What Are the Disadvantages of an Air Fryer? (Solved!)

The air fryer is probably one of the best small appliances you can buy. There are so many different things you can make with an air fryer, and it can be hard to see anything that might be wrong with it. Just like any other appliance, there are going to be some disadvantages with the air fryer.

These disadvantages can help you make your decision of whether an air fryer is right for you. Take a look at these ten disadvantages of an air fryer before purchasing one of your own.

Hard to Clean

One of the largest disadvantages of an air fryer is how difficult they are to clean. While they are easier to clean than your normal oven, many people still aren’t sure how frequently an air fryer needs to be cleaned or how to actually clean it.

If you know anyone with an air fryer, you have probably noticed that they put it away after using it without cleaning it. This is because most people treat it the same way they would an old deep fryer instead of like a pot or pan.

When your air fryer isn’t cleaned habitually, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage. Fat and food residue get stuck to the sides and burn, which is extremely unhealthy for you. However, if you clean your air fryer after each use, this isn’t as much of a problem.


Air fryers are also pretty expensive. This has to do with how much the air fryer can actually be used for several different purposes. In addition to working as an alternative for a deep fryer, it can also be used as a small oven and even a baking pan. The price is high, so you need to determine if it’s worth it to you.

Longer Cooking Times

An air fryer will take longer to cook food than a normal frying pan with oil. For example, it usually takes about 20 minutes to cook French fries in an air fryer but only 10 minutes in a frying pan or deep fryer. Some air fryers might work faster, others might work slower. It mostly depends on the brand.

Small for Families

There are different sizes of air fryers made, but even the largest still seems to be too small to cook food for families. An XXL air fryer can make enough food for just three or four people. This makes it difficult to cook enough for families larger than four. The bad thing is there aren’t likely to be any larger models made.

Burnt or Dry Food

Cooking with an air fryer is a lot of trial and error. You can follow a recipe exactly and it still turns out burnt or dry. Different manufacturers and different models all cook differently, so what works for someone else’s air fryer might not work for yours.

It can take a couple of times testing out a recipe to get it right. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and food. The best thing you can do is start with less time and cook for longer if you need to. Otherwise, you risk burning or drying out your food.

Can Be Loud

Air fryers work by using a ventilator to suck air in to circulate inside the pan. This can make noise, and the noise level will vary based on individual models. In most cases, the noise can be compared to a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer.

Some air fryers also make beeping sounds that are obnoxious and loud. This can be both frustrating and annoying, especially when you need to cook quietly. If the noise is going to be a problem, you might want to avoid getting an air fryer.

Larger than Expected

Air fryers, especially the larger ones, take up quite a bit of space. It can be frustrating to get your air fryer home and realize that it’s not as small as you had originally hoped it would be. If it takes up more space than you realized, you might not have enough room for it in your kitchen. 

With air fryers being larger than expected, there is also the chance that it won’t fit in your dishwasher for easy cleaning. If it does fit, you might not be able to fit much else in there with it. Always make sure you check the specifications before you purchase an air fryer.

Potential of Smoking and Smelling

When you work with normal pots and pans, there is always the potential of smoke being produced and food burning and smelling. It can be stressful and slightly frightening to see your air fryer start smoking because you assume that it is on fire inside. However, it is pretty normal for air fryers to smoke. 

Although it is considered normal, that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Smoke in your air fryer can produce a gross smell that is hard to get rid of. You might even notice the smell carrying into your food and making it taste not so great.

Power Cord is Short

Most air fryers come with a power cord that is really short. They are usually about 35 inches long. In some kitchens, this length might be fine. In other kitchens, it gives you very limited space to work with when you use your air fryer. 

If your outlet is too far away to connect your air fryer and use it somewhere safe, you would need to use an extension cord. This can be dangerous because of the amount of power that the air fryer draws can be more than what the extension cord can handle safely.

Hard to Decide

Choosing the right air fryer for you and your family can be really difficult. There are so many different options available by so many different brands. You can spend hours reading reviews and trying to decide, but it is incredibly hard to choose the one that will work best in your space and for your family.