How Often Should I Replace Lawn Mower Blade? (Solved!)

Lawnmower blades will last for up to 200 hours, depending on how much you use them. Assess the condition of the blade if the grass is cut unevenly or if a hard object is struck. Mower blades should be sharpened after 25 hours of use, however, they should be replaced if they are damaged.

The blade of your lawnmower can quickly become dented, chipped, worn out, and broken, depending on how often you use it. This could be as a result of impacting hard things like rocks and wood chips, or from constant use over time. This is why you need to examine your blades on a regular basis since damaged blades can be hazardous to you and your mower.

Uneven length of grass

When you mow with a dull blade, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your grass won’t look as good as it typically does. You may see uneven areas or discover that your lawn needs to be cut multiple times before it is done properly. It is because mowing your lawn with a dull blade takes a lot more effort, and you’ll have to adjust for missed areas.

When cutting with a sharp tool, though, you’ll find that you only need to pass over your grass once, and each piece is chopped to the same length. If you’ve noticed that mowing your lawn has become more difficult and time-consuming than normal, it’s likely that your mower blade needs to be replaced or sharpened.

Torn of Uncleanly Cut Grass

Another clue to keep an eye on is the appearance of your grass after it has been cut. You can inspect your lawn after it has been mowed to determine if each item of grass has been clipped cleanly. If you discover that your grass blades are torn rather than cleanly cut, it’s time to sharpen or replace your blade. 

When you choose to neglect your grass and cut it with a dull blade, it will lose its richness, fresh green color, and may even stimulate the spread of grass infections and diseases. You need to repair your blades as soon as possible before this happens, as broken blades may be quite hazardous to the health of your grass.

Condition of the Blades

Another technique to tell if your mower blades need changing is to look at them. You should really be able to maintain your old blade once it has been sharpened; but, if the blade has chips or big dents, it may need to be replaced. 

Also, keep an eye on the width of your blade because it can corrode with time owing to the accumulation of material such as sand and dirt. All of these factors might lead the metal to thin and weaken.

What is the average life span of lawn mower blades?

As previously stated, most mower blades will last about 20-25 hours before needing to be sharpened. However, in terms of overall lifespan, most blades endure at least 100-200 hours, with some higher-quality blades lasting up to 400 hours.

Of course, if you’re not careful and allow stones or large sticks to get trapped in the mower, the blades will be nicked and worn down much sooner, but we’ll get to that later.

When is the right time to replace lawnmower blades?

For the homeowner, replacing your mower blades once a year is a decent general rule. If they become damaged, you may want to consider replacing them. If you need a more definitive response, consult the product handbook.

How to Replace the Lawnmower Blades.

When sharpening your mower blades at home, always remember to take precautions. Disconnect the spark plugs while wearing gloves and eye protection.

Sharpening VS Replacing

Sharpen the blades on a regular basis and replace them as needed to avoid an unsightly, unhealthy lawn. When you sharpen them is entirely dependent on how you use them. In their product instructions, most manufacturers indicate how thick the sharp edge is before it needs to be replaced. Sharpening instructions are usually included as well.

How to sharpen the mower blades

You have the choice of sharpening the blade yourself or having someone else do it for you. Basic blade sharpeners can be purchased for $20 or less.

If you take the blade to a service center, you should expect to pay roughly $10. Although it appears to be a good value, the blade’s quality will be degraded, and you may wind up having to buy a new blade from the same retailer.

With this in mind, purchasing a sharpener appears to be a cost-effective option, as you will need to invest in one and sharpen a large number of blades on a regular basis.

Depending on what type and model of your machine, you may also get a replacement blade for roughly $20 to $30.

If the dullness is the main issue, sharpen the blade properly and the lawnmower unit will work as an expert one.

Where should I buy new blades from? 

It can be difficult to get the correct mower blade. The issue with ordering lawn mower blades online is that they all look the same. It can be aggravating not to be able to pick up the new blade and compare it to the old one. 

Manufacturer’s number for the original equipment. The OEM number is the most convenient way to locate replacement lawn mower blades. The OEM number is a numeric identification number that is assigned by the vendor to the blade. 

In most circumstances, simply entering this number along with the company’s name into a web browser or an online retailer can yield good results. You don’t have the original equipment manufacturer’s number? Don’t worry, it’s simple to locate. Look at the owner’s manual that came with the mower.

You don’t have the original equipment manufacturer’s number or a manual? Most contemporary mowers have manuals available on the manufacturer’s website. It’s simple to obtain the information you need by looking up the mower’s manufacturer and model number.