What Is the Best Inexpensive Lawn Tractor? (Solved & Explained!)

When you want a cost-effective lawn tractor, look for one by Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, John Deere, Husqvarna or Simplicity. While there are many tractors on the market, none are as inexpensive as the ones we have listed below. All of them fall between $1500 and $2000, except for the one by Simplicity.

Even still, these offer the best and smoothest rides while delivering optimal performance. They can do basic yard cutting but also mulching, landscaping, hauling and other necessary tasks.

Quick Overview

Best Inexpensive Lawn Tractor Overall: Cub Cadet XT1 LT42

With a 42-inch cutting deck and 12 adjustable cutting heights, Cub Cadet’s XT1 LT42 is the best overall lawn tractor. The Kohler engine has 18 horsepower and 547cc with a Tuff Torque hydrostatic transmission. It has a turning radius of 16 inches, which allows for narrow maneuvering.

It has a fuel tank capacity of three gallons and can go as fast as 5½ mph. The XT1 LT42 has cruise control, accelerates smoothly and operates well on almost any terrain. It even performs well on wet grass. Plus, you can operate the machine in reverse up to 3 mph and it comes with a washout port for easier cleaning.

Cleaning is easier with washout portMulching performance is less than average
Narrow turn radius of 16 inchesSome assembly required on owner’s end
Smooth and comfortable operation 

Most Inexpensive Lawn Tractor on the Market: Troy-Bilt Pony 42X

The most inexpensive lawn tractor of all the ones available on the market is the Pony 42X by Troy-Bilt. It has a cutting deck width of 42 inches and a turn radius of 18 inches. This is easy to operate since it includes a bagging and mulching kit.

The 17½ horsepower engine has a displacement of 547cc with a manual transmission that offers seven gears. You can achieve a max speed of 5½ mph with the gas tank holding 1.36 gallons of fuel. It gives all the features and conveniences of a luxury model but without the high price tag.

The most inexpensive lawn tractor availableManual transmission
Minimal re-mowingLow fuel capacity
Seven speeds and excellent power 

Best Inexpensive Lawn Tractor with the Most Resale Value: John Deere E120

For those looking to buy a lawn tractor they know they will sell off in the future, John Deere’s E120 is the best inexpensive one. This is because of the classic plastic composite materials that cover the metal parts of the engine. The engineering and design of the machine lends itself to decades of use.

It has a 20 horsepower V-Twin 656cc engine for handing a variety of situations and terrains. The cutting deck has a width of 42 inches and a turn radius of 18 inches. The cutting deck height is adjustable, ranging between one and four inches.

It comes with a fuel tank capacity of 2.4 gallons and can get up to 5½ mph. Plus, the E120 comes with cruise control, a choke-free start and a smooth hydrostatic transmission.

Best resale value of lawn tractors on the marketProblems occur right after warranty expiration
Powerful engine that’s sturdy and reliable 
Features cruise control 

Best Inexpensive Gas-Powered Lawn Tractor: Husqvarna YTH24V54

Not only is Husqvarna’s YTH24V54 the best inexpensive gas-powered lawn tractor, it’s the biggest for the price. It has a reinforced cutting deck with a width of 54 inches and it has a hydrostatic transmission with variable speeds. The Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin engine comes with 24 horsepower and 724cc.

There’s a 16 inch turn radius and it comes with a mulching kit. Its design and engineering lends itself to many hours of continual use in one session. You can go both forward and reverse with the hydrostatic transmission too. It can reach a maximum speed of 5.2 mph and a fuel capacity of three gallons.

The YTH24V54 has cruise control and an adjustable cutting height. It’s comfortable, easy to operate and can handle the largest, most difficult terrain.

Large handling capacity with a reliable engineCutting blades tend to clog easily
Cruise control with an adjustable cutting heightSlow compared to other models in its class
Smooth and relaxing ride 

Best Inexpensive Lawn Tractor with a Powerful Engine: Simplicity Conquest 2691339

The Conquest model by Simplicity has the most powerful engine for an inexpensive lawn tractor. However, it is on the most expensive end of the scale. It has a Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine with 25 horsepower and 724cc. There’s a hydrostatic transmission and 3.6 fuel capacity on the gas tank.

The Conquest’s 18-inch turn radius allows you to easily remove the mowing deck to mulch, bag, haul or plow. Simplicity’s lawn tractor has a top speed of 7.2 mph and a 52-inch wide cutting deck.

It also features a deluxe instrument panel that makes operating the tractor more like driving a car. Plus, there are a myriad of attachments you can get to handle any type of lawn job or terrain type.

Fastest and most powerful lawn tractor availableSteep price tag for being inexpensive
Multiple attachments for any task or job 
Deluxe controls with durable construction 

Comparing the Various Inexpensive Lawn Tractors

Cub CadetTroy-BiltJohn DeereHusqvarnaSimplicity
Engine TypeKohlerManual TransV-TwinB&S V-TwinB&S V-Twin
Gas Tank Size3 gallons1.36 gallons2.4 gallons3 gallons3.6 gallons
Cutting Deck42 inches42 inches42 inches54 inches52 inches
Top Speed5½ mph5½ mph5½ mph5.2 mph7.2 mph
Turn Radius16 inches18 inches18 inches16 inches18 inches