Can You Replant Morels? (Solved & Explained!)

You can replant morels, but in order for them to thrive, you need to simulate the ideal climate.

Morels grow best when it is moist, humid, and temperate. They also require adequate nutrition. To replant morels in your yard, dig a hole and fill it with compost, wood ashes, and charcoal.

Morels thrive after forest fires, so if you have a patch of grass that has recently been scorched by burning leaves and bushes, plant your morel patch there.

How Do I Grow Morels?

If you have planted a morel patch and fertilized the area sufficiently with wood ash and charcoal, you will then need to ensure that the weather is ideal for the morels to grow to maturity.

First, you will need to find a shady spot that is partially covered from sunlight and that the morel patch has access to water, either rain or water from a can or hose.

You will also need to keep a weather-eye on the climate. If it gets too hot or too cold your morels will suffer. Morels grow best when the soil temperature falls no lower than 40 degrees F and no higher than 60 degrees F. If you live in the northern regions, the end of winter is the best time to plant morels.

Can You Grow Morels Indoors?

Technically yes, but it is next to impossible unless you have laboratory conditions that can simulate weather. Indoor morel cultivators are often large companies that have the resources to dedicate to the task. 

Growing morels indoors yourself at home is extremely difficult, and can be dangerous as over-exposure to mushroom spores can put your health at risk.

Can I Grow Morels In a GreenHouse?

Yes, you can grow morels in a greenhouse. It is no easy feat, but greenhouse growing is perhaps the best way to grow morels at home.

Finding morels out in the wild is difficult. The morel season is short and they are quite an elusive mushroom, preferring the hideout among dead leaves at the base of old or dying trees at the edges of forests.

If you wish to cultivate morels, do so in a greenhouse rather than outside in your yard or inside your home.

How Do I Grow Morels in a Greenhouse?

There are a number of different ways you can grow morels in a greenhouse.


This method requires you to get hold of some morel spores.

  1. Prepare your soil for morel growth. Compost with gypsum and calcium sulfate is a favorite among morel growers.
  2. Add wood ashes to the soil, and add hardwood chips to the top layer.
  3. Spread the spores in the top layer and water regularly.

Spore Slurry

The spore slurry method requires you to mix your spores with non-chlorinated water, salt, and a little sugar.

  1. Combine the ingredients into a mixture and place them in a warm environment within a sealed container for 1-2 days.
  2. The mixture will ensure that your spores are healthy and ready to start growing. 
  3. Spread the mixture over your prepared environment of compost, wood ashes, and woodchips – or you can spread the slurry next to a dying tree if you are confident that the right climate will be provided.

Both methods are unpredictable, and it can take years for the morels to establish and grow to their full potential.

It will likely take a few attempts before you get it right, but planting morels is an expert business. 

For both methods, it is best to plant them ahead of spring, during the seasonal transitions between autumn and summer.

Where is the Best Place to Plant Morels?

Morels love to grow close to trees. They feed off of the fallen leaves and the nutrients released from the roots. The older the tree the better, so if you have an old tree in your yard and wish to grow morels, plant them there.

Morels grow in clusters, so they need plenty of space to spread out and grow healthily. If you want to dedicate part of your yard or greenhouse to morels, they will need at least a 4×4 ft patch of soil to grow in.

Where Do Morels Spores Grow?

Morel spores are released from the mushroom once it reaches maturity. Spores are usually released into the atmosphere where they travel to a new patch, or resettle immediately, to grow the network which will eventually spawn new morels.

If you wish to collect morel spores it is best to do so directly from a mature morel. To do this, soak a morel in saltwater and add molasses. Wait a few days and the mixture will encourage the morel to release its spores into the water.

You will then have a slurry of morel spores. You can do this with store-bought morels, but the fresher the morel the better.

Can I Buy Morel Spores Online?

Yes, you can buy morels spores online. There are many retailers dedicated to supplying morel spores to novice growers and industrial companies.

The spores usually arrive in blocks of sawdust ready to be planted, and you can get hold of the spores all year round.

They are available for both outdoor and greenhouse growing, and often come with instructions that will have to be followed exactly, but still, you may have difficulty getting results.

When Should I Plant Morel Spores?

You can plant morels spores anytime you believe the temperature to be suitable and when the ground is workable (if planting outside). You must also prepare the soil and let it sit for a while before the spores are planted.

Most morel growers advise that you plant morel spores during a seasonal transition, either between summer and autumn or between winter and spring (although if you chose the latter, the morels may not appear until the following year).

It is possible for morels to grow within few weeks of planting, but often it takes longer. Some morels take months, years, or even decades to appear in the spot where you planted them. 

Morel growth is highly dependant on climatic conditions, and even a little deviation from the normal weather can slow or put off morel growth.