How Do You Protect Ginseng From Deer?

11 Tips To Keep Deer Away From Your Farm Ginseng

Deer are absolute suckers for a good ginseng snack. As a result, they go out of their way to get at it. This is bad news if you are in the business of growing and harvesting this plant for your commercial gain. Here are 11 handy ways to keep deer from getting into your ginseng stash and eating up your crop.

1. Don’t Plant Ginseng Near Other Deer Favorites

Remember that deer are vegetarians, not meat eaters. It’s never a good idea to plant ginseng anywhere near other plants that deer really love. These include tulips, hostas, roses, yew, wintercreeper, sunflowers, and others.

2. Plant the Ginseng Close to Your Home

Always plant your ginseng in a place that is close to your home. This way, you will be able to keep a much accurate eye on it. Planting close to your home will keep deer from venturing out in the open where they can easily be seen by other predators.

3. Grow Perennials with a Very Strong Scent

Deer tend to have a very strong sense of smell. Planting perennials with a strong scent that they do not like will keep them from coming around the area where you have also planted your ginseng. The offensive smell will throw them off the track.

4. Plant a Bunch of Prickly Plants Around Your Ginseng

Another great way to keep deer from coming too close to your ginseng is to plant a bunch of prickly or otherwise unpleasant plants around the area. These may include fuzzy lamb’s ear, cleome, or barberries.

5. Make Substitutes with Plants Deer Don’t Care For

Noticing too many deer around your ginseng? It may be because you also have a lot of plants in the area that deer really like. Try taking away the tulips and putting daffodils there instead. Deer don’t care much for them. And if you have roses, try putting in a very thornier ones that deer will tend to avoid.

6. Put Up a Privacy Fence

If you want to keep deer away, the foolproof method is to put up a privacy fence. It doesn’t have to be huge or very tall or bulky. Just make it large enough to keep deer from poking their noses into the area. Use pallet wood to keep the cost down.

7. Put Up a Privacy Hedge

If you would prefer to go the fully organic route, put up a privacy hedge instead. Deer don’t tend to nibble much on hedges. Your best bet will be boxwood shrubs, cherry laurels, or green giant arborvitae.

8. Plant Deer Favorites Away from Your Ginseng

Planting a few of the foods that deer love to snack on may be the best way to keep them away from your ginseng. Plant them at the edge of your garden in an area as far away from the ginseng as possible. Good deer snacks include tulips, roses, pansies, and sunflowers.

9. Put a Shock Device Near Your Ginseng

You may need to plant a low intensity shock device near your ginseng to finally give deer the message to leave your crop alone. There are several harmless shock devices that you can order straight from the world wide web.

10. Take Down Your Bird Feeder

You may have to take your bird feeder down and place it in another area to finally get deer to leave your yard. Taking away an easy source of snack food will give them the message that there are no easy pickings to be had at your place.

11. Make Some Unpleasant Noise

Keep in mind that deer are very cautious creatures. You can make a wind chime out of tin cans or some other cost effective materials. Placing it near your ginseng will spook them and encourage them to stay away for good.

11 Ways To Keep Deer Away From Your Secret Wild Ginseng

Here are another 11 handy ways to keep deer away from your wild ginseng.

  • Put up a source of light to spook them away
  • Place some water sprinklers around the area
  • Let your dog roam around the area
  • Use fishing line as a humane “invisible” barrier
  • Make home-made repellants from household items
  • Use store bought repellants if your home made solutions don’t do the job
  • Wrap up your seedlings to protect them from deer and other animals
  • Use recordings of raccoon, bear, and other animal sounds to scare deer away
  • Build your own scarecrow to scare deer and other “unauthorized” animals away
  • Keep the area fully clean of trash and other materials deer may try to snack on
  • Make some of the ground uneven in certain areas so it isn’t so easy for deer to tread on

How To Keep Deer Away From Garden Ginseng

The safest and most humane way to keep deer away from the ginseng in your garden is to follow the handy tips that have been included on this list.

There is absolutely no need for you to buy poison or other harmful solutions to keep deer away from your ginseng. Simply avoiding planting the items that deer love best should be enough. You can use other methods on this list to send deer the message to stay away.

Why Do Deer Like Ginseng?

Deer love ginseng because it smells good and tastes great. They love many of the other plants that ginseng is often grown near. As a result, you’re going to have to work to keep them out of your area. Following the handy tips in this article will help you to keep your ginseng safe from deer and other unauthorized animal intruders.