How Many Morels In A Pound? (+ Price, Solved & Explained!)

Need to know how many morels you’ll get per pound at the grocery store? Have a recipe that calls for a specific number? Or do you just want to know how many morels in a pound so you can estimate how much you can earn as a morel hunter?

There are 30 – 35 fresh morels per pound on average and about 200 dried morels per pound. It takes about 8 pounds of fresh morels to make a pound of dried morels. There are 441 dried morels in kilogram and 55 fresh morels in a kilogram.

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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Pound Of Fresh Morels? 

Fresh morels range in price from $16 – $50 per pound at retail sometimes all the way up to $100 but that’s for more expensive markets.

You can generally expect to sell them wholesale to a retail outlet for 40%-50% of this cost ($8-$25 per pound typically). Some experienced hunters in the right areas can bring in up to $40 per pound. Again, those are for rare expensive markets (big cities, high-end restaurants).

Where Can You Buy Fresh Morels?

You can buy fresh morels from Whole Foods locally in the spring.

In addition, there are a few online outfits that sell them:

How Many Pounds Of Morels Do You Need To Make Fried Morels?

A side serving of fried morels is usually 4-6 morels. That’s about 1/4 to 1/6 of a pound. At $24 per pound fresh, that’s about $4-$6 per serving. Morels aren’t cheap!

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Pound Of Dried Morels? 

Dried morels sell for about $160-$232 per pound. Keep in mind that it takes 8 pounds of fresh morels to make one pound of dried. At $24/lb fresh, you’d have to pay $192 to make $160-$232 worth of dried morels.

Buy dry and make savings!

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Dried morels sell for $160-$232 per pound

Morel Prices Fresh And Dried Per Kilogram

There are 441 dried morels in kilogram and 55 fresh morels in a kilogram. The price for fresh morels ranges from $35 – $110 per kilogram. The price per kilogram for dried morels ranges from $352 – $511.

Type of Morels Price Per Pound Low Price Per Pound High Price Per Kilogram Low Price Per Kilogram High # Morels In a Pound # of Morels in a Kilogram
Fresh $16.00 $50.00 $35.27 $110.23 25 55
Dried $160.00 $232.00 $352.74 $511.47 200 441

Where Can You Buy Dried Morels?

Dried morels can be bought online through Amazon (click on any picture below to check current price and availability).

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You can also buy them through the same online retailers that sell fresh morels when in season:

What About Freeze Dried Morels?

Freeze Dried Morels are about the same as dried morels. Since they maintain their fluff and shape they take up a great volume. However, since freeze-dried products are 99% water-free whereas dried products are only 95% water-free, the freeze-dried versions weigh less. Again you should expect it to take more of them per pound.

Let’s do some quick math to do the conversion.

  • 200 morels dried comes out to 1 pound with 95% of the water removed (5% remaining).
  • Freeze-dried morels are 99% dry. They’ve lost 4% of that pound so it would take 1.04 *200 = about 208 freeze-dried morels to make up a pound.
  • Let’s round that up to a nice 210 since wild morels vary wildly (pun intended!) in size.

It takes 210 freeze-dried morels to make a pound.

How Long Does It Take To Wildcraft Or Hunt A Pound Of Morels?

The morel season lasts for about two months from mid-April through mid-June. During that time amateur morel hunters can usually harvest 2-3 pounds of morels per hunt over a 4-8 hour day (6 hours on average).

If they go two days a week they’ll pull in 6 pounds a week or about 50 pounds for the season.

If they ramp it up to 4 days a week they can pull in almost 100 pounds for the season.

At an average wholesale price of $20 per pound that’s almost $2,000 for approximately 192 hours of work (6 hours per trip, 4 trips per week for 8 weeks). That comes to about $10.42 per hour. A great rate for someone doing this for fun on the side but you’d make more at McDonald’s.

Now if you could somehow harvest 1 pound of morels per hour because you know the spots and can reduce travel time then you’re looking at $20 per hour.

Professional morel hunters are known to bring in up to 100 pounds a week. Assuming they can do this in a 40 hour week that comes out to $2,000 per week or about $16,000 for the season.

For $16,000 over 8 weeks working about 320 hours, it comes out to $50 per hour. Not bad but this means you have a huge area of morel hot spots you know to check that you don’t share with others.

What About Dried Morels?

Even though dried morels charge more per pound, you need 8 times as many to get that dried pound.

It’s far more effective to sell them $20 per pound wholesale fresh. Then, whatever morels you can’t sell fresh could be dried and sold over the next 6-12 months for $160-$232 per pound.

That’s retail though. Expect to sell to online retailers for a 50% discount bringing in about $80-$160 per pound dried minus shipping costs and your time to clean, dry, and prep.