How Much Time Does a Mushroom Take To Grow? (Solved!)

The entire growing process of many homegrown mushroom varieties averages 1-3 months. Oyster Mushrooms grow from spore to fully mature in as little as 3 weeks, whereas Truffles can take up to 1-2 years before even being able to fruit. The type of fungi and growing substrate you use will also cause variations in growing times.

Whether you are thinking of starting an indoor grow or have an established (and safe!) outdoor source, it is crucial that you know how long it takes a mushroom to grow. Keep reading for the answer!

Growing Indoors or In the Wild?

Where a mushroom is growing plays a role in the amount of time it takes to grow. Mushrooms spawned indoors require climate control and someone to tend to them in order to progress at a natural rate of growth. When outdoors, mushrooms will only grow when ideal conditions are present but do so at a consistent pace and with room to release spores into the air unhindered.

Which Season Is Ideal for Growing?

Growing times are affected by season, a factor entirely independent of each strain and the environment of the mushrooms. For example, Shiitake prefer to fruit naturally in the wild during the spring and fall but can be forced to fruit during the summer. When growing indoors, you simulate the season by controlling temperature and humidity, allowing you to grow any time of year!

Which Grows Faster: Spores or Spawn?

In terms of growing mushrooms indoors, Spawn (human-made spores) is hands down the faster option. Spores are genetically distinct, whereas Spawn are clones, meaning the reproduction process can be repeated at any stage, rather than having to wait for the life and reproductive cycles of the fungi to unfold at their natural pace.

How Long to Germinate Spores?

Spores germinate within a few days to a week’s time. Once released from the mushroom, spores enter to the substrate inoculating it, which can take place in a matter of hours. It then takes up to 7 days for the mycelial network to form and consume the substrate.

How Long to Grow Spawn?

Spawn mycelium takes an average of 2-4 weeks to grow to maturity. Since you are most likely growing spawn indoors, all other indoor growing variables will be applicable to grow times.

Why Does Substrate Matter?

Substrates are the growing materials that mushrooms decompose to use as their nutrient source. Nutrient rich substrate makes for healthier mushrooms which grow more quickly and release a greater quantity of spores. Although it may not actually reduce the overall grow time, propagating more mushrooms on the same substrate does yield a larger harvest.

Are Growing Kits Quicker?

Growing kits are arguably the fastest (and simplest) way to grow mushrooms. Coming pre-assembled with nutrient-rich substrate that has already been inoculated with spawn (human-made mushroom spores), kits can produce fruit in as little as 10-14 days.

How Long Does a Harvest Last?

When asking, “How Long Does It Take a Mushroom to Grow?” you may just be picturing the actual fruit of the mushroom visible above ground. The actual mushrooms to be collected are what’s known as the harvest, which is a phase of the mushroom’s growth and life cycle that can last anywhere between 35 and 150 days, depending upon the strain.

What’s the Fastest Growing Mushroom?

Oyster mushrooms grow the most quickly out of the edible strains. Under proper conditions, you can grow Oyster varieties from spore to harvest in as little as 2-3 weeks. Talk about fast growth!

Which Mushroom Takes the Longest to Grow?

Strains that grow out of wood are known to take the longest to fruit. Truffles, which grow out of inoculated trees, only begin to integrate with the root system after 7-8 years. The trees grow for an average of 10 years before the Truffles fruit.

How Long Has the Oldest Mushroom Been Growing?

Located in Malheur National Forest, Oregon, lives the largest known fungi (and living organism) on Earth, a honey mushroom (Armillaria ostoyae) that has been growing for an estimated 8,650 years!

How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Take to Grow?

Psilocybin mushrooms (aka: Magic Mushrooms / Shrooms) grow from spore to harvest in as few as 4-6 weeks. One week to germinate, two weeks to create a mycelium network, another 2-4 weeks until they mature to fruiting and then are ready to be harvested.

How Long Do Shiitake Mushrooms Take to Grow?

The ever popular Shiitake mushroom are a slower growing variety of mushroom, especially when grown in their natural substrate of a decaying log. From spore to harvest, log grown Shiitake take 12-18 months. The mushrooms themselves, appear during the final 7-10 days of the reproductive cycle.

How Long to Grow White Button Mushrooms?

From germination, White Button mushrooms take 4-6 weeks to mature. This common variety used in salads takes 3-4 weeks to create mycelium and another 1-2 weeks before fruiting and becoming ready for harvest.

How Long for Morels to Mature?

Morels are known to be tricky mushrooms to work with because of how rapidly they appear and deteriorate. They reach maturity in only 10-15 days, often being so small for the better half of that period that they are hardly even visible.

What Can Cause Mushrooms to Grow Slowly?

There are a handful of factors that can become off-balance with your mushroom’s environment that might be the cause of the slow down. The pH level of the substrate can become unbalanced, delaying fungi growth. Spraying too much or too little water upsets the humidity of the grow, which will also cause delay, if not potentially death.

How To Speed Up Growth

If you are growing indoors, here are a few tips for expediting your mushrooms! Adding manure or sawdust to your grow can work as fertilizer giving your crop a little boost. Make sure to keep your mushroom’s environment dark, cool and humid consistently as these conditions promote continual optimal growth and large yields!