Can You Mow 1 Acre With A Push Mower? (Solved & Explained!)

You can mow one acre of lawn with a push mower, but the amount of time it takes depends on several factors such as the type of push mower (consumer-grade or commercial), your walking speed, the area and condition of the lawn and the finished quality you desire.

The remainder of this article will go into detail about the best way to mow an acre of lawn with a push mower and the factors that affect the amount of time this will take.

What is a push mower?

Push mowers, also known as walking mowers, are what their name suggests: mowers that need your own grit and hard work to get the lawn cut. They are best suited for smaller lawns, up to a maximum of about one acre.

What types of push mowers are there?

You’re spoiled for choice, as there are several types of push mowers to choose from including petrol, battery, electric and manual versions.

Petrol push mowers

Petrol push mowers are powerful machines, and Popular Mechanics indicates that the engine size can range between 140 to 190 cc. They are best suited for tougher grasses and larger mowing areas. With a long running time, you can rely on them to get the job done.

However, their reliance on petrol means that they are not good for the environment. They are also notoriously stubborn to start and the noisy engine will interrupt your quiet afternoon, and most likely that of your neighbors as well!

Battery push mowers

With a running time of between 60-90 minutes on a single charge, battery push mowers are best suited to smaller and medium-sized lawns. They might not have the grunt of a petrol push mower, but Stihl Incorporated believes their efficiency makes up for it by being easy to start, light to move around and quiet to run.

Unfortunately, if something goes wrong, replacement batteries can be quite pricey, depending on the brand.

Electric push mowers

Electric push mowers work while plugged into your mains power, so they’re best suited for small lawns that can easily be reached with a power cord. While not as powerful as petrol models, Insider Reviews confirms that they’re your greenest type of power mower, especially if you use solar power to get your electricity.

They have other benefits to consider. They won’t give you a headache with their smelly fumes and are easy on your back, being light and easy to move around. You might need to buy an outdoor extension power cord if you need the extra range, but otherwise, it’s a great option for smaller lawns.

Manual push mowers

Considered old-fashioned in today’s tech-savvy world, manual mowers, also called hand or reel mowers, are the most environmentally-friendly mowing option. Powered but nothing more than your own strength, they’re perfect for smaller lawns and those of us who prefer their machines as easy to maintain as possible.

What factors affect how long it will take to mow one acre?

If you want to find out how long it will take to mow one acre with your push mower, you’ll need to consider several factors, including how fast you walk, your deck size (the cutting width of your mower), the quality of cut you want, the peculiarities of your lawn and the type of push mower you own or are thinking of buying.

1.   Walking speed

The faster you walk, the quicker you’ll complete your mowing. Commercial mowers favored by professional landscapers will help you mow faster, up to 8-10mph compared to 2-4mph for a simpler consumer mower.

2.   Deck size

Your deck size is the cutting width of your mower. It’s really simple: the bigger the deck, the faster the mow. For example, if you have a 15-inch deck, it will take twice as long to mow a lawn than a 30-inch deck.

3.   The condition of your grass

Wet grass can clump up in the mower and slow you right down. For longer grass, you’ll need to take it slow to make sure you cut every blade, or you may choose to mow over the grass twice. In this case, waiting longer between mows is not necessarily more efficient.

If you have obstacles to negotiate, such as fences, trees, curves or hills, it will also take longer to mow.

4.   Your type of push mower

Your type of push mower is the most important factor in determining how long it will take to mow one acre of lawn.

Petrol push mowers are more powerful than battery, electric and manual mowers and they are best suited to power through stretches of long, thick grass. They can mow all day, as long as you have enough petrol

With a long-enough power cord, there’s nothing stopping an electric push mower from cutting an acre of lawn. It just might take a little longer than a petrol push mower. The same cannot be said for a battery power mower, which is unlikely to get the job done within its 60-90 minutes of battery power.

Your last option, the manual push mower, it limited by nothing other than your strength and endurance.

5.   The quality of the mowed lawn

Here’s where you need to decide what is more important to you: the perfect lawn or the fastest mow. No matter what mower you have, the perfect lawn needs a touch of tender loving care. And that means you might want to slow it down and take the time to get the perfect finish.

How long does it take to mow one acre of lawn?

Taking into consideration the above factors, it will take you between one hour and half a day to mow one acre of lawn with a push mower.

Should I use a push mower on my one acre of lawn?

A push mower is perfectly suitable to mow one acre of lawn, but only if you have the stamina to walk the distance and get the job done. Not only are there several types to choose from, but they are generally cheaper than the other option, the ride-on mower.

If you’re keen on the latest technology, why not try a remote-controlled lawnmower? The National Association of Landscape Professionals has endorsed machines that can operate up to 500 feet away from their operator. That sure reduces the physical strain of mowing a one-acre lawn.