Best Succulent Grow Lights: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Taking care of your succulents can be an overwhelming job. They need a specific treatment when it comes to watering and exposure to light. Especially in winter, as the days get shorter and the amount of light your plant gets decreases. That’s when you need to start taking your plant indoors and get an appropriate grow light to keep it alive.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks

  1. Roleadro Grow Light 
  2. iPower Grow Light
  3. DuroLux Grow Light
  4. Ankace Grow Lamp
  5. Elaine LED Grow Light

Winter is succulents’ dormant period. They can thrive indoors perfectly if exposed to the needed amount of light and air. If not so, they lose color and start to stretch in search of sunlight. Getting a suitable grow light can save your plants, that’s why in this article we collected for you our top picks of best succulent grow lights. 

Read on to also find how to choose the suitable grow light for your plant.

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Best Succulents Grow Lights

Succulents’ Grow Lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and features to fit your needs. The most convenient choice for you depends on your space and the number of your plants you’ve got. Here, we gathered for our top picks from the market.

Roleadro Grow Light

Roleadro Grow Light, 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Galaxyhydro Series Plant Light for Indoor Plants with IR for Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Seedlings, Veg and Flower
  • ►Blurples Light—Roleadro Grow light is an infrared grow light that is great for indoor plants. All Kinds of Indoor Plants Will be Happy in all Growth Stage at Any Time and Anywhere! The secret is our grow light extracted the most useful Blue Red IR and white light spectrum from natural sunlight to help plants perform photosynthesis better. Different from other full spectrum grow lights, we added more RED light to ensure the yield will be increased up to 30%-50%.
  • ►Higher PAR Value and Energy Saving—Unique 90 degree optical lens and Eplieds 10w chips design bring higher PAR value(453umol at 18”) and Lumen output than others. Effectively reduce light loss and ensure the utilization of light up to 98%. That makes this growing light achieved the balance between efficient utilization and energy-saving. With it, you can grow delicate tropicals that will bloom year-round, as well as letting you harvest easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs in the coldest winter day
  • ►Unique LED Bead and Zener Design—This plant light adopted led bead and zener design instead of the reflector to ensure if one led out won’t affect others’ leds. just consumes about 135w power, the electricity is 0.135kW·h per hour. And test result shows that the plastic reflector surface can not stand the temperature over 70 degrees and will burn out like melt. That is why Galaxhydro grow light use led bead/zener and always insist on it. We hope growing will be more safely and eco-friendly.
  • ►Powerful Heat-Removal System—Roleadro 1000w led grow light are adopted 2 high-speed cooling fans+built-in aluminum heat-sink+unique built-in temperature controller, all of them constitute a powerful cooling system which can dissipate the heat from the lamp inside to outside efficiently. LED grow light input voltage AC85-265V, The LED grow light can replace traditional 1000 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 135 total watts!Totally protect the led board and ensure the long service life.
  • ►Reliable Warranty and Professional Service/Support—We are not only the seller but also a professional manufacturer with 11 years R&D and production experience of the led light. All our products were strictly through the high-temperature test and check before sending out, 24months warranty is our promise. With our grow lights, you can enjoy kinds of plants, veg, and flowers in anti-season. Any problem, you can just contact us, we will provide you the professional solution and support.

This LED grow light has a balanced ratio of blue and red rays, which helps your succulents grow and keep their vibrant colors. Its full light spectrum improves the plant’s growth and photosynthesis process. 

Roleadro light has a cooling system to control the temperature of the lights and so no damage can happen to your plants or the grow light. It also minimizes light loss and maximizes the utilization of the light.


  • Size: 12.1×2.4×8.2 inch
  • Weight: 4.74 pounds

What We Like

  • Has a full light spectrum of red and blue light
  • Has a cooling system
  • Long-lasting
  • 24-month warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Hangers aren’t adjustable
  • Purple light might be uncomfortable indoors

iPower Grow Light

iPower GLT5XX4 54W 4 Feet T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System with Stand Rack for Plant Seed Starting, 6400K, 1 Pack, Green
  • Scope of application: very suitable for starting seeds, propagating cuttings and growing indoor flowers and indoor plants.
  • Easily adjustable and sturdy : feather-touch height-adjustment mechanism raises or lowers fixture easily, whole frame is made of metal and very sturdy.
  • Premium quality: T5 high output fluorescent fixture with wide reflector and one T5 bulb provides maximum coverage.
  • Advantages: small space occupation, can adjust the height of the lamp; harmless to the eyes; save electricity and money without wasting.
  • Measures approximately 50 by 19 by 34 Inch, Super easy assembly

iPower Grow Light is designed to be placed near your plants giving them enough amount of light to grow harder. Its metal construction has an inner reflective finish to provide intense (20% more lumens than average light) bright light.

