What Is the Best Snowblower to Buy? (Solved & Explained!)

One of the best snow blowers that you can buy is the Toro Power Max HD 828 snowblower. According to Good Housekeeping online, this is the overall best snowblower on the market with all the features homeowners need to clear the snow on a snowy day. Since it is a 2-stage snowblower, it will be strong enough to get through heavy snowfalls.

If you’re preparing for a stormy winter season, you may be curious about which snowblower is the best to buy. On this page, we’re going to discuss the best snow blower on the market and other things you should know to pick out the right snowblower to use this winter. Keep reading to find out more.

What is the best snowblower of the year?

Currently, the best snowblower that homeowners can invest in is the Toro Power Max HD 828 snowblower. This self-propelled 2-stage snowblower uses gas as a power source, so people can take it the extra distance to clear out a heavy snowfall.

It has a 28-inch clearing deck and is able to throw the snow at a 45 feet distance. This snowblower is very reliable in areas that see heavy snowstorms, and it’s also capable of breaking through icy areas.

What are the pros and cons of the Toro Power Max HD 828 snowblower?

One of the main reasons why buyers prefer the Toro Power Max HD 828 snowblower over other machines is that it is very powerful and can maintain a good speed to clear the snow quicker. It’s also a hit with homeowners because it’s very easy to aim the chute so they don’t create a bigger mess.

However, this snowblower isn’t perfect as many users have complained that it’s awfully noisy. Another improvement that could be made to the snowblower is that the handle grips aren’t heated, causing the user to get cold hands.

What are the most reliable snowblower brands to buy this year?

If you’re investing in a new snowblower, it’s important to put your money towards a machine that is reliable. According to Good Housekeeping online, some of the best brands for your buck are Toro, Cub Cadet, and Snow Joe.

Of course, these aren’t the only great brands to consider when looking at snowblowers. Some other reliable brands in the industry are Ariens, Husqvarna, and Craftsman.

How long will a Toro snowblower last?

Toro is a premium snowblower brand, and most homeowners are able to see up to 40 years of use from their Toro machine. This makes the machines well-worth investing in, considering that cheap snowblowers are known to break down within 5 years.

If you want to ensure you get the most years of use from any Toro snowblower, it’s important to keep up with annual maintenance. You should also make sure that you keep the machine clean and store it properly.

How much money does a Toro snowblower cost?

Toro snowblowers can range anywhere in price from $100 to $5,000, depending on what size and features the machine is equipped with. At Home Depot, the Toro Power Max HD 828 snowblowers cost $1,499.

While this may be out of your current budget, Home Depot (and other retail locations) offer the option to finance the Toro snowblower. This way, you can make manageable payments on the snowblower you want.

What is the best single-stage snowblower to buy?

If you want a single-stage snowblower, Snowblower.net has named the Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE as the best machine to invest in. Single-stage snowblowers are smaller snowblowers that are easier for people who aren’t used to operating larger machines to manage.

Toro continues to top the list as one of the best snowblower brands, as this powerful single-stage snowblower makes it easier for people to clear through snowfalls quicker. Many users prefer this model because it’s easier to handle and has a great throwing distance.

What should you look for when buying a new snowblower?

There are a few different things you should consider when picking out a new snowblower, most importantly the climate you live in and your budget. Some other things you want to consider are the stage, as there are single-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage snowblowers.

Other features you should consider are the power source, the wheels, throwing distance, and handle grips. It’s also important to consider the weight, as you want to make sure you are able to push the machine.

What is the easiest snowblower to use?

The easiest type of snowblower to use is a single-stage snowblower. This is because the machines are more lightweight, so almost anyone is able to push them through the snow.

While these machines are much easier to use, it’s important to know that they can only handle under 12 inches of snow at a time. On very snowy days, you may need to take it out a few times to ensure the snow doesn’t pile up too high.

Should I buy a 3-stage snowblower?

A 3-stage snowblower is more heavy-duty, and they are recommended for people who live in areas that regularly get over 18 inches of snow in the wintertime. Many snowblowers have a difficult time getting through thick snow, so they are worth it if you live in a location that gets blanketed in snow.

One of the great things about 3-stage snowblowers is that they make it a lot easier to get through the heaviest of snowfalls. Homeowners will be able to clean their driveway or a path through their yard without any hassle.

What is the best 3-stage snowblower to buy?

If you live in an area with heavy snowfalls, you should consider the Cub Cadet 26-inch 3-stage snowblower. People prefer this 3-stage snowblower because it has power steering, finger trigger controls, and heated grips.

Homeowners can achieve optimal pitch control using the steel chute on this snowblower by using the crank chute rotation feature. This Cub Cadet 3-stage snowblower is built to be able to clear snow up to 50 % faster than other leading snowblowers.