Should I Buy New or Used Lawn Mower? (Solved!)

Although buying a new lawnmower sounds good, it can blow your budget in terms of cost. On the other hand, buying a used lawn machine may save you a few bucks at the beginning, but it will not be covered by the warranty if it breaks down.

A new lawnmower can save you time and effort if anything goes wrong, but a used lawnmower could potentially work for years without issue – but it is a risk.

Decided what to do is a difficult choice. Below are a few things you should consider before you decide to buy a new or used lawnmower.

 What are The Things to Consider When Buying a Used Lawn Mower?


When researching the price issue, you should first research the current market prices of new lawnmowers. 

You should compare the second-hand model you want to buy with the new product price. Research shows that you should not pay more than 60-70% of the price of a new model for a lawnmower that is 3-4 years old.

Lawnmowers move across many price scales according to their engine power and durability. You can get a 30” Yard Machine gas lawnmower for an average of $250 on Amazon. 

This machine has a 132 cc engine and 3 cutting strips but does not have bagging and mulching features. 

But it is quite affordable for its function. If you know the features you need and are searching accordingly, your job will be easier. 


One of the most important things to consider about lawnmowers is the spare parts. It is very difficult to find spare parts of unknown brands. 

While unfamiliar mowers often try to attract customers by keeping their prices down, the potential buyer must consider how easy it is to get the parts they need if it breaks down.

Unfortunately, if you don’t use a well-known brand lawnmower, your search will be more difficult. This is a common problem for second-hand lawnmowers that might be old and the manufacturer has discontinued production of the parts. 


There are risks in buying anything online from a seller that you do not know. Since the global pandemic, scam activity has increased significantly, and there are lots of people out there who want to take your money with the promise of phantom products.

If you are considering buying a lawnmower from an individual online, make sure it is from a reputable site that offers payment protection.

Also, if possible, visit the seller and inspect the lawnmower yourself. A buyer could potentially send you a lawnmower that is not working, or that is much older than advertised.


Before buying a used lawnmower, you should know what condition it is in. There are a few points to consider here.

First of all, you should start the engine and listen to the sound quality. Listen out for any signs that the engine is struggling or there are any blockages.

You should also check the oil. The oil of a poorly used lawnmower is a dark black tar color. also be sure to check the undercarriage, arms, and wheels of the lawnmower for any indicators of whether the machine is functioning properly or not. 

What are the Advantages of Buying a Used Lawnmower?

Buying a used lawnmower can save you big bucks and allows you to get a more powerful mower for less. 

In addition, you can get detailed information about the product first hand and learn how best to use the lawnmower from the previous owner.

It is important to note here that there are many honest sellers on the second-hand lawnmower market. If you come across an honest seller, they will be very open and truthful about any problems the machine may be experiencing.

After all, they may be selling at a cheaper price because there may be a small issue with the lawnmower that is easy to fix.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying a Used Lawnmower?

The main problem with buying a secondhand lawnmower is that you may buy a problematic machine that causes you issues in the long run.

● Long-term and frequent use may have shortened the life of the lawnmower

● If you don’t meticulously inspect parts before buying a used lawnmower, your machine may disappoint you when you get home.

● The difficulties experienced in supplying parts and the exorbitant prices of parts of some brands may burn a hole in your pocket.

● Since used trimmers will not be covered by the warranty, you will likely lose money in case of any malfunction or breakdown.

● If your engine fails, it will have been a waste of money as the cost of replacing the engine can sometimes be the same as an entirely new mower.

Should I Bring an Expert With Me?

If you do not have previous experience with lawnmowers, perhaps you can get the help of a family friend or a professional who knows this subject. 

If you don’t test the parts of the lawnmower on-site, you may be disappointed when you go home, after all, you are buying a used lawnmower and no one can guarantee that it will work perfectly in the long run, but taking someone along with you who is familiar with quality lawnmowers may give you peace of mind.

Can I Trust to Online Web Sites While Buying Used Lawn Mower?

Buying a used lawnmower online is very risky. Since it is an electronic device, you are running the risk of purchasing a potentially expensive item that you do not know and cannot test. 

However, if you have the opportunity to see and test this tool on site, it is possible to buy a used lawnmower from the website at a cheap price.

If you do go for a blind online sale, make sure you use a safe, well-known site and that all payment protections are in place.

What Is The Best Time To Buy a Lawn Mower?

Fall is the best time to buy a new or used lawnmower. This is because, in autumn, prices will fall in relation to demand. 

When your lawn grows back in the spring, many potential customers like you will be on the lookout for lawnmowers. This will cause prices to rise sharply.