ariens snowblowers are a cheap way of ensuring you have some help clearing out your driveway. Ariens offers many different types of snow blowers, so you can find whatever you need, whether it is clearing your driveway or a commercial lot. 

Who makes Arien snow blowers?

Ariens Company or Ariens Co. manufactures the snow blowers along with tractors and lawn mowers for commercial markets. They are a Wisconsin-based company that has been going strong since the 1960s. 

What is the best Ariens snowblower? 

The best Ariens snowblower is the Ariens Deluxe 30. It is a 2-stage snowblower with a throwing distance of 50 feet and can clear 2,367 pounds per minute. The Deluxe 30 costs about $5,910. 

Is Ariens any good?

Ariens has been making snow blowers for a long time. They have made a name for themselves by creating reliable and affordable equipment so that their products have commercial-grade quality without the increased price tag. 

What is the largest Ariens snowblower? 

The biggest Ariens snowblower is the Ariens Platinum 24 SHO which has a throwing distance of 55 feet and is a high capacity 24 to 26-inch snowblower. It has a massive engine and a 14-inch output impeller. 

Are Husqvarna and Ariens the same? 

Husqvarna offers many of the same accessories as Ariens, and many of their products have the same motors, but they are from different companies. PIERER Mobility Group owns Husqvarna.

Do Ariens snowblowers have Cub Cadet engines? 

No, Ariens snowblowers have LCT. or Liquid Combustion Technology, engines, a United States-owned company that makes outdoor power equipment. They offer many different models of machines to fit with different snowblowers depending on how high-end it is and how much power it needs.

Are Ariens snowblowers Made in USA? 

All Ariens snowblowers come from the United States. However, some of the materials in their manufacturing come from other countries. For instance, the engines for Ariens products are usually made in China instead of the United States though some LCT engines come from South Caroline. 

Which is better, Ariens or Toro? 

Which is better depends on what you want from your snowblower. Ariens tend to have more metal, making them sturdier and more heavy-duty, whereas Toro products have a slicker design, and some are smoother to work with. Either can give you the features you need depending on what works best for you. 

How much does a good snow blower cost? 

Usually, reasonable snowblower costs somewhere around $3,000, if not more. The price will depend on what size you need, whether it’s 2-stage or 3-stage, and what other added features you want to include, such as heated handles. 

How many inches of snow before you use a snowblower? 

You will need at least 2 inches of snow before taking out your snowblower since any less than that will result in your snowblower’s augers hitting your driveway or lawn. You will also want to consider what speed you are using since this will impact how aggressive your snowblower is. 

Which is better, Ariens or Cub Cadet? 

Most consider Ariens machines to be better built and to have more longevity than Cub Cadet products. However, this again ultimately depends on what you want out of the snowblower you wish to purchase, and there is something positive to be said about either one you choose. 

How do you use Ariens Professional 28? 

You will want to ensure that your gas is turned on and turn the key to the run position. Then pump the primer bulb three or four times before turning your choke on, and then you can start it. Once it’s started, remember to turn the choke back to the run position, or the snowblower will run wrong. 

Is Ariens going out of business? 

Ariens Co. is not going out of business in terms of selling power equipment like snowblowers. Back in 2018, they exited the direct marketing business to better focus on their power equipment, which resulted in them selling a few of the brands under their name. 

What’s the best time to buy a snowblower? 

New snowblower models become available in May and June, so this could be the best time to buy one if you want the latest models. However, if you aren’t interested in the newest thing, you may want to buy one during those months that is an older model since there are usually discounts for products that didn’t sell. 

When did Ariens stop using Tecumseh? 

Ariens stopped using Tecumseh engines in 2009 since Tecumseh was winding down production during 2008. Until 2009, Tecumseh engines were in about 95% of Ariens products.

How do you start Ariens deluxe 28? 

You will want to insert the key and open the fuel valve. Then you can turn the on switch to the on position and choke and prime the engine if it’s cold. Turn the throttle to the 100% fast position, then turn on the engine either with the recoil starter handle or the electric start button. 

Remember that after starting the engine, slowly turn the choke control to the off position. 

Does Ariens make a 3 stage snowblower? 

Ariens does make a 3-stage snowblower, but there is no capacity advantage between the 2-stage and 3-stage models. Remember that you only need something as heavy-duty as a 3-stage snow blower if you need to clear large areas that get a lot of snow or heavy snow. Otherwise, they are more powerful than most homeowners need.