Do Snow Blowers Get All the Snow? (Solved!)

The strength of your snow blower will depend on the make and model that you buy. But if you choose a high-quality product then your snow blower will be able to get all of the snow.

If you live in a particularly cold part of the world where it snows every winter then you already understand the importance of being able to quickly and easily remove the snow from your property and important areas such as your driveway. 

So, here we’ll cover everything that you need to know about snow blowers, just how effective they are and whether or not they are worth it.

Are snow blowers able to get all of the snow?

If you have a more powerful, high-quality snow blower then they should be able to get most of the snow. The problems start when you opt for cheaper and less powerful makes and models as they do not have enough power.

If your area only gets light snowfall then you will not need a particularly powerful snow blower to clear your yard, but if you live up north then more power is definitely better to help you clear out the snow.

How much snow can a snow blower go through?

If your snow blower is electric then on average it should be able to go through light snow (meaning anything up to 12 inches). Electric models are good for decks and patios rather than driveways.

If you have a gas-powered snow blower then it will be more powerful and is a better option for heavier snow and larger areas such as driveways.

Will a snow blower work on heavy, wet snow?

Heavy and wet snow can easily clog your snow blower. If you are subject to this type of snow luckily there are some snow blowers that will work. Choose a high-powered gas snow blower for the best results.

If you are using a lighter snow blower on heavy, wet snow then it may even break down. So, better to be safe rather than sorry and choose a more powerful model.

Can snow be too deep for a snowblower?

With most single-stage snow blowers there is a maximum depth. This is usually anywhere between 6-9 inches for the less powerful snow blowers.

Even if you have a particularly powerful snow blower then you may find that it struggles to get the job done properly if the snow is more than 16 inches deep.

Is a snow blower worth it?

Whether or not a snow blower is worth it is entirely dependant on you and where you live. If you live in a very cold place with a lot of snowfall every year, then yes, a snow blower is worth it.

Not only will the machine make clearing your driveway, patio etc. much quicker but it can also save you from hurting your back and neck if you need to bend down to shovel the snow by hand.

What is the best way to clear snow?

The best way to clear snow is to use a snow blower. However, there should be at least 2 inches of snow to do this. Start in the middle of the area that you want to clear and work your way out toward the edges.

How long do snow blowers last?

If you choose a reputable and trusted brand of snow blower then you should expect it to last you at least 10 years. If you take care of your machine then it is possible that it will even last you up to 30 years.

If you opt for a lower end snow blower then 10 years is the maximum length of time that you should expect it to work. 

So, if you get snowfall each year consider investing more money into a better and more powerful snow blower and it will be sure to serve you for many years to come.

What is the average cost of a snow blower?

The average price for a snow blower is approximately $400. However, you can find both cheaper and more expensive versions depending on your criteria. 

If you need the snow blower to last for a long time and/or get rid of a lot of snow then spending more on a higher-quality item is better in the long run.

Do snow blowers damage driveways?

There is the risk that your snow blower could damage your driveway. This would happen when the metal blades hit the concrete if the snow is not deep enough. 

When using a snow blower ensure that you have at least 2 inches of snow before using your snow blower to avoid this problem.

Does a snow blower throw snow far?

Yes, but not too far. A snow blower will throw the snow a decent distance but if you find that it is not throwing the snow very far at all then you may have a clogged chute or a faulty blade.

More powerful snow blowers will be able to throw the snow further than lighter models.

Can you use a snow blower on grass?

Yes, you can use a snow blower on grass. You can also use it on concrete, meaning that you can also use it on your driveway. 

This means that you can use your snow blower on almost any part of your property to clear out as much or as little snow as you would like.

Be careful not to use the snow blower if there is any less than 2 inches of snow as this can cause damage to the blades and either clog it or stop it from working altogether. 

What’s the difference between a 2-stage and a 1-stage snow blower?

A one-stage snow blower will clear the snow out in one hit. It will both pull up and throw the snow as you are using it. 

A two-stage snow blower will solely bring up the snow from the floor. There is then another element in the machine that throws the snow out of the chute.