How Do You Sell Morels? (Solved & Explained!)

Selling morels is a very lucrative business. Whilst major retailers do sell morels from time to time, many sellers are independent and are mushroom specialists.

If you have morels to see, the best way to sell them is to announce online that you have some to sell. You will be surprised how many people in your local community will buy them.

For a wider reach, try listing your morels online via craigslist or eBay.

How Much Can You Sell a Pound of Morels For?

Morels can be quite expensive because of their short growing periods. On average morels sell for around $20 per pound this varies according to your location and inflation.

Dried morels are significantly more expensive, selling for $250 per pound. This is because dried mushrooms are lighter and it takes many more of them to reach a pound.

The prices of morels vary depending on where you live and the current demand. If a morel season is not so fruitful, the prices go up, whereas, in seasons where morels are more abundant, the prices may go down.

The most a pound of morels has sold for was $90. This was during a season when morels did not grow especially well so the market was scarce.

When is The Best Time to Sell Morels?

Depending n which method of preservation you are using depends on when you sell morels.

If you are selling fresh morels then you should aim to sell them within a day or two of them being harvested. This is so the customer can enjoy the full taste and will be likely to buy from you the following year.

If you are drying morels, then it is best to wait until the autumn or winter months because this is when there are no wild morels anywhere in nature, and the spring/summer boom of dried morels is coming to a close. 

You will be able to demand higher prices for dried morels in the autumn and winter because less will be available.

Why Are Morels So Expensive?

Morels are expensive because they are an elusive, temperamental mushroom that happens to be delicious and non-toxic.

Morels are also a nice shape, making them highly sought after by top chefs who prefer to work with morels because they make a tasty and aesthetically pleasing garnish.

Morels grow in spring, which is a relatively short window for mushroom hunting. Morels are also only good for picking for 2 weeks, and if you over pick them you can endanger the local morel species, meaning that you will have to go further and further afield to find morels.

Is It Cheaper to Grow Morels At Home?

You can grow morels at home, but it isn’t easy! If you can simulate growing conditions indoors, growing morels is an easy job that requires patience. You may have some start-up costs, but it will more than pay for itself after your first harvest.  

The mycelium network that supports morel growth is very particular, preferring to thrive on a specific substrate of dead and dying plants and favouring very specific weather conditions. This makes domesticating morels very difficult, and even the most seasoned morel farmer cannot guarantee that their harvest will be fruitful every year.

All of these factors contribute to the price of morels. If you can find a reliable way to grow them at home then you can add even more profit to your morel business.

Why Are Morels So Sought After?

Morels are sought after mostly because they taste so good! Morels are one of the worlds most delicious mushrooms that attract food lovers with their earthy, meaty, and rich taste.

Morels have a unique flavour that compliments many dishes, or on their own as a side dish. 

They are also rare, as they are hard to find and have a short growing season. Morels can be preserved dried, but fresh morels are the highest prize for top chefs.

Is Selling Morels Profitable?

Yes, selling morels is profitable. They cost relatively nothing to find (or grow is possible) and they can be sold at a high price – even higher if you dry them correctly.

If you are looking to sell wild morels. All you need is a little time and know-how planning an effective morel hunt requires you to know their favourite growing spots, the best weather conditions, and the best time to harvest. It also requires you to beat other morel hunters who may be preying around the same area.

Is It Hard to Find Morels?

Morel hunting takes a little time to research but once you have finished with the books, the best thing to do is get out and start hunting! The more you hunt, the quicker you will spot a morel and harvest, which means quicker and bigger profits.

Growing would to preferable but next to impossible, so next to this process hunting is much easier and more common. 

Are Morels Sold Commercially?

Morels are very difficult to farm commercially, but not impossible. Most of the morel faring competition is between small independent sellers who grow morels as a hobby.

However, two large firms have managed to master the task of growing morels regular these are Gourmet Mushrooms in the US that specialises in indoor growing, and various smaller firms based in China that utilised outdoor methods.

However, both methods are highly secretive and patented, so getting hold of their method is next to impossible unless you are willing to pay a high price for the knowledge.

Are Morels Worth The Money?

In terms of pure economics, morels are worth the money. They are a rare commodity that is in high demand. This is the perfect combination for any business that can get hold of the product.

However, whether or not someone would be willing to pay out for a pound of morels is generally up to the individual. If you do not like mushrooms then no, they are not worth the money, but if you love mushrooms then you will understand why they are so expensive after the first taste.

However, you will not have to go far to find a buyer for morels. So long as you target mushroom consumers. If you can sell directly to restaurants this is always a bonus. Restaurants are more likely to become regulars if they always want morels to feature on the menu.