What Is the Most Reliable Lawn Tractor? (Solved & Explained!)

It’s difficult to say which tractor is the most reliable. This is because it depends on the budget, what you need the tractor to do and what size you’re looking for. That said, there are some models from Simplicity, Massey Ferguson, Husqvarna, Solectrac and John Deere that deserve a deeper look.

So, when in the market to buy one, there are some variables to consider. First, think about how you want to power the tractor. The most common tractors use fuel, either regular petrol or diesel. But, there are newer models that are 100% electric. Then there’s the matter of the terrain and what jobs you want the tractor for.

Quick Overview

  1. Most Reliable Lawn Tractor Overall: Simplicity Conquest 2691339
  2. Most Reliable Compact Lawn Tractor: Massey Ferguson 1825E
  3. Most Reliable Gas-Powered Lawn Tractor: Husqvarna YTH24V54
  4. Most Reliable Electric Lawn Tractor: Solectrac e70
  5. Most Reliable Second-Hand Lawn Tractor: John Deere E120

Most Reliable Lawn Tractor Overall: Simplicity Conquest 2691339

Simplicity’s Conquest 2691339 is one of the best and most reliable tractors you can find. It has a powerful Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine with a displacement of 724cc, 25 horsepower and a cutting deck width of 52 inches.

Also, it has the ability to hold up to 3.6 gallons of fuel along with a hydrostatic transmission that many users say is akin to operating a vehicle. It can get up to 7.2 mph which allows for tackling steep hills, maneuvering around trees stumps and other tough conditions. All of which is easy to do with the tractor’s turn radius of 18 inches.



Super powerful and with a sizable cutting deck Rather expensive
18-inch turn radius for the ultimate in avoiding obstacles Same engine as other models of tractors
Has good speed  Users report cheap construction

Most Reliable Compact Lawn Tractor: Massey Ferguson 1825E

For a small utility tractor, the 1825E by Massey Ferguson is perfect. It’s affordable, easy to use and very convenient. It has an Iseki diesel engine with a displacement of 94.1cc and 24 horsepower. It has enough force and durability to tackle a range of jobs, from mowing to hauling.

It has a hydrostatic transmission with a 10 gallon fuel tank capacity. You can attach a mowing deck that can handle up to 60 inches wide. Designed to be versatile with many options for attachments such as mulching, spraying and so much more. It can reach an engine speed of up to 2600 RPM.



Cutting deck attachment up to 60 inches wide Turn radius unknown
Nice tight turning ability Tends to be clunky
Versatile, powerful and compact  Diesel fuel is expensive in the modern age

Most Reliable Gas-Powered Lawn Tractor: Husqvarna YTH24V54

This massive tractor by Husqvarna has a fantastic Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin engine that has 724cc and 24 horsepower. It comes with a 16 inch turn radius, a mulching kit and a three-gallon fuel capacity. The hydrostatic transmission allows for both forward and reverse operation to maneuver the 54-inch reinforced steel cutting deck.

You can adjust the cutting deck height too, which makes it ideal for the most difficult, rough terrain. This includes hills, obstacles and uneven turf. It can achieve a speed of up to 5.2 mph with cruise control capabilities.



Huge cutting deck that has an adjustable height You have to clean the cutting blades often
Powerful, durable and trusty engine Sort of a turtle when it comes to speed
Easy to use and maneuver with 16 inch turn radius Similar engine as other brands

Most Reliable Electric Lawn Tractor: Solectrac e70

Solectrac is a new company based out of California and they have just released their newest all-electric model of tractor, the e70. This comes with a lithium ion phosphate battery that has 560 amps at 106 volts. It takes eight to 10 hours to charge via an outlet or six hours when powered with a solar array.

The company boasts 80,000 hours of use before you’ll have to service the tractor. It has 70 horsepower and can reach a speed of up to 25 mph. Plus it has a typical cutting deck of 54 inches.



100% electric and eco-friendly New brand, not enough reviews out yet
Optional charging with an outlet or a solar array Turn radius unknown
Super fast and powerful, up to 25 mph  Not readily available, special order only

Most Reliable Second-Hand Lawn Tractor: John Deere E120

With a V-Twin engine that has 656cc displacement and 20 horsepower, the E120 by John Deere gives the biggest bang for the buck. The engineering, construction and design of these classic tractors will last for years and provide the most in resale value or buying it used.

It has a turn radius of 18 inches with the capacity to cut a width of up to 42 inches. You can also adjust the height of the deck for the ultimate in obstacles, hills and uneven terrain. The tank holds 2.4 gallons of fuel and it can reach up to 5½ mph. It also has cruise control, a hydrostatic transmission and a choke-free start.



Most reliable lawn tractor available Expensive to buy brand new
Powerful, well-built engine and transmission Tends to breakdown upon warranty expiration
Turns on a dime Doesn’t go as fast as other models in its class

Comparison Table of All Reliable Lawn Tractors

In the table below, you can see how all the tractors mentioned match up with each other. Plus, it gives a good overview of the basic features to help make an informed decision.


Simplicity Conquest 2691339

Massey Ferguson E1825

Husqvarna YTH24V54

Solectrac e70

John Deere E120

Engine Type Briggs& Stratton V-Twin Iseki 3-Cylinder Briggs& Stratton V-Twin 106V Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery V-Twin
Displacement 724cc 94.1cc 724cc n/a 656cc
Horsepower 25 24 24 70 20
Speed 7.2 mph 2600 RPM 5.2 mph 25 5½ mph
Fuel 3.6 gallons 10-gallon diesel 3 gallons n/a 2.4 gallons
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic n/a Hydrostatic