How Many Mushrooms From A Kit?

Interested in growing mushrooms at home? The same thing’s been on my mind. I just got three different kits and I’m anxious to see how much they’ll produce. Before I open them up and start growing though I wanted to research the typical yields I could expect.

How many mushrooms can you get from a kit? A mushroom kit that starts with 2 lbs of mushroom spawn will produce 2 lbs of mushrooms in 3-4 weeks spread through 2 major fruitings or crops followed by several smaller crops. 4 lbs of spawn will produce 3-4 lbs of mushrooms.

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Comparison Table Showing Typical Harvests for Different Mushroom Kits

Mushroom Kit BrandType of KitKit Size (Weight of the Box and/or Bag of Spawn in Pounds)Average Yield (Pounds)Average Yield (Mushrooms)Number of Crops or Flushes From A Single KitHow Long Till All Crops Are Harvested
Back To The RootsWhite Oyster Mushroom Farm1.8216 mushrooms24 Weeks
Back To The RootsPink Oyster Mushroom Farm2216 mushrooms24 Weeks
Forest OriginsPink Oyster Kit21.16-8 mushrooms (4-6 cups)34 Weeks
Forest OriginsWhite Oyster Kit2.35<16-8 mushrooms (4-6 cups)24 Weeks
Forest OriginsBrown Oyster Kit2.46<16-8 mushrooms (4-6 cups)24 Weeks
Michigan Mushroom CompanyLion’s Mane Mushroom Kit8.83-424-32 mushrooms3-48 Weeks
North SporeGolden Oyster Mushroom Kit4.66Not published but we’d expect 3-4 pounds based on a starting weight of 4.6 lbs of spawn.32-64 mushrooms expected (not published)3-44 Weeks
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FAQ and Troubleshooting

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Mushroom Kit Instructions

Each mushroom kit is different. The instructions below are basic for most kits.

  1. Open the box. Some kits have a perforated front like the Back to the Roots kit. Remove that perforated part of the box and leave the rest alone.
  2. Inside the box will be a bag of mushroom spawn. Some kits put this in a black bag to block light and moisture to keep it stable until it’s ready to go. You’ll need to give it both light and moisture. For Back to the Roots kits you’ll cut slits in the bag in the front. For other kits they already have holes in the bag so no slits are needed.
  3. Use a fork to scratch the surface of the growing media. This will help water go in deeper.
  4. Pull the bag out of the box and soak it in a bucket of water overnight (or for 6-10 hours). This step wakes the substrate up and tells it to start fruiting mushrooms. This is the same as a good deep rain in the forest and then seeing mushrooms sprout up a few days later.
  5. Put the bag back in the box.
  6. Put the kit in a lit area where it gets indirect light. Don’t put it in the sun.
  7. Get a spray bottle and fill it with water.
  8. Water Daily. Spray the front part of the bag where the slits or growing holes are. This is just to keep it from drying out on the surface. The overnight soak is where you did the actual watering that triggered mushroom production.
  9. Expect baby mushrooms to come out (pinning) within 1-2 weeks.
  10. Once pinning starts stop spraying with the water bottle.
  11. Wait for them to reach full size. This takes about a week.
  12. Harvest the first flush.
  13. To get a second flush cut new slits on the opposite side of the bag, soak the bag in water overnight, then continue spraying daily like before until pinning begins. Harvest when fully grown. Repeat this until pinning stops.
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Why Isn’t My Mushroom Kit Growing and Producing Mushrooms?

Sometimes mushroom kits fail. Here are some of the most common reasons and what to do about them.

  1. Too dry – Most kits require you to soak the whole mushroom kit bag in water for 6-10 hours then spray daily. Some drier areas like Arizona might need an extra humidifier nearby to keep the kit moist.
  2. Too wet – Don’t spray too often or let the kit sit in standing water.
  3. Too warm or cold – Mushrooms in the wild tend to fruit after a rain in the spring or fall. They like cool 50 Degree F ground temperatures. If your house is too cold or too hot it could change the average temperature of the kit. This would signal to the mushroom that conditions aren’t right to fruit. And so it won’t.
  4. Not enough time – It takes one overnight soak followed by 1-2 weeks to see the first pins followed by 1 week to reach full maturity. Has it been 3 weeks and no action? Check the other steps above.
  5. Bad spawn – If you’re getting your kit from a reputable supplier this shouldn’t be an issue. Still, if you’ve corrected all of the above issues this could be your problem. We kept this last so you can go through all the above first. If that fails it’s time to call the manufacturer and ask for help. Also, keep in mind that spawn doesn’t last forever. If it’s been sitting on a store shelf or in an Amazon warehouse for too long then you let it sit too long before awakening it then it might be too late.