What Is the Most Expensive Mushroom in the World?  

The most expensive mushroom in the world is the “Matsutake” mushroom, which grows in Japan and is famous for its flavor. Matsutake fascinates those who eat it with its very delicious, spicy taste. 

Matsutake, a very valuable autumn mushroom, is among the most popular and highly prized mushrooms of the Japanese. Japan’s damaged habitats further increase the value of these mushrooms, and Matsutake is the most expensive mushroom known today.

What Are Matsutake Mushrooms?

Matsutake mushrooms, an autumn species highly respected by the Japanese people. They are currently ranked as the most expensive mushroom in the world. 

The decline in the growth of Matsutake is due to destructive habitat events in Japan that inevitably caused their prices to rise as the number of Matsutake available decreases.

This mushroom species, which is frequently seen in the Tricholoma region of the North West Pacific, has a very important place in the history of Japan and South Korea. Matsutake is a traditional mushroom associated with Japanese history and has been collected and produced by the Japanese people for centuries. 

The Matsutake is so important that it even features in the Japanese poem Manyoshu written in the seventh century. 

This mushroom was often presented as a gift to other states by kings and members of the dynasty in political negotiations. 

What Do Matsutake Mushrooms Taste Like?

The Matsutake mushroom species, which comes from the genus Tricholoma, delight those who eat it with its taste. Matsutake’s most appetizing feature is its spicy taste and is used by the most skilled chefs in the most famous cuisines of the world. 

With its wonderful autumn flavor and meaty texture, Matsutake is the most desired mushroom for the upper classes, and high status is bestowed onto those who serve this mushroom to their guests.

Matsutake mushrooms, which have brown scales on their caps and have a very meaty appearance, have great importance in Japanese culture.

How Much is Matsutake per Pound?

The price of Matsutake mushrooms varies between $1000-1500 per pound. This first-class top-quality mushroom is much more nutritious and richer in minerals than ordinary mushrooms. 

Matsutake, which is as good, if not better than white truffles, is high in price and very tasty and very rare. Because of this, the Matsutake is a very expensive mushroom that is highly prized by many across Asia.

Why is Matsutake So Expensive?

Matsutake is a type of mushroom that requires large capital and heavy labor in terms of cultivation and import. 

Growing this type of mushroom indoors is very difficult and requires experience. The prices of Matsutake are increasing day by day in line with the demands of upper-class restaurants that want to offer customers a more exotic and unique experience.

The biggest factor in the pricing of Matsutake is that it has a taste and flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. This mushroom is spicy, which is rare in a mushroom. Many people, not just the rich, are curious and wish to try it at least once. 

Another reason for the high price of Matsutake is that the Japanese habitat is in decline. Due to human activity, Japanese biodiversity has been devastated, and the Matsutake’s natural habitat is very limited. 

Due to the scarcity of production, Matsutakes cannot reproduce as much as they did in the past and their numbers are in slow decline.

Why is Matsutake so Rare?

Commonly found in the pine forests of Japan, the Matsutake mushroom species has become elusive in recent years as the Japanese habitat has deteriorated and changed. 

Matsutake mushrooms, which grow in cool and humid regions, experience adaptation problems due to changing climate and weather conditions. 

The deforestation and the natural deterioration of the Japanese woodlands have contributed to their decline. But also reckless hunting and improper harvesting methods have resulted in the depopulation of these mushrooms. 

Although the Matsutake is declining, you can still find Matsutake in the pine forests of Japan and there are social groups dedicated to preserving all of Japan’s natural habitats – so there is hope still remains for the Matsutake.

What To Serve with Matsutake?

Matsutake has a spicy and cinnamon-like flavor. Matsutake mushroom, which has a very delicious taste, is among the most interesting mushrooms in world cuisine. 

The taste of Matsutake is very sharp and can suppress the taste of the food eaten with it. Therefore, it is preferable to use a small amount of other foods in one meal and opt for plain flavors.

A subtle pine flavor can also be tasted, as matsutakes grow under glass trees. Therefore Wild Pine rice is an ideal accompaniment to Matsutake mushrooms. They also go well with scallions and other mild onions. 

How Can I Clean and Cook Matsutake Mushrooms?

Do not wash matsutake mushrooms. Instead of washing them, clean them well by separating them from sand, dust and soil. 

Then slice it very thinly. Matsutake is known for its versatile cooking techniques. However, in order not to spoil the original taste, the simplest method should be used and the original taste of the mushroom should not be spoiled. 

You can fry the matsutake in oil, cook it in broth, or steam it. A feature that distinguishes matsutake from other mushrooms is that you can consume them raw. 

Matsutakes do not contain any toxic substances. Therefore, you can safely eat these mushrooms.

What Are Matsutake Mushrooms Used for?

Matsatuke can be served as a starter or snack. At the same time, it can be included with the main meal, provided that it is not in large quantities. 

Because Matsutake has a sharp taste and can suppress the taste of other dishes, it is best to serve them with something plain to showcase their flavor. They are often given by businesses to their customers as gifts in special baskets. 

How to Identify Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake mushrooms are a type of mushroom that grows in the pine forests of Japan. You can easily find these mushrooms under pine needle-leaved trees. 

Matsutake feeds on dead tree roots and plants and is a pine fungus that has a symbiotic relationship with tree roots. 

Matsutake mushrooms like to grow in forests. A healthy pine forest will result in hundreds of healthy Matsutake mushrooms. The Matsutake mushroom has brown spots on it and has white gills and can be found at the base of pine trees.