Coco Coir Matting for Microgreens (Our Top 5 Recommendations)

Coir matting for microgreens is an excellent solution to lower your cost of production while being easy to use and clean up! This blog post shares our top five recommendations for coir matting products (and some important considerations) so be sure to read on if you want to hear our experience on this issue.

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In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks

Bosmere 60" x 20" Replacement Coco Liner
Hydro Crunch CM801 Coco Coir Fiber Hydroponic Grow Mat (10-Pack), Brown
Panacea Products (88588) Bulk Coco Liner, 24-Inch
Coco Bliss Premium Coco Coir Brick 250g, OMRI Listed for Organic Use (10 Bricks)
Top Pick
Best 10 Pack for 10x20 Trays
Best Roll For Odd-Sized Trays
Best For Cheaply Filling Microgreen Trays
Bosmere 60" x 20" Replacement Coco Liner
Hydro Crunch CM801 Coco Coir Fiber Hydroponic Grow Mat (10-Pack), Brown
Panacea Products (88588) Bulk Coco Liner, 24-Inch
Coco Bliss Premium Coco Coir Brick 250g, OMRI Listed for Organic Use (10 Bricks)
Bosmere 60" x 20" Replacement Coco Liner
Top Pick
Bosmere 60" x 20" Replacement Coco Liner
Hydro Crunch CM801 Coco Coir Fiber Hydroponic Grow Mat (10-Pack), Brown
Best 10 Pack for 10x20 Trays
Hydro Crunch CM801 Coco Coir Fiber Hydroponic Grow Mat (10-Pack), Brown
Panacea Products (88588) Bulk Coco Liner, 24-Inch
Best Roll For Odd-Sized Trays
Panacea Products (88588) Bulk Coco Liner, 24-Inch
Coco Bliss Premium Coco Coir Brick 250g, OMRI Listed for Organic Use (10 Bricks)
Best For Cheaply Filling Microgreen Trays
Coco Bliss Premium Coco Coir Brick 250g, OMRI Listed for Organic Use (10 Bricks)

Top 5 Coconut Coir Matting for Microgreens Available on the Market

Unfortunately, finding a good coconut coir matting that’s suitable for your microgreen isn’t a walk in the park. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the variety of liners to choose from.

In the following list, I’ll provide you with a brief overview of the different coco liners that you’ll come across. This can also help you pinpoint your ideal fit.

Top Pick – Bosmere 60 x 20 Replacement Coco Liner

Bosmere 60" x 20" Replacement Coco Liner
  • Ideal for use with hard-to-fit and oddly shaped hanging baskets, window boxes and hayrack planters; Can be cut to the right size and shape
  • 1/4" thickness makes it easy to work with
  • Holds soil in the basket but lets water and air circulate
  • 60" long, 20" wide roll
  • Start by cutting the liner to an approximate size, overlapping if necessary; then add soil and your plants

Let’s start the list with an excellent coco liner that offers good quality at a highly reasonable price.

Bosmere coconut coir liner gives you a lot of matting to work with. It comes in a 60 x 20-inch roll of fiber, so it can be enough for you even if you have a relatively larger backyard garden. 

The coco coir is 100% natural with no harmful chemicals used in the process of making them. This makes them great for delicate plants like microgreens.

The coco coir liner has a thickness of about ¼ inch, which is good enough for the microgreen roots to prosper. However, if you’re going to use it as a basket, you should use two layers of coir for extra fortification.

The product is easy to cut, so you won’t find trouble shaping it according to your container or basket.


  • Comes in a large roll
  • Easy to cut and reshape
  • No chemicals used in its processing


  • Thin liners that require double layering

Best To Reduce Production Costs – Coco Bliss Premium Coco Coir Brick

Coco Bliss Premium Coco Coir Brick 250g, OMRI Listed for Organic Use (10 Bricks)
  • 100% Natural & organic, OMRI Listed. Each brick weighs 250 gm
  • High-grade coconut coir with low EC and pH levels
  • Provides plenty of aeration and drainage, Contains only coconut pith and fibers
  • Our coco coir products are organic, guaranteed to be very high quality and very low salt content. Very low level of EC is attained by repited washing with fresh water.
  • 100% natural, renewable replacement for peat moss, rockwool & perlite

If the liner’s thickness is a crucial factor for you, then Coco Bliss Coir Brick is your way to go. The product is 100% organic and listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI). This ensures that no chemicals were used in the processing of the coconut coir.

Additionally, the coco coir is formed in the shape of bricks. These bricks are lightweight, so you can easily carry and shape them.

Coco Bliss made the coconut coir out of high-caliber husks, so it has perfect pH levels. This makes them ideal for microgreens.

The coir contains only coconut pith and fibers, so it has an excellent level of aeration. The product is also renewable, so you can use it for a long time.


  • Ultra-thick for durability
  • Listed by OMRI
  • Excellent pH levels


  • Some users find it a bit small

Best for Windows – WindowBox Coconut Coir Liner Roll

Windowbox Coconut Coir Liner Roll - 4 ft.
  • Extra thick coconut coir liner roll
  • Made from coconut fibers between the outer husk and center
  • Holds in moisture and allows for good drainage and air circulation
  • Great growing medium as inserts for hanging baskets, window box cages, or hayrack troughs
  • 4'L x 39"W

The second coconut coir liner roll on the list comes from WindowBox. This coir liner is made purely out of the area between the center and the outer layer of the coconut. The advantage of using premium husks is that no chemicals are needed for processing the liners.

The high-quality husk also has a lot of benefits. For example, the coconut coir liner has excellent water retaining abilities.

