Who Makes Toro 252? (Solved & Explained!)

The Toro 252 series valves are owned by the parent company The Toro Company. Even though The Toro Company owns these valves, it is actually MTD Products that produces the valves. All Toro products were outsourced to MTD in 2007 and have remained that way since.

To learn more about who owns and who makes Toro 252, keep reading. This article answers key questions relating to the ownership and manufacturing of Toro 252 series valves.

What company owns Toro 252?

Toro 252 is owned by The Toro Company, an American-based company that specializes in a variety of products. They design, make, and market lawnmowers, irrigation supplies, and snow blowers. The irrigation system supplies are used for practically all uses, including commercial, residential, agricultural, and public sector uses.

Toro 252 series valves have always been owned by The Toro Company. In other words, The Toro Company is credited for creating these valves, and they have never been purchased or sold by another company. This makes Toro 252 series valves some of the most popular for the company.

Who is The Toro Company?

The Toro Company is an American company that specializes in irrigation supplies, landscape products, and turf maintenance products. They were founded in 1914, and currently have a revenue of over $3.4 billion. Their current headquarters are in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The Toro Company owns a variety of brands, including Toro, Toro AG, Boss Snowplow, Dingo, Hayter, and a number of other brands worldwide. They sell products all around the globe, but they are especially popular in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Where is The Toro Company based?

The Toro Company is based in Bloomington MN. Their headquarters is located in the Minneapolis suburb of the city. Even though the company is based in the United States, they sell products all around the globe, such as to the United Kingdom and Australia.

Despite having such a large international presence, The Toro Company does not manufacture its own products. Instead, they outsource the manufacturing process to MTD Products, another leader in the industry with plants all around the globe.

What other companies are owned by The Toro Company?

Toro products are some of the most popular products marketed under The Toro Company, but there are 11 total brands. In addition to Toro, the Toro brand sells Toro AG, Boss Snowplow, Dingo, eXmark, Hayter, Irritrol Systems, Lawn-Boy, Lawn Genie, Pope, and Unique Lighting.

These brands are distributed throughout the world. For example, Hayter is exclusively sold in the United Kingdom, whereas Pope is sold in Australia.

Does another company manufacture Toro 252?

Even though The Toro Company owns Toro 252, they are not responsible for manufacturing their products. Ever since 2007, The Toro Company has outsourced the manufacturing of its products to MTD, another similar brand.

MTD produces the vast majority of its products in China, and it’s owned by the more popularly known Stanley Black and Decker.

Who is MTD?

MTD Products is an American manufacturer that makes outdoor power equipment. Their headquarters is in Valley City, Ohio, but they have countless manufacturing locations and facilities around the world. Many popular brands are owned by MTD, including Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and Craftsman.

Only last year, MTD was bought out by their previous minority shareholder Stanley Black and Decker. Today, Stanley Black and Decker own all ownership shares of MTD.

Because MTD is backed by such a large company and has so many popular brands, they are frequently an outsourced manufacturer. This means that other brands are produced at MTD locations, even though they are not owned by MTD or Stanley Black and Decker.

Who owns MTD?

Ever since its founding in 1932, MTD was a privately held family-owned company. For the last few years, Stanley Black and Decker owned 20% of ownership shares, making Stanley Black and Decker a minority shareholder of the company.

Only in 2021 did MTD announce that Stanley Black and Decker planned to acquire all of the shares. This acquisition has since been completed, meaning that MTD is now owned by Stanley Black and Decker.

Where does MTD manufacture its products?

MTD manufactures its products all around the globe. Because MTD has so many divisions and branches, they tend to produce products closest to where they intend to sell them. For example, MTD products being shipped to Europe are typically produced in European facilities, whereas products sold onto the American market are produced at American facilities.

Sometimes, other facilities will take over products even when they’re being shipped overseas. For example, small parts are originally made in China and then shipped to other facilities to be used. Most of the products themselves are built close to the nation in which the product is intended to be sold.

For products being outsourced by MTD, these products are often produced in China, but there is not a lot of information about where exactly Toro 252 products are produced.

Is Toro 252 any good?

Yes. Most individuals agree that Toro 252 series valves are fantastic. This series stands out because they’re made from heavy-duty solenoid with fabric-reinforced rubber diaphragm. It even has a flow control handle with robust ABS material. This makes the series highly durable and easy to use.

The purpose of the Toro 252 is to offer long-term durability. It offers tear and stretch resistance that can last a long time. At the same time, the valve is highly affordable, making it a great choice for a variety of light commercial needs.

Is Toro 252 made in America?

It is unclear where Toro 252 series valves are made. We know for a fact that these products are manufactured by MTD. MTD has manufacturing locations all across the globe.

These products may be made in China because smaller parts are typically produced in the Chinese MTD factories. Once the parts are made, they are then shipped to manufacturing plants closer to the country they will be sold in so that they can be finished and put together.

This does not necessarily mean that Toro 252 is made the same way, but this is how most MTD products are manufactured. This leads us to assume the same about Toro 252.