Who Makes Craftsman Riding Mowers? (Solved!)

Craftsman riding mowers are manufactured by MTD. Some of the older models were manufactured by Husqvarna, but these have not been in regular production for several years now. 
If you are purchasing a new Craftsman riding mower, then 99% chance it has been manufactured by MTD. If you have a used riding mower, then you will need to look at the serial number to determine who manufactured it. 

When did MTD start manufacturing Craftsman riding mowers?

The switchover happened in 2017 to 2018. However, the company may have been making small components for Craftsman riding mowers before that point.

Who Owns Craftsman?

Craftsman is currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker. This is the same company that produces a range of hand and power tools.

Are Craftsman riding mowers worth the money?

While Craftsman riding mowers are seen as budget riding mowers, they are still worth the cash. You have to remember that it is expensive to get into a business like this and, as a result, any company that sells riding mowers is automatically going to sell something worth the cash.

Are MTD riding mower engines good?

Yes. MTD riding mower engines are fantastic. There are larger companies than Craftsman that use MTD engines. Companies such as John Deere actually use these engines in some of their cheaper products.

Where are Craftsman riding mowers manufactured?

This isn’t quite known. MTD is a company that is based in Ohio. However, it is more likely that the bulk of the riding mower is manufactured in China.
That being said, this isn’t really going to be a huge issue. All of the products that are manufactured in China by MTD tend to be done so in factories carefully overseen by MTD.

Does Craftsman make riding tractors?

Yes. However, their range of riding tractors is far more limited than the riding mower range. If you want a riding tractor, then it may actually be worth heading to one of the other manufacturers. You will find that they have a greater range of accessories than Craftsman.

Are Craftsman riding mowers a budget product?

Yes. However, they are fantastic products. They are not cheap, and you can be sure that if you pick something up from Craftsman, it is going to be something that will last you years.

Can Craftsman riding mowers be used for commercial lawn mowing?

We wouldn’t recommend it. The warranty on a Craftsman riding mower will only cover their use in a consumer environment.
This means that if you use your Craftsman riding mower commercially and it breaks, you may not have any warranty claim.

Can you purchase Craftsman riding mowers used?

Yes. However, as with most used products, you will need to check that the Craftsman riding mower is in good condition before you purchase it.

Where can you buy Craftsman riding mowers?

Lowes is one of the major stockists for Craftsman riding mowers in the United States. However, honestly, you can pick them up from just about any major big box store.
In rare cases, you may also be able to purchase the riding mower directly from Craftsman.

Can you get spare parts for Craftsman riding mowers?

Yes. You will need to head to a specialist Craftsman repair agent. You will be able to find details of all of their repair agents on their website.

Where can you get a Craftsman riding mower repaired?

You should only ever be heading to a Craftsman agent to have your riding mower repaired. Craftsman maintains a list of all of their repair agents on their website. It is highly likely that there will be one in your local area.

What is the life expectancy of a Craftsman riding mower?

It will be dependent on how often you are using the Craftsman riding mower. With proper maintenance, it is not uncommon for them to last thousands of hours.
You may find that, in a residential environment, a properly maintained Craftsman

Can you maintain a Craftsman riding mower yourself?

Yes. There will be detailed information inside of the user manual for your Craftsman riding mower. However, do bear in mind that you will not be able to carry out a complete service on your riding mower.

How often do you need to maintain a Craftsman riding mower?

You should be going through certain maintenance tasks on a seasonal basis e.g. changing the oil. You will want to have the Craftsman riding mower serviced by a professional at least once every few years.

Are Craftsman riding mowers suitable for large gardens?

Yes. Craftsman riding mowers will be suitable for larger gardens.

Are Craftsman riding mowers suitable for smaller gardens?

It depends on how large the garden is. If the garden is smaller than ½” acre, then it may be worth using a standard lawnmower instead. This is because it can be incredibly tough to move a riding mower around in a confined space.

When is the best time of year to purchase a Craftsman riding mower?

It is during cutting season. While some people will often wait until after cutting season to purchase a riding mower, the best time will always be during cutting season.
There will be a lot of competition for riding mower sales at that time, and there will often be excess stock. This translates to more offers being available.

Can you buy spare parts for Craftsman from MTD?

No. While the products are manufactured by MTD, you will not be able to purchase spare parts directly from MTD. This is because there will be very small differences in how the products are manufactured.
MTD may be able to help you with some old spares, but this is not a guarantee.

Are Craftsman riding mowers better than MTD riding mowers?

MTD does not make its own branded riding mower. They, instead, make riding mowers for other brands. This means that the difference in quality will be based on the brand.
MTD John Deere products, for instance, will be better than Craftsman, as will any Husqvarna products.