How to Sell Microgreens

Where Can I Sell Microgreens? Theoretically, you could sell microgreens anywhere from an online store to a flea market stand. Vegetable booths have traditionally been the most popular place to market these unique organic products. In recent years, the biggest profit margins have been enjoyed by those who focus on direct sales. That’s why so …

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mushroom substrate compost held in hand

Best Mushroom Substrates for Oyster, Portobello, & Shiitake+

Choosing the best substrate for your edible mushroom can make or break your success. Learn the types of substrates, how to make bulk substrates, and the best substrate recipes for oyster, button, shiitake, portobello, and more. The Best Mushroom Substrates Mushrooms consume carbon-based dead plant matter. Different mushrooms have different favorites. Oyster mushrooms can pretty …

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