Can You Cut Wet Grass With an Electric Lawn Mower? (Solved!)

You can but you definitely shouldn’t. It’s never been a good idea to mix water and electricity to any degree. The more water you get on your electric lawn mower engine, the closer you are to causing a nasty short out. It’s one thing to cut slightly damp grass but a whole other to try during a rainstorm, so don’t.

You should also try to keep your entire electric lawn mower unit as far away from any source of dampness as you can. It’s a very good idea to store your electric lawn mower in your garage, basement, or other enclosed areas. If it has to be outside, raise it off the ground and put a tarp on it to keep the rain out.

How Do I Know If My Grass Is Too Wet to Mow?

If you see a bunch of blades of grass that are bent over, this will be due to them being bent from trying to resist the onslaught of moisture. The surface of the lawn will probably be very uneven, with several wet and dry patches. It’s a good idea for you to wait a few hours at least until the lawn is totally even.

How Long After Rain Can You Mow?

It’s always best to wait a few hours after a minor sun shower or drizzling rain. This will give your lawn enough time to dry out so where it won’t affect the quality of your electric lawn mower engine. A few hours, i.e., in the afternoon, will let the lawn dry out so you can cut it faster, more easily, and safely.

If there has been a major thunderstorm, your best bet will most likely be to wait until the next day. Give the lawn 24 hours to fully absorb the moisture so that it won’t get inside of your electric lawn mower engine. This will prevent any nasty side effects such as shorting out or giving you a bad electric shock.

How Long Does Grass Take to Dry After Rain?

Grass will usually take 2 to 5 hours to dry out again after a minor rain shower. If there has been a major thunderstorm, you should wait a day for it to totally dry out. This will be your best bet if you want to keep your electric lawn mower engine safe from shorting out.

Can You Cut Grass With Morning Dew?

It’s a good idea to avoid trying to cut grass that is wet with any kind of moisture, including morning dew. All you may end up doing is shortening the life of your motor by making it work harder. In addition, you run the risk of shorting it out or giving you a nasty electrical shock that can even be fatal.

Why Should You Not Cut Grass When It’s Wet?

Trying to mow a wet lawn will cause your motor to work harder than it would under normal conditions. You will also run the risk of shorting out the motor. Finally, there is the significant risk of getting an electric shock. Your best bet is to wait a few hours to let it dry out.

How Do You Dry Grass After it Rains?

Your best bet, in this case, will be to simply wait for 2 to 5 hours after a minor shower. This will give the lawn time to dry itself out. There is no really effective way to dry the grass out by artificial means.

How Do You Mow a Wet Lawn With an Electric Mower?

The answer to whether or not you can mow a wet lawn with an electric lawn mower is most certainly not. This is a very bad move on your part that can lead to a burned-out motor, personal injury, and even death. The simple truth of the matter is that water and electricity are not meant to meet in any circumstances.

You run the risk of giving yourself a nasty, possibly fatal, electric shock each time you try to run an electric lawn mower in damp conditions. At the least, you run the risk of shorting out the motor and costing yourself several hundred dollars for a new one. It’s a chance that no responsible owner wants to take.

What Lawn Mower Can Cut Wet Grass?

It’s really never a good idea to try to cut wet grass with any kind of lawn mower. The lawn mower that is best at cutting wet grass will be a gas-powered unit with a rotary-powered motor. But you should note that even this type of lawn mower can develop issues. A gas engine with a cylindrical motor won’t work.

This is why it’s always best to wait a bit until the lawn has dried up. Wait a few hours after a sun shower or even the next day after a major thunderstorm. This will give you the best chance of cutting a completely dry lawn. You won’t have to worry about the engine getting waterlogged, leading to it shorting out.

Can You Cut Wet Grass With a Gas Lawnmower?

The answer to this question will depend on the exact type of gas lawn mower that you intend to make use of for the job. Your best bet will be to use a rotary-powered motor rather than a cylindrical one. This type of gas motor can resist dampness a bit better than other kinds, although this is not a solid guarantee.

For the most part, your best bet will always be to avoid cutting the lawn in conditions that are too wet. This will be as true for a gas-powered lawn mower in most conditions as it is for any other kind of lawn mower. Even though it resists water better, a gas engine can still get bogged down and stop working.