It gives a full daylight spectrum that improves the growth of the succulents and protects their colors from fading. This grow light system has a T5 fluorescent bulb that is easily adjustable for more or less light exposure for your plant.


  • Size: 50×12×25 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds

What We Like

  • Easily assembled
  • Easy to adjust height and lamps
  • Available in different sizes
  • Provides 20% more lumens

What We Don’t Like

  •  Not an efficient ballast

DuroLux Grow Light

Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light - 4 Foot 4 Lamps - DL844 Fluorescent Hydroponic Indoor Fixture UL Listed - Bloom Veg Daisy Chain with Bulbs
  • HIGH LIGHT OUTPUT: 20000 Lumen, Professional Grow Lighting System, 95% Reectivity German Hammer-tone Reector. 30% more light output vs comparable systems
  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Qty4 6500K 4ft Lamps, Hanging hooks and chains, 8 FT Power cord
  • OUTLET ON FIXTURE - Power up to 5 xtures o one wall outlet - less clutter, more convenience
  • FLEXIBLE LIGHT OUTPUT: 2 switches on body allow for step dimming - one for inner 2 bulbs, another for outer 2 bulbs
  • SAFE OPERATION: Rated for operation in Wet/Damp environments. Has Made-In- Italy AAG Stucchi lampholder with I certicate to prevent re if tubes get loosed during operation, UL/CUL safety approved. 5 year warranty

This grow light provides a 2000-lumen light output, which is of high intensity and suitable for your succulents as it mimics the intensity of the natural daylight. 

Its reflector provides 95% of the light, minimizing the loss. It has 2 dimming switches to control its 4 bulbs. Moreover, it’s safe to use in wet and damp environments.


  • Size: 46×4×12 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Light output: 2000 lumen

What We Like

  • Provides bright intense light
  • Has dimming control switches
  • Easily assembled

What We Don’t Like

  • Ballast may have a short lifespan

Ankace Grow Lamp

Grow Light, Ankace Full Spectrum Grow Lamp, Tri Head Gooseneck Plant Lights for Indoor Plants with Replaceable Bulb
  • Full Spectrum - Full spectrum grow light is suitable for almost all types of indoor growing plants. A truly one of a kind indoor grow lamp emitting a full wavelength spectrum. It emits all the wavelengths from 380nm to 800nm – just like natural sunlight. It has proven effective at promoting indoor growth as it accelerates photosynthesis.
  • Replaceable Bulbs - Our Revamped indoor grow light is designed with a standard E27 socket. At the end of its sturdy, flexible stand, this grow light hosts an LED lamp that you can easily replace – hooked by an E27 standard socket. Anyone can remove and replace the bulbs – no experience needed. Simply replace broken/faulty lamps instead of getting a new unit. You can also adjust how much light the left/right light bulbs emit.
  • Controllable Illumination Area - Each gooseneck adjustable stand houses multiple rows of replaceable LEDs, it’s now easier than ever adjusting the angle (and the distance) at which the light hits your plants for optimum growth. The biggest advantage of this indoor LED grow light is that your plants will still get optimum lighting even at odd angles and low intensity.
  • Scientific Heat Dissipation Design - Ankace indoor LED grow light will neither hurt the eyes of people in the house or the plants it illuminates; It’s backed by an aviation-grade heat sink powered by a temperature control unit. This improved heat sink efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the lamp to the atmosphere; giving it an enviable lifespan plus lower maintenance costs to the user.
  • High Quality - Just like our other products, our indoor grow LEDs undergo strict high-temperature testing before being delivered. This lamp is FCC, CE, ROHS PSE certified.

This full spectrum grow lamp helps your succulent growth and keeps its color. It’s suitable for placing indoors, especially in small places. 

It has a flexible stand and replaceable LED lamps and bulbs that are easy to move and control, which makes it a convenient choice for indoor usage. The Ankace lamp has a temperature control unit, which prevents your plants from getting burned and also lengthens their lifespan.


