Is It Rude to Mow Your Lawn on Sunday? (Solved!)

Generally, Yes. It is considered rude to mow your lawn on Sunday and in some places it’s illegal. The loud whirring of the engine fans, blades, and motor will definitely put a damper on most of your neighbors’ peaceful weekends.

Of all the social faux pas in homeownership, mowing your lawn at the wrong time takes the cake. So, if you must whack your weeds on a sacred Sunday, do so. Be mindful and DO NOT mow before sunrise!

Determine if Sunday mowing schedules are best for you below.

Why are Sundays so special?

Sundays are held as a religious observance day for Christians worldwide. In the secular world, Sunday may not be considered a holy day, but a poll done by Y2  Analytics found that 73% of people in the U.S. revere and reserve Sunday as a day of relaxation.

Most people work Monday to Friday. With their Saturdays booked to the brim with brunch, bridal showers, soccer games, and birthday parties,- Sunday is the only hope for solitude.

When to mow your lawn on a Sunday?

Universally, it’s taken as an offense to do any loud yard work before 10 AM (and a violation of many cities’ ordinances). To mitigate the social severity of mowing your lawn, be vigilant of your neighbors’ weekend schedules.

Avoid mowing in bright or severe sunlight. Mowing under these conditions could cause your grass to burn and possibly even die.

Is it legal?

It’s actually illegal to mow your lawn on a Sunday in Switzerland and Germany. Both countries treat Sundays as sacred. So, it is rude and illegal for you to do there.

Whatever city or province you live in may also have specific ordinances against loud noises on certain days of the week or at certain times in the day. Know before you mow!

Is cutting the grass essential to lawn health?

Experts claim that cutting your lawn will cause it to thrive. The occasional cutting of the blades allows your grass to rest and concentrate on developing and establishing its root system.

Also, when the grass is the same length, each blade of grass has the same chance of getting the proper amount of sun and nutrients. Leading to a beautifully, even-colored lawn.

What is the best mowing cycle to follow?

It’s an ancient agricultural belief that plants grow and heal in sync with the phases of the moon. The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a trusted horticultural resource, claims that the soil is the wettest in the days leading up to the full moon.

They suggest that the best times to thin plants, de-weed, and cut grass are between the full moon and the last quarter phase.

What improves lawn health?

Lawns love balanced moisture and nutrients. When you do mow, consider leaving the grass clippings behind. The clippings store the nutrients you previously supplied through fertilizing.

As they lay there and break down they will add nutrients and improve the soil microbiome.

Allowing grass in the shade to grow taller will enable it to better compete for nutrients with the plants around it. So, mow less or higher in those areas.

Is mowing my lawn worth it?

The national average cost of hiring a professional lawn maintenance company is $45 a week. GreenPal did an investigation on the cost of lawn mowing in terms of money and time spent.

They found that on average homeowners (with half-acre lots) who take grass cutting into their own hands spend 3.5 years of their life (1248 days) and $36 per mow session on average.

Which doesn’t even include money spent on maintenance and repairs. It might be worth considering hiring a pro.

What’s the biggest lawn mowing no-no?

Mowing the lawn when it’s wet is the best way to destroy your lawn by shredding the blades of grass. Making them more susceptible to sun scorch and disease. Its universally agreed upon that mowing wet grass is the worst lawn etiquette you could ever have.

Is there a right way to mow the lawn?

Try switching up the direction in which you mow each section of grass. Consistently mowing in the same direction can cause unnecessary tension in one direction and lead to a lawn that leans to one side.

The general rule for pruning the length on any vegetative growth is to never take off more than ⅓. Taking off too much height creates a weed-friendly environment.

Is there a way to make mowing less loud?

Current advances in technology have made it possible for every homeowner to own an electric lawnmower. claims that many electric mowers run at 75 decibels and reduce noise pollution by a minimum of 50%! Regular lawnmowers register at about 95 decibels and are as loud as a motorcycle. Electric Lawnmowers may just be your ticket to full lawn autonomy.

Employ the neighborhood homies

Here’s a bright and helpful suggestion. Employ a local high school kid to mow your lawn!

The honest, steady work means less money his(or her) parents have to spend buying the latest trend. Plus, you give him a real-world opportunity to build diligence, work ethic, and savings accounts. You’ll save money and stimulate your local economy.

Can landscaping help my grass?

Keeping your lawn shady can help with soil water retention and offer your grass a reprieve from the sweltering summer heat.

Invest in these sound reducing, shade bearing landscape options:

  • Large evergreen shrubs and trees
  • low canopy trees
  • Hedges and topiaries

Get inspiration from the areas surrounding your city’s most recently developed highways.

Is there technology that can help me with my lawn care?

The health of your grass is heavily dependent on hydration balance. Find a sprinkler system that can be adjusted to the specific needs of your lawn, or be operated remotely.

For those wishing to forgo the entire grass-cutting ordeal no matter the cost, look into the Husqvarna Automower, an autonomous electric lawnmower. Given the cost of DIY and professional lawn service, it might end up costing you less.

If you’re worried about disturbing the peace check your local hardware store for noise-canceling, outdoor technology that shields your neighbors from noise.