How Long Do Electric Lawn Mowers Last? (Solved & Explained!)

The average life of an electric lawn mower should be about 8 to 10 years. The life of the electric mower battery should last up to 5 years. Many additional factors will determine the total service life of your battery. In particular, the amount of time you use it per week will matter.

The length of the service life that you get out of your electric lawn mower will depend on several factors. These will include the make and specific model that you purchase along with the type of motor assembly that the model itself contains. These are not uniform and will yield a variety of different results.

How Long Do Electric Lawn Mower Batteries Last Per Charge?

The answer to this question will depend on the precise sort of battery that you have in your electric lawn mower. For example, the CC 30 e Lithium-ion electric riding lawn mower has a 1500 watt-hour, 30 amp-hour, 56-volt max battery. This produces an amount of energy that can last for 1 hour of charge or about 1 acre.

The LT42 e Lithium-ion electric riding lawn mower has a 3000-watt hour, 60
amp-hour, 56-volt max battery. This can sustain enough energy to mow your lawn for up to 1.5 hours. This equates to about 2 acres per charge. Other electric lawn mowers come with batteries that can sustain a charge for various periods.

How Do You Extend the Life of Your Electric Lawn Mower?

There are several handy methods that you can make use of to extend the life of your electric lawn mower. These may include, but will not be limited to, the following examples:

  1. Always make sure that your lawn mower battery is fully charged
  2. Raise the height of your mower to at least 3 inches
  3. Make a point to mow your lawn with more frequency
  4. Try not to use the included mulching blade too often
  5. Try to avoid mowing in the early morning
  6. Stop using the self-propelled feature
  7. Make it a point to buy higher quality lawn mower batteries

Will Washing Extend Their Life?

One of the best techniques for extending the life of your lawn mower battery may be to wash it. This can extend its service life by a considerable margin. You can use a damp washcloth, dipped in soap. You’ll also need a soft bristle brush, compressed air, and a towel to dry the battery off with when you finish.

While washing your lawn mower battery, it’s best to focus on areas such as beneath the deck, battery housing, and wheels. You need to make a point to never get the motor wet. You don’t need to wash your battery every day. Once after each mowing session should be enough to give your mower time to dry completely.

How Should You Store an Electric Lawn Mower So it Lasts Longer?

Your best bet will be to store your electric lawn mower in your garage or basement. This will keep it from getting exposed to elements such as wind, rain, or snow. If you have to keep it outside, make sure to elevate it a few inches off the ground. Cover it up with a tarp to keep it from getting wet.

Will Rain Shorten Its Life?

It’s never a good idea to try to mow the lawn during a rainstorm. This is the time when dampness could get straight into your motor. You should also try to avoid mowing the lawn in the direct aftermath of rain or snowstorm. This is because the water can seep into the motor and cause it to short out and die.

Will Mowing Wet Grass Short Its Life?

Mowing grass during the rain or wet grass after rain will shorten the life of your electric lawn mower motor. This is because water is inimical to the workings of the motor. Too much dampness could cause a short that could cause the motor to seize up and die. It’s always best to keep this motor totally dry.

What Typically Kills an Electric Lawn Mower?

The biggest thing that can kill the engine of an electric lawn mower is water. It will be up to you to do all in your power to keep your electric lawn mower engine as dry as possible. Never mow the lawn during a rain or snow storm or directly after one. When washing your mower, make sure to keep the motor dry.

How Do You Make an Electric Lawn Mower’s Battery Last Longer?

Make sure that your mower is fully charged at all times. Never mow the lawn in wet conditions. Try to use the included mulching blade as little as possible. Use the mower with your own power rather than using the self-propelled feature. Doing all of these things will help to give your battery a much longer life.

How Do You Make the Charger Last Longer?

The best way to make your charger last longer is to use it in conjunction with a clean and healthy motor. Charge it for the full amount and don’t cut corners. Follow all of the instructions in the manual.

How Do You Make the Blade Last Longer?

The best way to make sure that the blade on your electric lawn mower lasts for a good many years is to pick your battles. The best time to mow the lawn is when it is relatively short. The more often you do it, the shorter it will be. Never mow the lawn during a rainstorm as this can cause your motor to short out.