How Can I Increase the Yield of My Coffee?

You want to grow your own coffee, but you want to get as much as you can from all this work. The only thing stopping you is you aren’t sure how to increase your yield.

So, how can you increase the yield of your coffee plants? First keep records so you’ll know what changes are working. Second, apply a weak liquid fertilizer every few weeks and one niche of compost twice a year. Water daily and never let the soil dry out. Don’t use too much light. Coffee is an understory tree that likes dappled sunlight. Lastly, always keep temperatures above freezing and keep your plants away from drafts.

Typical Coffee Yield Per Tree When Grown Outdoors

Before digging into how you can increase the number of coffee beans you get, you should know how many to expect. For those growing trees outdoors, a healthy tree is going to give you about 2,000 cherries a year.

Once processed, these cherries will give you about 4,000 coffee beans as each fruit has two beans tucked inside. Most growers, even folks who grow this tree at home, have more than one tree since 4,000 coffee beans only provide one pound of ground coffee beans.

Typical Coffee Yield Per Tree When Grown Indoors

One cool thing about coffee trees is they’re quite versatile. They can grow indoors. Some folks even train their trees to grow relatively short. The tree doesn’t require much maintenance, and it’s evergreen. This means you won’t have to deal with a lot of leaves.

Still, the reality is you’re growing your tree in an unnatural environment, and that’s bound to affect its production but not as much as you think. You’ll end up with a bit less than a pound of coffee beans. Typically, you’ll see around 13 ounces of ground coffee, which is a few ounces under a pound.

Typical Coffee Yield Per Tree When Grown In A Greenhouse

The amount of coffee you get from a tree grown in a greenhouse could be a bit better. You could get about a pound as long as you take care of the tree.

Remember, these trees prefer warm water. They like the water to feel like regular rain, and sunlight has to be controlled. Coffee trees prefer sunlight to be filtered a bit. If the trees get direct sunlight, you’ll end up with a tree that won’t yield too much.

5 Tips To Increase Coffee Yields

Okay, now you know what to expect from your tree, no matter its environment. The following will help you get as much as you can from your tree.

Keeping Records

The first thing you want to do is keep records of berry production. Record everything, from the type of fertilizer you use to the amount of water you use. When you notice changes, use that data to improve growth.

Using Fertilizer

The next thing you want to worry about is the fertilizer you use for your coffee tree. You want a weak liquid fertilizer to give your tree the very best. You want to do this every couple of weeks, except in the winter where a monthly application should be fine.

Applying Compost

The soil needs to have a good amount of organic matter. This helps ensure that your soil maintains a neutral pH value, which makes compost vital.

Add one inch of compost around the tops of the plants twice a year.


Coffee trees love water, but this doesn’t mean you should overdo it. You want to pay attention to the soil. It should never get dry. Remember, coffee trees grow in areas that are relatively wet or foggy, so moisture is always around.

Water daily so the soil stays moist but not wet. Ensure your soil or the pot has adequate drainage. Never let the soil dry out.

Improving Soil Drainage

Drainage has to be excellent. Water in mountainous areas moves rather quickly. While the plant needs a lot of water, it also requires movement, so keep those roots oxygenated.

Is Pruning Needed?

Pruning can help control the plant’s growth and could encourage vertical growth. You’ll want to prune the top two inches of the tree once it reaches 20 inches tall, which will help encourage this type of growth. If you do this right, lateral branches will flourish, and that’s where you get your berries from.

How To Get Your Coffee Tree To Bloom

If you follow the steps mentioned earlier, you’ll get your tree to bloom. It is going to take about four years to see your first bloom. Sometimes, it even takes five years, but once it starts, it should keep blooming for more than two decades. You should only pick them when the berry is juicy and sweet to get full flavored coffee beans.

How Can I Increase The Yield Of My Coffee On An Outdoor Farm?

Follow the suggestions mentioned earlier to yield better results, but you will have to worry about a few additional things since you’re growing your tree outdoors. For one, make sure no direct sunlight hits the plant. You can use trees for this. If you must expose the plant to direct light for reason, never leave it there more than three hours because it may die. Also, don’t let your plant be exposed to frost for more than 10 minutes. You’ll need to bring your plant indoors to protect it during the winter if it’s cold.

How Can I Increase The Yield Of My Coffee When Grown Indoors?

To increase the yield indoors, you’ll have to follow the suggestions mentioned earlier, and pay attention to the temperature. One thing people sometimes mess up with is the temperature. Some people like to make their homes toasty while others like it a little cold. If you’re going to keep your tree indoors, then stay between 60 to 80 degrees. Keep it on the cooler side at night.

How Can I Increase The Yield Of My Coffee When Grown In A Greenhouse In The US?

Again, stick to the suggestions mentioned here if you want to yield more coffee beans in your greenhouse. Folks sometimes don’t filter the sunlight enough. Try to plant big trees with large leaves over your coffee trees to give it filtered light instead of direct light. If you see browning, then they’re getting too much light.

Now, you know a little more about how to increase the number of coffee beans you get from your tree. Try to continue to learn as you go along. Keep notes on what works and what doesn’t to help refine your skills as a grower.