Why Are Mushrooms Popping Up In My Lawn? (Explained!)

Many people worry that their garden is diseased or that their lawn is unwell when mushrooms begin to grow. However, quite the opposite is true.

Mushrooms might be growing in your lawn for many reasons. It is a sign of a healthy lawn, with plenty of moisture and plant matter for mushrooms to feed on. It probably means that the lawn is not getting much direct sunlight, and it might be because you have new turf, as this can disturb dormant mushroom spores.

Let’s have a further look at the reasons why mushrooms might suddenly be sprouting in your lawn and what you might do to stop this from happening, should you want to. 

There is no need to remove the mushrooms growing in your lawn, and they are almost certainly harmless, but you may want to remove them if you feel they ruin the appearance of the garden or if you have small children or animals who may try to play with or eat the mushrooms.

The Season

Mushrooms may have just started growing in your lawn because of a change in the temperature. Just going into fall is when mushrooms typically grow, as there are many fallen leaves on the ground for them to feed off of, and the sun’s heat is less intense. 

Depending on where you live, mushrooms will be able to survive different amounts of time in the climate. There might be one month per year where mushrooms tend to grow in your garden, or it might be shaded and moist enough on your lawn all year round for mushrooms to grow. If this is the case, don’t worry, there are many things you can do to remove mushrooms from your lawn.

For most people, take comfort in the fact that mushrooms will not be able to survive long stints of time in your garden and will disappear on their own accord.

Excess Moisture

Mushrooms love damp, moist soil and shaded areas. Think of where mushrooms grow in the wild – typically a wooded area with no direct sunlight. If your garden is reminiscent of this, this could be why mushrooms are popping up on your lawn.

If mushrooms are growing in your lawn, it is a sign that your soil is healthy. It has a lot of moisture, and living matter can grow.

If you have areas of your lawn where the drainage is bad, you might notice that this is where mushrooms can thrive. Be careful not to overwater your lawn if mushrooms are growing, as this will aid them in developing and spreading on your lawn. 


As I mentioned above, mushrooms typically grow in shaded areas in the wild. Therefore, if you have trees in your garden, this makes the soil perfect for mushrooms to grow and provides them with adequate shade.

Mushrooms do not enjoy direct sunlight. Of course, there is not much you can do about the weather, but know that when it gets hotter, the mushrooms in your lawn will most likely disappear.

If you want the mushrooms to go more quickly, you can trim back any foliage that provides the mushrooms with adequate shade to grow. 

Plant Waste

Another reason why mushrooms pop up on your lawn is that there is lots of plant waste around for them to feed on. Plant waste might include grass trimmings, a compost heap, decaying wood cut from trees, a tree trunk, or fallen leaves. You get the idea.

Anything natural that might be breaking down in your garden provides the perfect conditions for mushrooms to grow, as the nutrients return to the soil and become food.

Therefore to prevent mushrooms from spreading, try to reduce the amount of plant waste on your lawn. This might involve raking up any dead leaves from trees, collecting any grass trimmings, and removing any dead wood from your yard.

Dethatching your lawn might also be a good idea to get rid of any natural plant matter that is on top of the healthy grass. Thatch can prevent sunlight from getting to the soil, and this sunlight can help to prevent mushrooms from popping up in your lawn.

Animal Waste

If you have a pet, their excrement on your lawn also helps mushrooms to grow. They can use animal waste as food, and therefore it is essential to clear your lawn of this frequently in case this is the reason for the mushrooms sprouting. 

It’s pretty gross to think about, we know. But it’s something to be aware of, in case cleaning your lawn more often could stop the mushroom problem.

Mushroom Spores

Mushrooms might be continuing to pop up in your lawn, even if you’ve removed a crop. Don’t worry; a flush of mushrooms will go away on its own when the conditions of the lawn change with the seasons.

However, it might be that the way you are disposing of mushrooms that appear is actually causing more to grow. 

When mushrooms are cut, their spores are released into the air and will eventually settle in the grass and regrow. Therefore, you have to be vigilant and organized when removing mushrooms from your lawn.

If possible, try not to use a lawnmower to cut the mushrooms from your lawn. This will only take off the top layer, and they will most likely grow back. Further, your lawnmower might spread the spores to areas of the garden where they weren’t previously, causing them to grow more.

When you cut mushrooms out of your lawn, you should aim to put the cuttings in a bag and dispose of them immediately. This will stop the spores from being able to spread. 

If you put your mushroom cuttings in a compost heap, the spores will return to the soil and cause more mushrooms to pop up.

When you are removing mushrooms from your lawn, be careful with your feet. You should try not to tread often in the area where the mushrooms are growing, as you could spread the spores around the garden on the soles of your shoes.