Why Does My Husqvarna Mower Leave a Strip of Grass? (Solved!)

There are two likely reasons why your Husqvarna mower is leaving a strip of grass. The main reason is that the cutting deck is not 1/8 to 1/4 inch higher than the rear, which it needs to be in order to cut efficiently. If this isn’t the case, it’s your speed as mowing too fast can also leave a strip behind.

Does your Husqvarna mower leave a strip of grass as your mowing? On this page, we’re going to discuss why it’s leaving that annoying strip of grass and what you can do to prevent this from happening. Keep reading to learn more and have all your questions answered.

Why is there a strip of grass after using a Husqvarna mower?

If you notice a strip of grass left behind after using a Husqvarna mower, the most likely cause is that the cutting deck hasn’t been set up correctly. To ensure it’s in the right place, always refer to the user’s manual for the mower, as each Husqvarna model may have different instructions.

It’s very common for the strip of grass to be left behind if the cutting deck is even with the rear, as it needs to be 1/8 to 1/4 inch higher. If it’s in the right place and you still have a strip left behind, try slowing down the speed at which you’re cutting the grass.

What does a strip of grass tell you about your mower?

If a strip of grass is continuously left behind every time you cut the grass, this is a sign that something is wrong with the cutting blades. Often this will happen if the blades weren’t installed correctly because they are off-balance.

There is also a chance that the cutting blades could be loose, which makes it difficult for them to efficiently cut the grass. You will need to check that the blades have been installed properly and that they are secured tightly.

Why does my Husqvarna mower cut unevenly?

There are a few reasons that your Husqvarna mower could be cutting the grass unevenly. The most common cause of this is that there are grass blades clogging the deck. To prevent this, always clean out the deck after using the mower.

Some other reasons why this may be happening are that the blades or deck shell are damaged, or the mower’s spindle has been bent. If any of these are the reason why your Husqvarna mower is cutting unevenly, you will need to replace the part.

Why is my Husqvarna mower leaving stray pieces of grass?

If you notice stragglers leftover after cutting the grass, it’s most likely because you are going too fast with the Husqvarna mower. By going too fast, you are overwhelming the Husqvarna’s deck and it’s unable to get all the of the grass blades that it passes over.

Make sure you always drive (or push) the Husqvarna mower at a speed that is slower than the blades. If the mower is going faster than the blades are, it won’t efficiently cut all of the grass.

Should I line up the Husqvarna mower blades for a better cut?

It is not recommended to line up the mowers blades of a Husqvarna mower to achieve a better cut. This is because they have been lined up a specific way at the factory to give the most efficient cut.

When the machine was being set up, the blades were lined up and held in place with spindles and pins. It could be very dangerous for you to attempt to change this and it may result in an uneven or choppy cut afterward.

Why is my Husqvarna mower deck vibrating?

The most common reason for a Husqvarna mower deck to start vibrating is that the mower blades have become unbalanced. However, loose blades or loose nuts and bolts can also cause the mower deck to start vibrating.

Another reason why the mower deck could be vibrating is that a certain part, like the pulley or mandrel, is worn out. We recommend examining your machine and making sure everything has been tightened and secured before operating it again.

Can a Husqvarna mower blade come loose?

After many years of use, lawnmower parts will see wear and tear and may start to come loose. The Husqvarna mower blade is a part that could come loose, and the most obvious sign that this has happened is that your mower begins to rattle when in use.

When this happens, it’s very important that you turn off the mower and tighten the blade so it doesn’t come off. This could happen with other parts in the Husqvarna mower as well.

Why is there a knocking sound in my Husqvarna mower?

Often people will hear a knocking sound in their Husqvarna mower after they have replaced the mower blade. If you recently changed the blade and hear knocking, it is likely because you didn’t secure the blade tight enough.

However, if you have not recently changed the blade and still hear knocking, it’s still likely a problem with the blade. The blade could be bent or loosened enough to become wobbly.

How can I tell if there is a problem with my Husqvarna mower blade?

If there is a problem with your Husqvarna mower blade, you will be able to tell because the mower will be making a sound that is much louder than usual. It is often described as a loud rattle or in some more severe cases, like a helicopter.

These loud noises are a clue that your mower blade is loose or damaged. However, this same noise could also be a sign that there is a lot of grass blades and debris built up underneath the deck.

Do people have a lot of problems with Husqvarna mowers?

Husqvarna is one of the best lawnmower brands and they typically do not have a lot of problems. However, if the mower hasn’t been maintained, it could have problems with shaking and vibrating.

According to Power Outdoors, some users have had issues with steering and hydrostatic transmission.