What Is the Best Mushroom in The World? (Solved!)

Mushrooms are very labor-intensive to produce and their mass production is very difficult. In proportion to the effort required, the price of good mushrooms is always high. The “Yartsa Gunbu” mushroom (also known as the Catapillar Mushroom) is one of the best mushrooms in the world and demands a very high price.

The Tibetan meaning of this mushroom species, which is grown in the Dolpa region of Nepal, is “winter worm”. This type of mushroom, which is quite delicious, is also very famous for its aphrodisiac effects.

What Are The  5 Most Expensive Mushrooms In The World?

Yartsa Gunbu – $2,000 an Ounce

Yartsa Gunbu mushrooms are parasitic fungi. This type of mushroom develops inside moth caterpillars and infects the caterpillar with the spores it carries. 

When it enters the caterpillar, it starts to eat the caterpillar from the inside, leaving the remains in an upright position with the head facing upwards. 

Then the fungus then leaves the host caterpillar and nests in the ground. With their cylindrical heads and long slender lengths, Yartsa Gunbu is easy to collect when found.

These mushroom species are found in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau and are consumed by Tibetan men as an aphrodisiac.

The best Yartsa mushrooms today average $2000 per ounce. Acquiring and eating Yarta Gunbu is a sign of high status.

European White Truffle – $3,600 per Pound

European white truffles are considered the second most expensive mushroom in the world when compared in terms of price. 

Harvesting truffles is a labor-intensive job. This labor is largely reflected in the prices of truffles. You can usually find these mushrooms in countries such as France and Italy. 

In addition, truffle production in China is also very common in the market, but it is believed to reduce the market quality when compared to truffles in Europe. 

Finding and discovering truffles as well as harvesting them is a very demanding task. This work, which requires long-term planning, is carefully carried out by truffle hunters. 

Truffles are especially popular in luxury restaurants in Europe. The truffles are sold at very high prices and only in the best restaurants, but independent sellers are available for those who wish to cook them at home.

Matsutake – $1,000 to $2,000 per pound

Matsutake mushrooms are a sure sign of autumn, they are seasonal mushrooms that appear on tables around this time.

The price of these Matsutake mushrooms varies between $1000 and $2000 per pound. They have a fruity and spicy flavor and are generally very popular in Japan.

Over the years, the red pine trees have become a favorite growing spot for the Matsutake, but have begun to be destroyed by insect infestations, which has led to a decrease in the number of matsutakes available – further driving up the price.

Unfortunately, the production of these mushrooms is still not supported and the number of mushrooms continues to decrease year by year.

Morels – $254 per pound

Morels are one of the most delicious mushrooms in the world. Many chefs from all over the world are competing with each other to include these mushrooms in their menus.

Morel mushrooms, which can be cream-colored, yellow, and grey in color, usually appear in forest areas and after forest fires and grow in the spring.

The false morel mushroom, although similar in appearance to the true morel, is a completely different type of mushroom and this mushroom is highly poisonous compared to the True morel. So morel hunting requires skill and deep knowledge.

Today, morel mushrooms are sold for $254 per pound because of their rarity and the specialism involved in collecting them.

Chanterelles – $224 per pound

Chanterelle mushroom has a spicy flavor, which distinguishes it from other types of mushrooms. This fungus grows in fine-leaved forests and on the edges of woodlands. Chanterelle mushrooms can be white, yellow, and orange in color. 

The golden Chanterelles are the rarest species. The reason for the high price of these mushrooms is that they are very difficult to grow and mass produce.

These species grow best in regions with high humidity which receives a lot of rain. Like morels, they emerge with the arrival of spring and disappear in the autumn. If you eat the Chanterelle mushroom raw, you may experience some health problems. 

That’s why we recommend that you cook this mushroom well before consuming it. Chanterelle mushrooms average $224 per pound.

Which Mushroom is Best to Eat?

In terms of taste, the following mushrooms are considered the best and healthiest:

  • Lion’s Mane Mushrooms
  • Yartsa Gunbu
  • Morels
  • Porcini Mushrooms
  • Matsutake
  • European White Truffle
  • White Button, Cremini, and Portobello
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Chanterelles

Why are Mushrooms So Expensive?

Expensive mushrooms are difficult and laborious to produce. 

Mass production of these mushrooms requires knowledge, skills, labor, time, and technical equipment. The prices of these mushrooms are kept high in proportion to the effort put in.

Also, the rarity, taste, and health benefits of these mushrooms play a role in the market demand.

What is The Healthiest Mushroom in The World?

In terms of health, the following mushrooms have the most nutrients. There is no ‘healthiest’ mushroom as their health benefits vary greatly and depend on what health benefits you prioritize.

  • Reishi Mushrooms
  • Lion’s Mane Mushrooms
  • Turkey Tail Mushrooms
  • Chaga Mushrooms
  • Maitake Mushrooms

Are Mushrooms Worth Money?

Mushrooms have been keeping their place on our tables for centuries. Fungi are also divided into classes within themselves. 

There is an indisputable price-quality difference between a quality mushroom and a regular household mushroom. 

The quality of the mushrooms increases according to the effort and time spent. In addition, some mushrooms found in nature are more beautiful and attractive than other mushrooms in terms of taste and smell. 

This causes these mushrooms to be more expensive than other mushrooms. Mushrooms are worth the money because different quality mushrooms appeal to different buyer groups. People buy mushrooms according to their demands and needs.

Which Mushroom is Best For The immune System?

If you are looking for immune health benefits, you should try the following mushrooms that are packed with anti-oxidants and immune-supportive nutrients.

  • Reishi (Ganoderma lingzhi)
  • Cordyceps (Ophiocordyceps Sinensis)
  • Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus)
  • Shiitake (Lentinula Edodes)
  • Turkey Tail (Coriolus Versicolor)
  • Oyster (Pleurotus)
  • Maitake (Grifola frondosa)
  • Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus)