Are Husqvarna and Craftsman the Same? (Solved & Explained!)

For all intents and purposes, Husqvarna and Craftsman are not the same. That said, the two companies have a long and intertwining relationship that tends to be somewhat confusing. While both Husqvarna and Craftsman operate as separate companies, Husqvarna does create products for Craftsman.

But, this is a continued relationship from when Sears owned Craftsman and began outsourcing the manufacturing of their tools and power equipment. Today, MTD Products owns Craftsman and Electrolux owns Husqvarna, putting Electrolux in direct competition with MTD. However, that doesn’t quite characterize it either.

What is the History between Sears & Husqvarna?

Sears & Husqvarna have a long relationship that goes back to 1910, when Sears purchased the famous plow making brand David Bradley. The original manufacturing of Husqvarna belonged to David Bradley Manufacturing in Kankakee, Illinois. This was the same plant that produced Dave Bradley garden tractors in 1946, which metamorphosed into the David Bradley Suburban, a four-wheel garden tractor.

They dropped the David Bradley name in 1964 and the tractors came under the sole name of Sears. But, two years later Sears began outsourcing tools and equipment in lieu of sticking to retail. So, in 1966, they sold the plant to the Roper Corporation.

When Did Electrolux Come to Acquire Husqvarna?

In 1978 Roper sold the manufacturing plant to Electrolux and the whole operation moved to Orangeburg, South Carolina. They did this in an effort to reduce production and labor costs.

In 1988 the name changed to American Yard Products (AYP), when Electrolux acquired Husqvarna. But Husqvarna put their name on tractors beginning in 2006, dropping AYP altogether.

Is the Husqvarna Group an American Company?

No, Husqvarna is a Swedish owned and operated company under Electrolux. However, in 2005, Electrolux decided to separate itself from making outdoor equipment by doling out that division to shareholders. Some of these are MTD and others are Craftsman.

Does the word “Husqvarna” Mean Anything in and of Itself?

Yes, “Husqvarna” is a Swedish word that translates literally to “Millhouse.” It’s actually a compound of two words that include “hus,” which means “house” and “qvarn,” which translates to “mill.” Therefore it comes out to house mill or millhouse.

What Is Electrolux and What American Brands Do They Own?

Electrolux is a Stockholm-based multinational corporation that owns several American brands of tools, appliances and other electric-powered equipment. These include companies like Anova, Eureka, Frigidaire, Gibson, Philco and Westinghouse, to name a few.

What Does Husqvarna Produce?

They manufacture a host of outdoor power equipment that includes things like tractors, mowers, cutters, trimmers and chainsaws. The company produces tools and equipment for agriculture, residential, construction and stone industries.

Where Is Husqvarna Produced Today?

Today, Husqvarna lawn equipment comes from Huskvarn, Sweden but their headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden.

Does MTD Products Own Husqvarna?

No, MTD Products doesn’t own Husqvarna. Electrolux is the sole stakeholder in Husqvarna. But, as recently as 2005, Electrolux refocused their efforts on indoor equipment. They outsource some of their manufacturing to MTD. So, between Craftsman and Husqvarna, they’re somewhat the same and interchangeable, but not really.

When Did Sears Sell Craftsman?

Sears sold Craftsman to MTD Products in 2017 for $900 million dollars. But Craftsman maintains its manufacturing by outsourcing various parts production and assembly to other companies, such as Husqvarna.

Does Electrolux Own Craftsman?

No, Electrolux doesn’t own Craftsman. MTD Products determines the engineering, production, manufacturing and marketing of Craftsman tools and power equipment. However, it’s Stanley Black & Decker that actually owns the rights to Craftsman. They are the ones who decide and outsource parts and manufacturing.

This is because Stanley Black & Decker owns a small portion of stakes through a $234 million investment deal with MTD. So, while they are technically competitors, they are all part of the same mishmash soup within the industry.

Does Electrolux Have a Partnership with MTD Products?

Yes, Electrolux has a partnership with MTD Products through its manufacturing of Husqvarna and Craftsman. There are many things that Husqvarna produces under the banner of Craftsman. But they do this mostly under the direction of Stanley Black & Decker.

Can You Interchange Husqvarna Parts with Craftsman?

You can interchange Husqvarna parts with Craftsman. However, not all Craftsman parts will be interchangeable with Husqvarna. This is because Husqvarna only creates certain tools and equipment for Craftsman.

For instance, you can install a yard clipping bag from Husqvarna onto a Craftsman lawn mower. But this won’t be the case for everything. You will have to measure and compare sizes as well as other features to make sure they’ll be compatible.

Does Husqvarna Manufacture Other American Brands of Tools & Power Equipment?

Yes, Husqvarna manufactures and distributes its products under their own name as well as others like Weed Eater, Poulan and McCulloch, among others.

Is Husqvarna a Leading Manufacturer of Equipment in the World?

When looked at from an independent perspective, Husqvarna is the third leading multinational company in the world. MTD Products would be first with Electrolux taking second place. But, this would be something of a mischaracterization,because they all have partnerships with one another.

Is the Quality of Husqvarna and Craftsman Still the Same?

While both Husqvarna and Craftsman are still quality products that many people rely on, there are a few downturns in their quality. There are several reasons for this. First of all, because manufacturing and production have changed, shifted and moved, this will naturally change the quality.

Of course there’s the matter of maintaining cost effectiveness of their machines due to changes in the basic economics of supply and demand. Several parts that were once solid steel have switched to aluminum alloys. Also, many parts come from places like Mexico or China, where labor is cheaper.

Unfortunately, the goal of most companies is to maximize profit. Therefore, quality seems to be the first casualty in pursuit of this. That said, both companies do provide some of the best and most reliable tools, appliances and equipment available on the market today.