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Gardening is not just any casual hobby; there are tons of things you need to be aware of. On this site, you’ll find answers to every gardening question, whether you’re an indoor gardener or someone with a small-scale farm. You can also find all the necessary gardening tools in here.

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Who Is Behind This Site?

Welcome to! Our website is a resource for gardeners around the world, from indoor growers all the way up to small small-scale market farms.

About Me

Hi, I’m John Stephens, chief editor and writer for I’ve been gardening and raising animals for over 15 years starting with a small backyard plot in Northern Virginia where I grew corn, potatoes, squash, and using a high mulch technique called the Ruth Stout Method. I also raised ducks and small mammals for meat and eggs in a movable pen similar to the ones used by Joel Salatin. I later moved to Colorado where I experimented with growing greens using aquaponics inside. I eventually added a microgreens setup and home sprouting operation. I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned plus more from the other local gardening and animal raising experts I know.

John Stephens, Chief Editor for