What Company Makes PowerSmart Lawn Mowers? (Solved & Explained!)

The PowerSmart mower is a new mower on the scene. It is produced by America-based Amerisun, and it is currently the only brand that Amerisun sells. Although PowerSmart is the only brand belonging to Amerisun, the mower is not the only product it sells, and PowerSmart is quickly becoming a respected brand.

If you are interested in learning more about the PowerSmart mower and its parent company Amerisun, keep reading. This article details PowerSmart, Amerisun, and the reputation of both. Scroll down for more.

Who makes the PowerSmart mower?

The PowerSmart mower belongs to the PowerSmart brand, which is manufactured by Amerisun Inc. Amerisun manufactures products within the machinery, equipment, and sales merchant industry. It is the only US distributor and support center for the outdoor power equipment brand PowerSmart.

The headquarters for Amerisun is located in Itasca, IL, though the company reportedly has some connections with Chinese companies. Its PowerSmart brand, especially the mower, is one of the top risers in terms of new outdoor power tools technology.

Who is Amerisun?

Amerisun is a US-based distributor and support center for the PowerSmart outdoor power equipment brand. What this means is that Amerisun is solely responsible for the PowerSmart products, including the PowerSmart mower.

If you have not heard of Amerisun until recently, it is likely because PowerSmart is the only brand that belongs to the company. Plus, it was founded in 2011, making it a relatively newcomer to the scene. Regardless, Amerisun is a respected brand that is making waves in the industry fast.

What other brands does Amerisun make?

Amerisun is only responsible for one brand, PowerSmart. Amerisun acts as the sole distributor and support center for this brand. Although the company might not rack in as much as other companies since it doesn’t have other brands under its belt, it has made quite a splash with what brand they do have.

What is especially great about only being responsible for PowerSmart is that brand is known for fantastic customer support. In a world where everything is digital, it can be difficult to get in contact with good customer support agents with other brands, but Amerisun makes it easy to get the help you need.

What other products does Amerisun sell?  

Although Amerisun is only responsible for the PowerSmart brand, they sell quite a few products and product lines. The most known product is the PowerSmart self-propelled lawn mower, but there are plenty of other products to consider.

Some products in the PowerSmart lineup include gas snow blowers, electric snow blowers, gas snow throwers, electric snow throwers, electric chippers, electric pole saws, portable generators, and electric pressure washers.

All of the PowerSmart products are known for being highly durable and effective. There are also many options between each of their products to ensure you get the outdoor tool exactly perfect for your needs.

Is Amerisun a good organization?

Most customers are more than happy with Amerisun. Because it only has one brand, it dedicates all of its energy to PowerSmart. This means that the PowerSmart products get all of the care and attention they deserve, as do the PowerSmart customers.

The customer service associated with Amerisun is especially impressive. Unlike many other outdoor brands, Amerisun provides fantastic customer support to ensure that all PowerSmart customers get the help they need.

What is the PowerSmart brand?

PowerSmart is the sole brand of Amerisun. The number one product within this brand is the self-propelled mower, but it sells other outdoor tools too. User after user notes that the PowerSmart mower is one of the easiest to use and worth the money.

Most customers say the same about the other PowerSmart products since they are backed with superior technology and fantastic customer support.

Is the PowerSmart mower reliable?

Even though the PowerSmart brand is not as recognizable as some other big players in the industry, its mower is completely reliable. Whether you go with one of their starter mowers or the self-propelled mowers, you can count on a reliable mower that gets the job done.

It is important to emphasize that there are multiple mowers to consider, not just the self-propelled model. We recommend evaluating all the PowerSmart mowers to get the one that is best for your needs, yard, and budget.

What makes the PowerSmart mower unique?

The PowerSmart mower is unique because it is highly powerful. Because this brand is so new, it utilizes all of the most advanced technology to ensure that the mower gets the job done quickly and conveniently.

The self-propelled mower is especially a favorite. Its four-stroke, single-cylinder engine ensures that you can cut through the tallest grass with the least amount of effort possible. This convenience is matched with a large mowing deck and extreme durability.

Is the PowerSmart mower made in America?

It is difficult to find information about where PowerSmart lawn mowers are made. The PowerSmart USA brand is based in Itasca, IL, but it is unclear if this is where they are produced. We do know that the engines within most PowerSmart products are made in China, not the United States.

Just because the engines are not made in America does not mean that the product is not. It is possible that the engines are made in China and then are shipped to Illinois where the actual lawnmowers are constructed. It is unclear.

Who makes PowerSmart engines?

PowerSmart devices are typically supported with Loncin engine. This manufacturer is based in China, but it is responsible for a number of other outdoor tool engines. For example, PowerSmart snow blowers use almost identical engines to the engines inside Toro snow blowers. What this means is that the engines are reputable and powerful.

How can I get in contact with PowerSmart or Amerisun?

PowerSmart prides itself on offering fantastic customer support. If you need to get in contact with PowerSmart for any reason, you can easily fill out their contact form located on the PowerSmart USA website. This contact form has you put in your full name, email address, and your inquiry.