The 5 Best Garden Tractor Combos For Snow Blowing

Tired of shoveling show? Have a garden tractor or mower and dreaming of adding a snowblower? Would you rather ride around blowing snow rather than walking behind?

If you answered yes to any of these questions a snowblower/garden tractor combo might be right for you. In this article will discuss the pros and cons of getting a snowblower attachment. Plus we’ll review some of the best options out there.

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What is a Combo Snowblower/Garden Tractor?

A snowblower/garden tractor combos is an attachment to a lawn or garden tractor that blows snow.

These attachments are pretty heavy duty and can move wide areas of snow in record time.

They’re heaving, large, and not always the best option. Attaching one to the wrong tractor could kill your tractor.

Before you purchase make sure your current lawn mower or garden tractor is strong enough to handle the extra horsepower needed to move one of these things around.

How Does A Snow Blower Attachment Work?

Snowblower attachments connect to the front of your lawn or garden tractor. They’re powered by your tractor’s engine. That’s why it’s vital you confirm your tractor is powerful enough to handle the extra HP needed.

Does My Mower Blow? Things to Look For in a Snow Blowing Lawn Mower

Before getting a snow blower check that your existing lawn mower or tractor has what it takes:

  • Is your mower 4 wheel drive? If yes, you should have the power to push snow.
  • Do you have chains to add traction?
  • Is it at least 10 HP?
  • If you kill the engine do you care? Maybe you just wanted an excuse to buy something better.
  • Do you have a large Kubota Garden Tractor or Larger John Deere Garden Tractor (starting new price ~$6000)? If yes you might be good to go. Confirm the make and model and call the manufacturer to confirm.
  • Are you comfortable with light mechanical work? You have to attach the snow blower in winter and take it off in spring. It’s a bit more work than changing a headlight.
  • Are you patient? Lower HP mowers can do this work buy you have to go slower. The slower you go the longer it lasts but maybe it would have been better to just buy a standalone snow blower.

The next two sections cover when it’s better to get a separate snow blower vs when it’s a good idea to get an attachment for your current tractor/mower.

5 Reasons To Buy A Separate Snow Blower

  • Separate Snowblowers are Cheaper  – Separate snow blowers are few hundred dollars less than snowblower attachments
  • Your Lawn Mower Will Last Longer – Let your mower mow and your snowblower blow. Both will last longer saving you money.
  • Easier To Store – Separate snow blowers are smaller than snowblower attachments. Ideally you want to keep the snowblower attached all winter. Do you have enough room
  • Easier To Work Around Small Spaces – Separate snow blowers are compact. You can easily squeeze them between parked cars or down narrow walkways from the driveway to the front door. Snowblower tractor attachments are wide and best suited for long, wide driveways.
  • You Hate Working on Your Mower – Every fall you’ll need to not only attach the blower to the front of your tractor, you’ll also need to connect it to the drive train. Then each spring you’ll need to undo this work. Not impossible but not much fun unless you enjoy this kind of work.

4 Times When A Snow Blower Attachment Wins

  • You Have Long Winters with Lots of Snow – Are your winters long and come with lots of deep snow? You may enjoy riding while blowing out your snow rather than walking along.
  • You Have A Long, Wide Driveway – Why walk when you can just ride? If your driveway is wide and you have a powerful high end mower or tractor you’ll save time and energy getting a snowblower attachment.
  • You Have A High End Garden Tractor With Enough Power – See section above. If you have a powerful tractor or mower then you probably should have a snowblower attachment already! Unless of course you don’t get much snow.
  • You Have Enough Storage Space To Store The Tractor With Snowblower Attached – If you don’t have the space we don’t recommend you get the attachment. It’s no quick work to get this on your tractor. You’ll want to keep it on all winter.

The 5 Best Garden Tractor Combos For Snow Blowing

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Also note that it’s difficult to get both the tractor and the snow blower together online. We recommend you find a local supplier of Kubota or high end John Deere or Husqvarna garden tractors and you confirm with the dealer that they can handle these attachments.

What follows below are a list of the snowblower attachments themselves.

Best For Long Winters and Deep Snow

Best For Long Driveways

Arnold 19A40024OEM MTD Genuine Parts 3-Stage Snow Thrower, 42"
  • Compatible with Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP riding lawn mower 2015 and newer with innovative three-stage technology that clears snow up to 25-Percent faster than a traditional two-stage snow thrower
  • High volume accelerator cuts and chops snow to quickly and easily remove 18-Inch of snow
  • Robust steel high arch chute provides optimal snow throwing; includes adjustable replaceable skid shoes and scraper blade
  • 490-900-M059 suitcase weight also recommended to function correctly
  • 1,100 service dealers coast to coast with bilingual customer support and easy-to-find replacement parts

Best For Small Storage Space and UTVs