When Should I Ride My Riding Mower? (Solved!)

When should I ride my riding lawn mower? Keeping your lawn trimmed is important for your property’s curb appeal. You should ride your riding lawn mower when you need to cut the grass. They are an efficient choice for mowing large yards, especially if you don’t want to use a push mower.

What length should the grass be when using a riding lawnmower?

Once the grass reaches 2 to 3 inches in height, you can use the riding lawnmower to trim it. Grass that is any shorter than that will be difficult to cut, so you should always allow it to grow a bit before mowing.

When using a riding lawnmower, you should not allow the grass to grow higher than 8 inches. Grass that is taller than 8 inches is too dense for a riding mower and it will not provide a thorough cute.

What time of day should the grass be cut?

It is not a good idea to mow the lawn first thing in the morning because the dew will cause problems. If you mow before 8 am, the grass is more likely to rip and the lawnmower could cause tracks in the lawn.

Ideally, you should mow the grass between 8 and 10 am because the grass has had enough time to dry. However, you should avoid mowing in the middle of the afternoon because the temperature is at the hottest that time of day.

If you prefer to mow the grass later in the day, between 5 and 8 pm is the best time frame. 

Is it rude to use a riding lawnmower in the morning?

Some people worry about waking up their neighbors when they cut early in the morning. This should always be up to your discretion because every neighborhood is different. 

A good rule of thumb when it comes to mowing your lawn in a neighborhood is to wait until after 8 am on weekdays and after 9 am on weekends. That should stop you from upsetting the neighbors.

Can I use a riding lawn mower in the evening?

Mowing too late in the evening could be just as disruptive to your neighbors as mowing first thing in the morning. This is especially true if there are households with children in the neighborhood.

It is recommended not to use a lawnmower or any other power tools after 8 pm to avoid disrupting the neighborhood. 

Should I use the riding lawnmower every week?

Seeing other neighbors mow their lawn is the ultimate peer pressure for property owners, but you do not need to mow your lawn every week. The reason why is that when you cut the grass often, there is not much left for the bees to feed on.

While a neatly trimmed lawn is always nice to have, we need bees to pollinate the gardens. Always let the grass grow to a minimum height of 3 inches before cutting it.

How fast should I ride the riding lawnmower?

It’s important to get the right speed on the riding lawnmower so you can give the grass a thorough cut while operating safely. The ideal speed for operating a riding lawnmower is between 3 and 5 mph. 

This speed range will allow the mower blades to get the grass blades at the right speed so they don’t tug or miss any. 

What temperature is too cold to use riding lawnmower? 

Once winter arrives, you shouldn’t use your riding lawn mower for the season. It is recommended to avoid cutting the grass when the temperature drops below 40 F (4.5 C). 

You should never cut frozen grass because it could affect its ability to grow back in the spring, which will result in a patchy-looking lawn.

Can you use a riding lawn mower in the rain?

If it’s raining on the day you plan to cut the grass, you should always wait until the following day when the grass has had the chance to dry up. Cutting wet grass is dangerous and always results in an uneven cut.

Wet grass can also pose problems for the metal parts of the riding mower. If moisture gets inside the mower, it could even cause damage to the engine. 

Why is my riding lawnmower making a loud sound?

If your riding lawnmower sounds louder than usual you should check the blade because it may be loose. This could be because a lot of grass and debris are caught underneath.

We recommend cleaning off your riding lawnmower after every use to prevent buildup from causing problems. 

Which months should I use a riding mower?

Once winter is over, the grass will begin to grow for another season. Typically the grass will start growing again in March, and you may need to start cutting the lawn in later March to mid-April depending on where you live.

Typically, the grass will continue to grow until mid-autumn and will stop growing when the ground begins to see frost overnight. People usually use their riding lawnmower for the last time of the season towards the end of October.

Is there a bad time to use a riding lawnmower?

It is not recommended to use your riding lawnmower midday because that is when the sun is shining the brightest and the hottest peak of the day. When the grass is freshly cut midday, it could cause stress and turn brown. 

If you have neighbors nearby, you should also avoid mowing the grass very early in the morning and later at night because you don’t want to disturb anyone’s sleep.

Why do some people avoid using their riding lawnmower in May?

Many people avoid mowing their lawns in May because during this month a lot of flowers are growing in the yard. Pollinators, like bees, need these flowers to get nectar. 

Since there has been a scarcity of bees over the years, people want to do want they can to help the bees. Allowing the grass to grow a little longer over the month of May is one easy way to help out.