How Long Does a Lawn Mower Blade Last? (Solved & Explained!)

The key to a well-manicured lawn is by using a quality mower with pristine motor and sharpened blades. Because the blades are the featuring mechanism that cuts grass, they must be durable, strong and cut grass evenly.

But for how long does a lawnmower blade last? The typical lawnmower blade usually can withstand 100 to 200 hours of use. However, this can be as much as 400 or 500 hours if the blade comprises high-quality materials. In the case of rougher and rockier terrain, the blade may wear out much sooner.

What’s the Average Length of Time a Lawnmower Blade Will Last?

With the right care, a lawnmower blade can last anywhere from 100 hours to as much as 500 hours. But, this will depend on the design, shape and material of the blade. In general, higher quality blades will last much longer.

Also, if you use the mower over grass comprising a lot of rocks, stones, pebbles, wood, brush and other hard objects, this will shorten the lifespan of the blade. You will more than likely have to replace it much sooner than the average.

Is It Possible to Sharpen Lawnmower Blades?

Not only is it possible to sharpen lawnmower blades, it’s also highly advisable. When blades get dull, you can use a metallic file or a grinder to sharpen it. But it’s important to note that this will only work about two or three times. You will have to replace them at some point.


However, there is a right and a wrong way to sharpen lawnmower blades. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it’s advisable to have them sharpened. Most hardware stores or home improvement centers will sharpen them for $10.

Damaged Blades

What’s more, if the blade sustains damage by something like a rock, then replacement will be necessary. Sharpening it will do little to improve the condition of the blade in the presence of chips, bends and dents.

When Is the Best Time to Sharpen Lawnmower Blades?

After about 20 to 25 hours of use is when you’ll want to sharpen the blades. That said, it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t create a schedule based on this. You should always gauge sharpening the blades after you evaluate the condition of the blades themselves.


How often you sharpen them may be as much as two or three times per week. But, it could also be as little as once or twice per month. That said, sharpening the blade too much or too often can decrease the lifespan exponentially. Sharpening should be something you do only when you begin to notice the tell-tale signs.

One thing is certain, however, do not wait until the last minute to sharpen your lawnmower blades. It’s better to anticipate and inspect them before you notice any damage to your grass. This way you’ll always ensure your lawn has a clean and even cut.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

You’ll know it’s time to sharpen your lawnmower’s blades when certain symptoms appear. Things like patches of uncut grass or a lack of achieving a clean, even cut are signs the blade is dull. If the grass sits at different heights, it’s an indicator that the blade needs sharpening.

Torn & Frayed Grass

You may also notice the overall quality of a mowing session to deteriorate from the previous one. When you notice torn grass or brown, frayed edges, these are the result of a dull blade. Plus, such a cut can affect the health of your lawn. So, you will have to attend to the issue as soon as possible.

When you suspect any of these symptoms, inspect the blade. Pay special attention to the edges and look for cracks, bumps, dents, dings, chips and other similar damages. Any of these can create tears and inhibit the mower from delivering a clean cut.

Check the Thickness

Also check the thickness of the blade. If it feels as pliable and flexible as paper, this is a good sign of prolonged damage to the blade from things like stones and rocks. In the case you notice severe damage to the blade, you will have to replace it. No amount of sharpening will help.

How Do You Prolong the Lifespan of Lawnmower Blades?

The best way to reduce the frequency in replacing your lawnmower blades is by taking some precautionary measures. Take a gander through your yard before you begin mowing. Remove big stones, children’s toys, sticks and other potential debris.

Check & Inspect

When you know you’ve used the mower for around 20 to 25 hours, inspect the blade for potential dullness that can occur. The moment you notice dullness, sharpen it. Always opt to sharpen the blade before replacing. In most cases of dullness, sharpening will do the trick.

You also want to ensure you sharpen the blade the right way. While this can be a great benefit in prolonging the lifespan of the blade, doing it wrong can reduce it quickly. If you lack the confidence to sharpen them yourself, enlist the help of a professional.

Have Two Blades

It might also be a good idea to have a spare blade. When you go to purchase a new blade, actually buy two. This way, when you notice one become dull, you can switch to the other. You will save the dull blade by not putting undue pressure it. Plus, continual rotation will increase the lifespan of both blades.

Having two blades will be an excellent backup plan too. For instance, if you’re in the middle of mowing and you accidentally knock into a rock and bend the blade, you’ll be able to switch it and not stop your session altogether.

What’s more, you’ll still have another blade to work with until you can either repair or replace the damaged one. This means having a second blade is not only practical, but also ideal.