Can You Use a Lawn Mower on Uneven Ground? (Solved!)

Can you use a lawnmower on uneven ground? Uneven lawns still need to be mowed and you can use a lawnmower on them. It helps if you use a lawnmower that’s durable and has high-traction wheels.

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What is the best type of lawnmower to use on uneven ground?

The best type of lawnmower for tackling an uneven lawn is hover lawnmowers. This style of lawnmower first hit the market in the 1960s and it’s better for mowing uneven lawns because there’s a section of air between the lawnmower blades and the grass. 

Hover lawnmowers are easy to move from side to side because they don’t rely on wheels. This allows people with uneven grounds to have an easier time getting those uneven areas trimmed.

Can you use a riding lawn mower for uneven lawns?

If you have a bigger property with lots of bumps and hills, you may want to use a riding lawnmower instead. In this case, you should look for a riding lawnmower that’s built for tough terrain. 

There are many riding lawnmowers available that have bigger wheels, a powerful engine, and are designed for bumpy areas and lawns with hills. 

Can a zero-turn mower be used on uneven ground?

A zero-turn mower is a riding lawnmower that makes it easier to get a clean cut in tight spaces and corners, which most riding lawnmowers have difficulties doing. The maneuverability of the zero-turn mowers makes them a great choice for mowing uneven lawns.

Zero-turn lawn mowers are known for their stability on all different types of lawns. This allows them to deliver a good cut on uneven surfaces.

Will a robotic lawnmower work on uneven lawns?

Robotic lawnmowers can make life easier for people who don’t like to cut the grass (especially in the heat), however, they are not a good choice for uneven lawns. This is because robotic lawnmowers work best on flat grounds.

However, if there are just a few bumps in your lawn, you may be able to get them trimmed using a robotic lawnmower. Most robotic lawn mowers are capable of handling a slope with a range of 15 to 20 degrees. 

Can you use a rotary lawnmower on uneven lawns?

Rotary lawnmowers are very easy to use on any type of lawn, including uneven lawns. If your yard has a lot of bumps and dips, you will still be able to achieve a good clean cut using the rotary mower.

While rotary mowers take a bit more effort to get the job complete, most people have no problems using them on bumpy surfaces.

Can you use a reel lawnmower on an uneven lawn?

A reel lawn mower can be used on a bumpy or uneven lawn to achieve a clean cut, however, most people who have tried this would not recommend it if you have other lawnmower options. Reel lawnmowers are very light, and they tend to move around a lot on the person using them whenever they hit a bump.

Using a reel lawnmower will take you a lot longer to cut the uneven lawn compared to other styles of mowers. You may even get frustrated by how often it jumps around while you are trying to push it over the bumps. 

Will the lawnmower still work on uneven lawns?

Most lawnmowers are designed to handles uneven lawns. When purchasing a lawnmower, it’s important to review the features to make sure it is capable of doing its job going over all the bumps and ridges. 

Most manufacturers will state that the mower handles rough terrain when advertising a lawnmower’s features.

What should I do to prepare an uneven lawn to be cut? 

Before cutting the grass, you should always pick up any sticks, rocks, or other loose items that may cause problems for the lawnmower. Also, examine the rough terrain to see if there is any disrupted soil that can be put back in place to smooth the surface out a bit.

You should also take a look for any holes and makes sure you fill them in with soil. While the holes likely won’t affect the lawnmower, they could create a safety hazard for the person cutting the grass.

Should I level out an uneven lawn?

This will depend on how uneven your lawn is and your own personal preferences, as well as your budget. In some cases, it may cost you more to level out the lawn properly than it would to buy a lawnmower that works on rough terrain.

Some bumps and rough areas can be filled in with soil. However, if your lawn is extremely bumpy, you may have to look at a more invasive way of leveling it out.

Can topsoil be used to fill in an uneven lawn?

If you have rough areas in your lawn that aren’t too high, then you may be able to smooth them out using topsoil. After the grass has been cut, fill in the rough areas with topsoil and flatten it so there are no air pockets in the layer. 

You may have to do this a few times to make sure you get the right amount. Once you have the right amount of topsoil on the lawn, make sure to dampen it to help secure it in place.

Can grass seed be used to fill in rough terrain?

If you want a smooth lawn with luscious grass, you may think grass seed is the answer. Always fill the patches in with soil first to smooth out the rough terrain and then add the grass seed. 

Once the grass seeds have been put down, you should add an additional layer of soil or mulch to help them grow quicker. 

When is the best time of year to fix an uneven lawn?

You can fix your lawn any time of year, however, if you are planning to grow new grass in the fixed areas you may be better off fixing the lawn in spring or fall.