Morel Spores for Sale (Spores That Work! Plus Instructions…)

Best Black Morel Spores

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The Farm-30 mushroom liquid cultures kit from Root Mushroom Farm is the best spore set you can get, because it contains 10cc of 100 percent clean mycelium liquid culture. These are designed to form primordia at around 55-65°F.

Root Mushroom Farm- 30 Mushroom Liquid Cultures /Black Morel(Morchella importuna)
  • 10cc 100% CLEAN active mycelium liquid culture
  • Every batch has been tested before adding to our inventory
  • Colonization/Primordia Formation::70-75° F/55-65° F
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Colonizes at 70-75°F
  • All batches are tested before they ship
  • Comes with a syringe that works well
  • Contains no traces of other materials
  • Stores well at 45°F and remains viable for some time
  • Fast colonizing culture, especially when compared to most other mixes


  • Syringe is fragile
  • May be damaged in shipping

Runner Up if Top Pick Not Available

This liquid mushroom culture features a 100 percent contaminate-free solution of morchella true morel fungus, which is designed to work more consistently than traditional spore syringes. It’s designed with high-yield growing techniques in mind, which has made it popular with hobbyists.

Mushroom Liquid Culture - True Morel (Morchella)
  • 100% contaminate free, or we will replace it
  • faster, more effective, and more consistent than using spores syringes
  • high-yield isolated sub-strain with proven quality genetics
  • procured from the finest commercial samples
  • can be used to make grain spawn or more liquid culture


  • Can be used to make more liquid culture solution as well as grain spawn
  • Faster than using a typical spore syringe
  • Contains an isolated sub-strain with proven genetics, so you can be sure morels grown from it are defect-free
  • Comes suspended in a supplemented nutritional fluid
  • Takes only a short rest before fruiting fully


  • Syringe may be fragile
  • Solution is loose, so handle with care

Other Online Stores that Sell Morel Spore Syringes

Unfortunately, you’re going to find quite a few scams online as well as questionable suppliers, so your best bet is to purchase from a major eCommerce site instead of trying to find an alternative. Those who like to shop local and support small businesses are probably very disappointed to hear this, but many places online that claim to sell morel spore syringes have been known to ship contaminated solutions.

Worst of all, quite a few independent eCommerce pages out there aren’t exactly active any longer. They don’t reply to customer queries and don’t ship orders in spite of the fact that they look open.

That’s lead more than a few morel enthusiasts to act with extreme caution when placing online orders.

Can You Buy Morel Spores?

While you can buy morel spores online, it’s gotten harder to do so over the years. Though there aren’t regulatory considerations like there might be with some fungi, morels are incredibly hard to grow and sustain so it’s gotten more difficult to find people willing to go through the trouble of processing these spores.

As a result, it’s something of a challenge to find a good supplier of morel spores that actually fruit properly and aren’t contaminated with foreign materials. Fortunately, you can order from a few suppliers on popular eCommerce sites that certify their spores to ship without any bacteria in the mix.

Can You Grow Morels from Spores?

Not only can you grow morels from spores, this is technically the only way to grow them. In nature, morels reproduce by making spores and spreading them around.

Some of these spores are carried naturally by the wind or rainwater to new locations. If the conditions are right for growing, then the morels will root and start to grow.

A few suppliers of morel spores refer to their mixtures as a solution. This is merely a semantic difference, however, since said mixture still contains at least some spores that the morels themselves will fruit from.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Morel Spores?

Morels themselves can take 4-6 weeks to spawn and then another 4-6 weeks to start growing full-sized mushroom caps. It can take several more weeks for these caps to spread.

Once they do, there’s a chance that they’ll spread spores that can be harvested, but the conditions have to be just right for them to do so. Some mushroom enthusiasts have referred to this as the Goldilocks situation, since everything has to be within certain specifications.

Keeping your morels at the right humidity level and temperature will go a long way toward ensuring that you’re able to reach these standards and produce enough spores. You’ll need a fairly large amount to start a new colony.

How to Grow Morels from Spores

Cover your rye grass seed or other substrate with water and soak it for around 24 hours. Drain it and then follow these instructions:

  1. Mix 5 parts grain to 1 parts potting soil and then place 2 cups of the medium into a canning jar
  2. Fit the jar with a filter disk and sterilize it in an autoclave
  3. Clean your work surface and then
  4. remove the filter disk to add some culture mycelium with a scalpel that’s been sterilized
  5. Sterilize the scalpel after each transfer
  6. Shake the jar to thoroughly mix it and place it in a cool, dark place
  7. Leave the jar for around a month while you prepare some sterilized trays for fruiting
  8. Make a substrate of around 30 percent potting soil, 50 percent organic material and 20 percent sand
  9. Saturate and sterilize the substrate
  10. Use a flame-sterilized spoon to mix ½ cup of spawn into the substrate
  11. Close the bag and place it into a cool, dark place for around a month to six weeks
  12. Keep unused spawn refrigerated at 38-40°F, since it’s viable for around a year
  13. Place bagged substrate tray into refrigeration for two weeks
  14. Remove the substrate tray from the bag and place it into your fruiting chamber
  15. Slowly stature it with sterile water at around 2½ fl. oz. every hour for each square foot of substrate

While more mushrooms take quite a bit of work, you should see primoridia forming within a week after going through the fruiting preparation process.