Does A Bamboo Tree Attract Snakes?

Are you worried about your bamboo grove attracting rattlesnakes or other dangerous snakes?

I was wondering this as well.

Would bamboo attract snakes like other bushes or trees? Bamboo by itself does not attract snakes more than other habitats. If your bamboo is bushy and attracts nesting birds and rodents then yes, it will attract snakes. A bushy bamboo grove next to a sunny yard will attract snakes as they’ll hide in the bamboo, find something to eat like eggs in a nest or a mouse, then lay out in the sun to digest their meal.

You can control all of these things though and we’ll discuss them all in turn further below.

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Which Animals Does Bamboo Attract?

Bamboo like any forest naturally attracts rodents and birds. Both are prey for snakes and will in turn bring snakes into your bamboo grove.

Young bamboo in the first few years after you start a new patch will leaf out when only 2-3 feet high. These makes great habitat to hide rodents and birds which then attracts snakes.

Watch these areas for bird and mice activity. Are birds nesting in your young bamboo? If so, check the nests and remove them if there are no eggs.

Rodent activity in your bamboo will require traps or hiring a professional pest company.

Top Reasons Snakes Are Attracted To Your Yard Or Garden

  1. Fruit on trees – And no, it’s not the fruit that attracts snakes. It’s the squirrels, mice, chipmunks, and rats that come for the fruits. Those are what bring the snakes. Rodents make tasty treats for snakes.
  2. Leaf litter – Any trees, including bamboo, that makes a lot of leaf litter will attract snakes. Leaf litter is both a home for snake food (e.g. mice) as well as a place for snakes to hide out of the open.
  3. Bushes – Thick, heavy leaf bushes provide natural hiding places for snakes to stalk their prey. Bamboo doesn’t really fall in this category as it grows tall. If you have bushes on the edge of your grove it could be a hiding place for snakes.
  4. Water sources – Again, these have a double purpose – water to drink and habitat for snake food. Tadpoles are easy prey for snakes of all kinds. If you have a small pond or even a depression in the spring that holds water it’ll attract frogs and salamanders. Both are food for snakes which in turn attracts snakes. Even decorate ponds in small pots can attract snakes. Remember, it’s the prey inside them that brings the snakes, not so much the water itself.
  5. Birds – In theory, a bird feeder could even cause a snake problem as birds are also prey for snakes. Snakes won’t bother the bird feeder but they will lie in wait under thick nearby bushes.
  6. Bird nests in bamboo If you have bird nests with live eggs then you have an ideal snack for snakes. It’s illegal to disturb nests of most songbirds according to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. However, you can check nests and remove them if there are no eggs.
  7. Bamboo Shade and Full yard or sidewalk sun – Snakes need the sun to warm up on colder days and shade to cool off on hotter days. If you have a bamboo grove at the edge of your lawn this makes for the perfect habitat for snakes to choose multiple options. Combined with bird or rodent prey and a water source, you’ll have the perfect attraction for snakes.
  8. Rodent burrows – If you have rodent activity you may have burrows that they’ve created. These end up being homes at first for mice and eventually nice shelters for snakes.
  9. Junk in the yard – These act as shelters from bad weather or shade from the sun. Both make easy hiding places for snakes.

Which Plants Keep Snakes Away?

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Bamboo

  1. Remove lower bushes and leafy branches of bamboo groves – Bushes make hiding places for snakes, especially if they are next to a full sun location. Snakes like a place to hide and a place to lie in the sun to digest their meals. Remove these and in turn, it’ll remove snakes.
  2. Check and if possible remove bird nests – Move them out of your yard if there are no eggs. If there are eggs you have to wait as it’s illegal to mess with most songbird nests due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
  3. Get rid of rodents – If you have mice problems set traps to remove them. If traps aren’t your game engage a good pest control company to help you remove them. I even had a friend with a cabin with rattlesnake issues. She had a company install wire mesh in the crawl space so not rodents could get under there and the snakes all left.
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  4. Compost bamboo leaf litter – Don’t get rid of the leaves. It’s good mulch for your bamboo that helps hold in moisture and add organic matter to the soil which improves drainage. Instead, to prevent the leaf litter from attracting rodents or snakes, simply rake it out, pile it up, add food scraps, and compost it. Then when it’s complete add it back under the bamboo. It’ll be much smaller in volume and less likely to hide snakes and rodents.
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  5. Drain standing water from or near your bamboo grove – If you have water sources that attract mosquito larvae, tadpoles, salamanders, birds, or rodents then drain and remove these. All of those creatures are prey for and attract snakes. In additional snakes need water sources as well.
  6. Remove junk from your yard – In addition if you have a pool with pool equipment that’s fixed in place you should consider adding rat and mice traps next to it so it doesn’t become a home for rodents which in turn bring snakes. The same is true for random junk in the yard that you don’t use. Quiet places make great hiding places for rodents and snakes.
  7. Secure your shed – Make sure the doors are kept closed and that it’s hard for rodents or snakes to sneak in. Again, sheds are quiet places. You don’t go into them every day so they end up being great hiding places for rodents and snakes.
  8. Keep house doors closed – On a hot day cold air from the AC will come out of the house if the door is left open. Snakes have a special gland (jacob’s organ) for sensing temperature. They use it mainly to hunt but they’ll also easily be able to see a cool home inviting them to come inside and get out of the heat.

Watch the video below to see these tips in action and help keep snakes away from your yard.