  • Size: 13.4×6.3×3.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Power: max 90w

What We Like

  • Easy to place and move
  • Has a flexible stand
  • Has 5 dimmable modes
  • Has a timer

What We Don’t Like

  • No warranty provided

Elaine LED Grow Light

Elaine Grow Light is a 3-head indoor light. It provides sunlight full spectrum, which improves the growth and health of your succulent. It comes with a timer and an auto on and off function and it also has different dimming levels.

This grow light has 3 lamps and a flexible neck. Its clip makes it easy to adjust and place which gives you better exposure control. In addition, the size of this grow light is suitable for narrow indoor places.


  • Size: 13.7×5×3.3 inches
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Beam Angle: 120 degree

What We Like

  • The flexibility of adjustment and placing
  • Has a timer
  • Dimmability easily controlled

What We Don’t Like

  • No warranty coverage

What to Consider When Getting a Grow Light?

When getting your succulents a grow light there’s a number of things you need to consider and research. Some of these factors are related to personal preferences, while others are technical elements. 

Choosing the right grow light can be a tiring process, but we tried to make it easier for you through simple steps and explanations.

Your Succulent Type

Your succulent type highly determines the type of grow light that you need. Each type’s group needs different levels of sun exposure. The grow light shall keep the vibrant color of your plant, however, a high level of intensity can burn your plant altogether.

Where You Live

Your place, whether country, city or house, affects your grow light choice. It all depends on the weather and on how much light and fresh air your place gets. 

In some warmer places, leaving some types of succulent outdoors won’t do any damage. However, in places where it’s likely to snow, the frost may damage your plants. 

If your windows get much sunlight, this can be a good option, but winter days are shorter anyhow and that amount of sunlight might not be enough.

Light Type

Most succulents need lights with low-heat output. It’s crucial for light not to be too hot, as the plant might burn. Still, succulents grow better under narrowed and focused light.

When it comes to the light type there are 2 common options, which are fluorescent and LED Light.


Fluorescent lighting is energy-efficient and doesn’t get very hot when providing light to your plants. It also provides a bright white light for your plants. It’s considered cheap in the short-term but doesn’t have a long lifespan.


LED lighting on the other hand is more energy-efficient and cooler than fluorescent. It provides a full spectrum of narrowed and focused light which is better for succulent growth. LED also has a long lifespan. Still, some people may find its purple glow uncomfortable indoors.

Light Color Temperature

For succulents to grow well and maintain their vibrant colors through winter, they need to be exposed to light with daylight spectrum (full spectrum). The full spectrum light ranges from 3000k to 6500k (kelvin is color temperature unit). 

A full spectrum light mimics the natural daylight and accelerates the process of photosynthesis, which maintains your succulents’ healthy growth.

How Far Should the Light Be

As mentioned before, exposing your plants to too much may end up burning them. That’s why it’s important to be aware of how far your grow light should be placed. 

In the case of fluorescent light, it’s advised to be placed 6-12 inches away. If you’re using LED, place it 18-24 inches away. 

You can tell if your plant is being exposed to an excessive amount of light by monitoring its color changes. Color loss can mean it isn’t exposed to enough light. Also, if your succulent started to stretch, this means it’s trying to reach for more light. In this case, place your grow light closer to give it more exposure.

Exposure Period

For your succulent to fully grow and flower, it needs to be exposed to light as much as needed. 

Usually, succulents need to be exposed to light for 12 hours to mimic the natural exposure of light during the shift of day and night. This is an essential step for the completion of the photosynthesis cycle of the plant. Having a timing option in your grow light shall make this process easy for you to maintain on a daily basis. 

More Aspects

There are other aspects you’ll need to consider when getting a grow light. These depend on personal preferences and the size of the place dedicated to your succulents.

  • Size and weight of the grow light.
  • How many lights your plants need.
  • The grow light power consumption.
  • The Light dimming levels.
  • The availability of a timing option.
  • Grow light set up.
  • Grow light adjusting options.


Making sure your succulents are thriving throughout the winter can be a demanding activity. 

Those grow lights come in different shapes, sizes, and features to help you choose the most suitable for you, your plants and your space. 

If you have space and don’t mind adding some purple glow to your place we recommend the Roleadro Grow Light for full growth and brightly colored succulents. In case you don’t have much space and would like a good display, the Ankace Grow Lamp and the Elaine LED Grow Light shall be more convenient and efficient choices.