Can You Cook Battered Mushrooms in an Air Fryer?

Air Fryers have received a lot of attention in the last year, and with good reason. It seems as though you can cook almost anything in an air fryer, and it tends to be a pretty health-conscious way of preparing your favorite foods, too. But, what about mushrooms? 

There are ways you can cook battered mushrooms in an air fryer, including morel mushrooms. Your mushrooms can be prepared similarly as if you were to fry or bake them, and in the air fryer, they should retain their crispy outside while staying soft on the inside.

In this article, we will look at the best ways to cook battered mushrooms in an air fryer that will taste as good as though they have been deep-fried and consider how you can cook morel mushrooms in an air fryer.

Can You Cook Battered Mushrooms In An Air Fryer? 

Battered mushrooms are typically fried and come out golden, crispy, and delicious. However, the oil involved in this process is a concern for some, and if you’ve got an air fryer, cooking battered mushrooms in there might be one of the first things you want to try.

Battered mushrooms actually cook very well in an air fryer. There are loads of different battered mushroom air fryer recipes, but pretty much all of them require: 

  • Plain flour
  • Eggs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Spices of your choosing

However, there are vegan and keto recipes out there, too, if you have dietary restrictions.

Different air fryers will take different amounts of time to cook battered mushrooms and require different temperatures. Be sure to check the guide to your air fryer to see what they recommend for cooking battered foods, and check on your mushrooms frequently as they cook. 

Tips For Air Frying Battered Mushrooms

  • Ensure that you are starting with dry mushrooms. Of course, wash or brush off any dirt from them, but then dry them with a clean tea towel or a paper towel. This will help the batter stick to them more easily.
  • Preheat your air fryer. Regardless of how long they will take to cook, it is best to put your mushrooms in to cook when your air fryer is already nice and hot. They are more like to get crispy if cooked this way, as the breading will cook before the mushrooms begin to sweat and release any moisture.
  • When making the batter for your mushrooms, make sure your liquids are cold, such as a cold egg and cold water. This helps the flour to combine with the batter and helps the batter to stick to the mushrooms.
  • Coat the mushrooms with a really light layer of flour before covering them in the batter. This stops you from getting soggy air-fried mushrooms, as it prevents any of the juices from the mushrooms from coming into contact with the batter.
  • Resist the temptation to whisk the batter for a long while. If you whisk for too long, the flour will develop gluten, and this will change the texture of the batter completely.
  • Remove the basket halfway through the air-frying process and give the mushrooms a shake. This will stop them from sticking together in the frying process or from getting stuck to any part of the air fryer.

Which Mushrooms Work Best In An Air Fryer?

Which mushrooms you choose to try in your air fryer is, of course, up to personal preference. However, there are some things to consider when picking a mushroom to air fry, and if you’re new to using an air fryer, here are some of our recommendations.

Button Mushrooms

You can almost always find button mushrooms in an ordinary supermarket, and they’re really affordable. Sometimes, simple is best, because button mushrooms work extremely well in an air fryer. They will retain lots of their moisture and take on the flavor of whatever you cook them with. Since they have a short stem, you may not need to remove any of the mushrooms before cooking them either, so this saves an extra step.

Baby Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms have a bit more of their own flavor to bring to the table than button mushrooms, but it’s all personal preference. These will need a good clean before you put any flavorings on them, but since they are quite a sturdy mushroom, they work well when it comes to coating and air frying.

If you wanted, you could air fry larger portobello mushrooms. If you plan on trying this, consider that you want to ensure the batter is crispy and that the mushroom inside is fully cooked. If you aren’t going to batter your mushrooms, cooking mushrooms of various sizes becomes easier.

Can You Cook Morels In An Air Fryer?

Like other mushrooms, morels can be cooked in an air fryer. You can batter, and air fry them, or you can just add whatever seasoning you would like and leave them to cook for a couple of minutes. For example, you could roast your mushrooms with garlic and herbs or coat them in chili for an extra kick. In this recipe, they recommend stuffing your morel mushrooms with cream cheese before battering and air frying them. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? 

Since these mushrooms are grown in the wild, be sure to thoroughly wash them before preparing them to be air-fried. You might even like to boil them for a couple of minutes to really loosen any dirt that could be hiding in the mushroom for peace of mind.

If you are looking to batter them, it is worth cutting off the stems of your morel mushrooms to create a shape that will batter more easily. 

However, cooking mushrooms in an air fryer is absolutely not an exact science, and you can have fun with it and experiment with the different seasoning combinations you use. As long as you clean your mushroom thoroughly before cooking, you can air fry any type of mushroom with tasty results.