Is 200 Hours a Lot for a Riding Mower? (Solved & Explained!)

If you have a residential riding lawnmower, then most are built to last 250-hours to 300-hours before they require repairs. This means that 200-hours on a riding lawnmower is not considered especially high. 

Of course, this is going to be dependent on how the riding lawnmower is used. One really put through its paces will last less time. 

How many years will a riding lawnmower last? 

This depends on how often you are using it. In most cases, a riding lawnmower that is only used during the cutting season in a residential home could easily last a decade or longer. 

Which company makes the best riding lawnmowers? 

John Deere and Husqvarna are known for making some of the best riding lawnmowers. However, you may want to look at some of the other big brands to ensure that you end up with a riding lawnmower that is right for you. 

What is the first part of a riding lawnmower to break? 

This can vary. It is likely to be one of the smaller components that should be easier to replace. In most cases, it will be the engine inside of the riding mower that lasts the longest amount of time, assuming it is undergoing regular maintenance.  

Can you easily get riding lawnmowers repaired? 

You should have no issues getting most riding lawnmowers repaired, assuming that you are able to transport the riding lawnmower to the repair company. 

Can you repair a riding lawnmower yourself? 

Most repairs should be carried out by experts. This is because riding lawnmowers are complicated pieces of kit. 
You have to remember that a riding lawnmower is essentially a vehicle. If you don’t know how to work on vehicles, then you won’t know how to work on a riding lawnmower. 

Where can you get a riding lawnmower repaired? 

You should always take your riding lawnmower to an authorized repair agent for the brand that you own. This is because those people will have been specially trained for lawnmower repairs, and they will find it a whole lot easier to get hold of the spare parts that are needed for those repairs. 

Where can you buy spare parts for a riding lawnmower? 

You will be able to buy spare parts from authorized repair companies for the brand of lawnmower that you own. It is likely that you can find a list of authorized repair agents on the website of the company that made your lawnmower. 

How do you know when your riding lawnmower needs to be repaired? 

It can be tough to tell, mostly because some of the problems may not be immediately obvious. Generally speaking, if the riding mower doesn’t seem to be working in the same way that it used to, it is probably worth having somebody take a look at it. 

Do commercial riding lawnmowers last longer than residential riding lawnmowers? 

Yes. Commercial riding mowers will likely last hundreds of hours longer than a typical residential riding mower. However, do bear in mind, that they are also going to be a lot more expensive. 

How can you ensure your riding lawnmower lasts as long as possible? 

When you purchase your riding mower, there will be a manual. In this manual, there will be a list of maintenance jobs that you should be undertaking. Make sure that you follow this guide as it will help you to increase the amount of time that mower will end up lasting. 

How often should you be maintaining your riding lawnmower? 

This is going to be dependent on the lawnmower and how often you use it. Most riding lawnmowers will need to go through maintenance at the start of the cutting season.  
If it is used to cut huge amounts of land, then you may need to maintain it a couple of times per season. 

What is the most important maintenance task for a riding lawnmower? 

The most important task will be ensuring that the oil on the riding mower is regularly changed over, much in the same way that you maintain your vehicle. 
You will also need to ensure that the engine in the riding mower is maintained properly I.e. it is not going to overheat, and it starts first time. 

Do you need to winterize a riding lawnmower to keep it running properly? 

At the very minimum, you will need to remove gas from the riding lawnmower. Gas doesn’t last long in storage, and leaving it inside of the riding lawnmower over the winter months has the potential to ruin the mower. 

Does the engine size impact the lifespan of a riding lawnmower? 

Yes. A larger engine will likely last a lot longer than a single-piston, smaller engine. This is because that single-piston engine is going to need to be putting more strain on single components in the engine, causing it to break far quicker. 

How do you find the average lifespan of a riding mower? 

Sadly, this can be difficult to find. Most manufacturers are not going to tell you how long their riding mowers are likely to last. 
If you carry out a search online, then you may be able to find information from people that have used particular mowers before. However, you should bear in mind that you may not be using your riding mower in the same circumstances as those people. 

Does riding uphill reduce the lifespan of a riding mower? 

It is going to be putting more strain on the mower, yes. However, we doubt that it is going to have a noticeable impact of the mower. 
You shouldn’t avoid riding up a hill just because you want the riding mower to last as long as possible. 

Does cutting thick grass reduce the lifespan of a riding mower? 

It will have an impact, but the impact is going to be so negligible that it probably isn’t going to be worth worrying about. 

How long does a mower blade last? 

It will be dependent on how often you are cutting and what you are cutting. Most people will need to cut their blades a few times during the cutting season.