Are Ariens Snowblower Engines Made in China? (Solved & Explained!)

Are Ariens snowblower engines made in China? While the snowblowers themselves are from the United States, the machines come from primarily China. Ariens also uses Briggs & Stratton engines which are from plants in Missouri, Alabama and Georgia. 

Keep reading to learn more about the engines Ariens uses and the companies they come from, and the best snowblower and engines depending on where you live and what you need. 

Who makes the Ariens snowblower engine? 

Most of Ariens’ engines are by Liquid Combustion Technology or LCT. This USA-owned company operates out of South Carolina but owns factories in China where they manufacture their engines. 

What are snowblower engines made in the USA?

If you are interested in a snowblower with an engine made in the United States, you can find some under Ariens and some other snowblowers with Honda engines. While Honda itself isn’t an American company, they started making 2-stage snowblowers for the USA market in a plant in North Carolina. 

What engines are in Ariens snow blowers? 

Ariens snowblowers primarily have either a Briggs and Stratton engine or an Ariens new AX engine. However, other engines are in older models, especially any machine dating back before 2009 when Ariens was still using Tecumseh engines in some of their models.

What is the best snowblower engine?

The best snowblower engine depends significantly on what you need from your snowblower, but generally Toro SnowMster QXE series is the best engine overall. Cub Cadet and Ryobi engines are also among the top best snowblower engines. 

What is an Ariens AX engine? 

Ariens AX engines are a line of exclusive engines or the Ariens Sno-Thro series that LCT manufactures. They are solid and efficient engines made to withstand anything North American weather can throw their way. 

Are Ariens AX engines reliable? 

Most would agree that the Ariens AX engines are reliable and efficient. Better yet, they cover warenties through Ariens dealers, so you don’t have get in touch with the manufacturer for repairs. 

Are all small engines made in China? 

Some of Briggs & Stratton’s small engines are still from the United States, but Briggs & Stratton imports most of their smaller engines from China, or the parts to assemble them are and are put together in USA-owned and operated plants. 

Are Briggs & Stratton engines made in China? 

Briggs & Stratton engines are primarily from the United States. Still, they also have plants in other parts of the world, including Asia and Europe and Australia, which helps support the demand for their products. 

Is Ariens snowblower Made in USA? 

Ariens assembles their snowblowers in the United States along with many of the parts that go into their construction. Some parts are from other countries, primarily in China.

Is Ariens made by Husqvarna? 

No, Ariens is owned by the Ariens Company, an American-owned company, whereas Husqvarna is Swedish-owned. Husqvarna also makes some American Yard Products, or AYP, such as the Poulan Pro machines. 

Are LCT engines any good? 

LCT engines are reliable and run smoothly. However, some people have pointed out that they are not the quietest engines, especially when they have 12 horses of power, which may deter some from wanting them in their snowblower. 

Are Briggs and Stratton engines good? 

Brigg & Stratton engines are known to have consistent starts and to have a wide range of power depending on the model. This power range means that they work well in many different models and sizes of snowblowers, whether it’s smaller engines for single-stage snowblowers or more powerful motors for commercial use. 

Is Ariens a good brand? 

Ariens has been around since the 1960s and has made a name for themselves are manufacturers of sturdy and reliable products. Many of their products have more metal components than other similar manufacturers, making their machines more heavy-duty and closer to commercial-grade quality.

How many quarts of oil does an Ariens snowblower take? 

How much oil the engines take will depend on which engine your Ariens snowblower has. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the standard machines for the Sno-Thro series to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • 208cc and 250cc Engine Displacement has 19 fl. oz of oil capacity
  • 305cc and 342cc Engine Displacement has 27 fl. oz of oil capacity

You will have to check the displacement on the specific engine of the Asien snowblower model you are interested in or currently own. 

Which is the best Ariens snowblower?

Any of the Ariens Deluxe series will give you the best power and reliabilities for the price. This series of snowblowers are 2-stage snowblowers and have a price tag of around $6,000 to $7,000. The Ariens Deluxe 30 is a good starting place as it has a throwing distance of 50 feet and can clear over 2,000 pounds per minute. 

How much snow do you need to use a snowblower? 

Generally speaking, you need about 2 inches of snow before you should take out your snowblower. The 2 inches will ensure that the augers on the snowblower aren’t making contact with your driveway or lawn, which could damage them along with the snowblower itself. 

Is Ariens going out of business? 

Back in 2018, Ariens decided to change the direction of their business from direct marketing to only power equipment. This switch meant that they decided to sell a few of the brands under the company that no longer worked with their new line of business, but the company itself is still going strong. 

What is better Husqvarna or Ariens? 

Which brand is better will depend on what you need in a snowblower. Husqvarna snowblowers tend to be cheaper than Ariens’ while still being reliable and robust. 

However, if you live somewhere with a lot of snow or clear snow professionally, then you’re better off with Ariens snowblowers. Ariens will be more expensive, but they can withstand North American winters, including the storms and heavy, wet snow that can pile up in commercial spaces.