Also, the roll has an excellent thickness, which is great for promoting root growth. WindowBox also made sure to make the fiber porous, so it allows for comfortable aeration.

Also, the thick roll makes it highly durable, so you won’t have to double-ply the rolls while shaping them into a container.


  • Thick rolls for added durability
  • Made out of high-quality coconut husks
  • Highly porous for excellent aeration


  • A bit pricey

Fastest Preform – Bosmere F919 30-Inch Pre-Formed Replacement Coco Liner

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If you’re not a big fan of cutting and shaping your coconut coir into a container, Bosmere has got you covered!

Instead of regular rolls, the Bosmere F919 comes ready as a pre-formed basket! This saves you a lot of time and effort in cutting and resizing the coco coir matting into a basket shape.

Similar to all Bosmere coco liners, this one is also 100% organic. You won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals invading your organic microgreen environment.

The soil moist mat stores water like a sponge. It soaks up the excess water and keeps it secure. Once the soil dries out, it releases the moisture to replenish the soil.


  • Ready-made baskets allow for hassle-free microgreen gardening
  • The basket is large and thick enough for durability and root growth
  • Retains moisture efficiently to reduce frequent rewatering


  • The sizing of the basket isn’t consistent

Extra Thick – HFHOME Coco Fiber Replacement Coconut Coir Liner

HFHOME 2PCS 12" Round Coco Liner , 12 inch Coco Fiber Replacement Liner for Hanging Basket
  • 👍2pcs 12" top diameter coco liner
  • 👍Natural brown in color and natural coco coconut fiber liner
  • 👍Holds in moisture and allows for good drainage and air circulation.
  • 👍Keeps plants moist between waterings.
  • 👍The popular choice among consumers and growers

HFHOME coconut coir liner is another premade option that comes ready right out of the box. The liner comes in two pieces, which is a great bang for your buck.

The basket is large and thick enough to carry a decent amount of plants. Unlike the roll, this one doesn’t require double layering.

One of the best things about HFHOME coconut coir liner is that you won’t have to compromise on quality. The coconut coir liner is available in multiple sizes, so you can pick the ideal one for your backyard garden.

The fiber is porous to allow for decent aeration to protect the roots from rotting. Also, the coco coir retains water efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about frequent watering.


  • Comes in two pieces
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Ideal balance between aeration and retaining moisture


  • Despite being thick, some users reported durability issues


What is Coconut Coir Matting?

We’re all familiar with the coconut palm tree and how extremely versatile it is. Besides being edible, it can also produce juice, oil, sugar, and even milk!

In addition to the edible parts, even the inedible parts are also used for multiple purposes. Coconut coir is one of these parts!

The outer tough shell that protects the coconut is known as the “coconut husk”. From this husk, you can extract a natural fiber known as the “coconut coir”.

To make it, the husk is first soaked in water for a certain amount of time that can reach months. After that, the husk is beaten to make the cellulose fibers soften up. The produced hard yarn has a lot of uses and benefits.

Besides being used in ropes, doormats, and bristles, you can use coir as a growing medium for your microgreens.

Why Coconut Coir Matting Is a Great Growing Medium for Microgreens?

The nature of coconut coir gives it a lot of strong points when compared to other growing mediums.

Now that you know what coconut coir matting is, it’s time to see the qualities that make it ideal for growing microgreens.

Here are some of the benefits and advantages that coconut coir matting and liners give you.

Tough Nature

Coconut coir has a lot of lignin, which is a natural ingredient that plays a significant role in the formation of wood. This gives the coconut coir an amazing level of toughness and durability.

It’s also one of the most hard-wearing natural fibers known to man. The sturdy nature allows you to use them repeatedly and expect great results. 

Coconut coir matting is also weather-resistant, as it can outstand other growing media when left in harsh outdoor conditions. In fact, coconut coir is extremely tough that a lot of people use them in making doormats!

Retains Moisture Efficiently

One of the properties known about coconut coir is that it’s a hygroscopic material. This means that it has an excellent ability to absorb moisture.

When you use it as high-quality coconut coir matting for microgreens, it’ll retain a lot of water inside. This allows you to water your microgreens less frequently.

Uniform Composition

While other types of growing media have inconsistent bits and pieces, coconut coir has a uniform composition. Coupled with its physical sturdiness, coconut coir matting is way more pleasant to handle than other materials. 

As a result, it makes no foul odors like soil. So, it’s always much easier to work with, especially when growing indoors.


It goes without saying the coconut coir matting comes at a much more reasonable price compared to some other growing media.

Great for the Environment

Coir is a 100% natural material. Not only that, but it also undergoes minimal processing. This means that manufacturers don’t need to add harmful chemicals to it while producing the matting.

Synthetic bedding fibers always have more chemicals that can be bad for delicate plants like microgreens. Coconut coir is also a biodegradable material. This means that it breaks down naturally without leaving harmful wastes.

Free of Pests

Since Coconut coir is basically an outer shield that protects the inside of the coconut, it has a natural ability to fight insects and pests. Moreover, coconut coir doesn’t promote bacterial or fungal growth.

In other words, you’re less likely to find molds and mildew infections if you use coco liners for your microgreens.

Which is better, soil or coco coir?

Wrap Up

Using coconut coir matting for microgreens is one of the most affordable methods to make a growing media.

As you can see, it’s ideal for indoor growing as it’s free of pests. However, it also works well in outdoor gardens due to its tough nature and wind resistance.

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced option, you can go for Bosmere Replacement Coco Liner. Apart from being a bit thin, it works like a charm!

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