What Type Of Physical Activity Is Gardening? (Solved & Explained!)

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep our mental and physical states healthy, but not every exercise has to be intense or exhausting. Gardening is a form of physical activity, but what type is it?

Gardening is a type of non-intensive exercise that trains your endurance, strength, and flexibility. It can range between a moderate to strenuous exercise, and it is good for training the following major muscle groups: legs, arms, buttocks, shoulders, back, neck, and abdomen.

The rest of this article will cover what type of physical activity gardening is, why you should garden, how to start gardening, and other activities similar to gardening.

What Type Of Physical Activity Gardening Is

A good way of training your major muscle groups is gardening. It is a moderate activity that won’t strain your body much. Despite how it’s a light workout, it’s still wise to stretch beforehand to avoid any injuries from the stretching and bending you’ll have to do for the plants.

Gardening burns calories at a rate of 200-400 per hour, and it is both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise. This is because it targets multiple categories of exercise. Carrying the tools, bending to water plants, digging, weed pulling, etc. all contribute to the workout.

However, it is not only a physical activity. Many of the benefits of gardening come from the fact that it is a stress-relieving activity. Those who do gardening do it for the mental health benefits it brings along with the physical, which makes it a versatile activity you should consider doing.

Why You Should Garden

Not only is gardening a workout, but it’s healthy for your brain as well. So while you’re getting the physical benefits of gardening, you’re also getting the mental benefits that include: stress relief, reduction in anxiety, and lowering levels of depression.

The exposure to fresh air and the sun is great to combat feelings of loneliness and depression. Gardening boosts self-esteem as well. This is because you’re completing tasks and taking care of life, giving you a higher sense of focus and accomplishment.

Gardening is like meditation. It’s a calming activity that sends serotonin throughout your brain, which boosts your mood and therefore lowers your negative thoughts. That’s why if you’re having any struggles with mental health, gardening is a cheap way to improve it.

Lastly, there’s the physical benefits gardening brings. As mentioned previously, it targets the major muscle groups. This is because gardening involves work that utilizes several parts of your body. Your flexibility and endurance are especially impacted while you’re gardening.

The physical benefits will keep you more active throughout the day. This will increase your energy levels and allow you to get better sleep at night too. All of this is caused from gardening, which is why if you have the space, time, and spare cash, you should give it a try.

How To Start Gardening

The very first step of gardening is finding a proper place to put your plants. You’ll want to choose the location depending on the type of plants you want to buy. For example, if you’re buying a plant that loves the heat, prepare a spot that’s going to be in the sun often.

Next, you should gather the tools you’ll want to use based on the seeds you’re getting. Research what special care the specific plants you chose need, then buy your tools and chemicals accordingly. Make sure to get large pots to give your plants plenty of room.

Another thing you’ll have to determine is a schedule for watering. Before you put the plants in their proper places, you should have a schedule ready so you can keep yourself organized and take care of the plants. After the schedule is completely done, you’re ready to start gardening!

Other Activities Like Gardening

There are plenty of free exercises you can do other than gardening that gives you similar physical and mental health benefits. For example, dancing is an activity great for building endurance, and you don’t need to be good at it.

Learning a choreography on your own, no matter how great or bad it looks, is beneficial to your health and keeps you active. It boosts your self-esteem since, like gardening, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and productivity, which helps your daily performance with other tasks.

There’s other, less strenuous activities that improve your mental and physical state too. Baking is a cheap way to relieve your stress and keep your body moving. Although it doesn’t sound very physical, there’s a lot of mixing and moving you’ll have to do to bake.

Baking and dancing are two of the best alternatives to gardening, but there are some activities you don’t need to move for at all. These activities come in the form of puzzle games either for free on your phone, or for a few dollars at your local convenience store.

Puzzle games may not give you any physical benefits, but the mental benefits are similar to gardening. It helps your concentration and attention span, making you more productive in daily life. Along with that, it boosts self-esteem and reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.


Gardening is a physical activity that exercises the major muscle groups in the human body. It’s both an anaerobic and aerobic exercise, and it’s especially good for training endurance, strength, and flexibility. However, it is not a heavy activity, it is a moderate to strenuous one.

Not only is gardening good for physical health, but it’s good for mental health as well. It decreases feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, and it boosts self-esteem. Not to mention it’s easy to start gardening, and it’s a cheap way of exercising and reducing negative thoughts.

There are many other activities similar to gardening that bring mental and physical health benefits. Those activities are as follows: dancing, baking, and playing puzzle games. These activities are cheap and easy to perform, and they improve your health.