Mushrooms Growing in Your Bathroom? (Solved!)

Mushrooms growing in your bathroom means there is moisture buildup, high humidity, or a consistent leak happening in your bathroom. Mushrooms will continue to grow if the root cause of their growth is not identified, so it is imperative to figure out the exact source of the mushroom growth and eradicate it.

This article will go into detail about the cause of mushrooms in your bathroom, how to identify the cause of the mushrooms, the potential hazards, how to ensure eradication of mushrooms, and how to prevent mushrooms from occurring in the future.

Are mushrooms growing in your bathroom a bad sign?

While not always dangerous, mushrooms can be a sign of something else going on in your bathroom such as a moisture buildup, a leak, mildew, or possible black mold growth. Because moisture buildup creates conditions for mushrooms to grow, it can lead to an infestation of mold that can create respiratory illness or possible allergic reactions in the future.

What causes mushrooms to grow in my bathroom?

Mushrooms typically grow in your bathroom because it is a very warm place that is filled with moisture and typically not ventilated very well. However, sometimes mushrooms grow in your bathroom because there is a leak, or the sealants that were put in to protect your bathtub or shower may have been done incorrectly or are eroding.

Are mushrooms a sign of mold?

Mushrooms can be a sign of mold growing in your bathroom, however mushrooms themselves are a fungus, but black mold spots can begin appearing within your bathroom between tiles and on the ceiling. Check for any space that has little ventilation and any humid and dark corners that you may not have noticed.

How can I tackle mushrooms before they begin to spread?

According to Hunker, a design organization, the best way to ensure that mushrooms do not return to your bathroom is create a condition in your bathroom that has more ventilation. If there is a window or door in your bathroom, leave it open after you shower or bathe, or simply add a bathroom fan if there is not one already.

Why do they continue to grow in my bathroom?

Dry off all surfaces within the bathroom area and make sure to air out all bathroom mats or wet towels in a proper way by hanging or washing. Make sure to keep your bathroom as clean as possible which includes cleaning the flooring, tiles, and all surfaces clean with an antibacterial cleaner. 

How do mushrooms grow so quickly? 

Mushrooms grow quickly because they have no roots or stems and can easily form in dark and moist areas. All they need is the humidity to start developing and if the conditions are kept the same and moisture is not removed, they will continue to grow at an exponential rate. 

Can mushrooms move from my bathroom to any other areas of the home?

Mushrooms can move from your bathroom to other areas of your home if the conditions are right. Just like mold, which is something to look out for when you notice mushrooms, they will seek out any area of your home that has the right environmental conditions to grow.

Why do mushrooms spread?

Mushrooms spread because they form spores and those spores are moved around in the air within your home. This is why it is a good idea to have a fan in your bathroom area to not only keep moisture from taking over your bathroom, but to decrease the amount of spread outside of your bathroom.

Is there anything I can do in the shower area of my bathroom to stop mushroom growth?

If you are noticing most mushroom growth within the shower area, one area to take notice of is the grout between the tile. Epoxy grout is a great way to seal up the areas between tiles to ensure that mushroom growth does not continue to happen in that area and it can be purchased from any hardware store.

How do I remove the mushrooms from my bathroom?

It can be dangerous to remove mushrooms from your bathroom, especially if the mushrooms have progressed into mold, so the first step is to ensure to protect both your skin and your airways. Put on rubber gloves and a mask and then take off any mushrooms that you see with a paper towel.

What should I use to remove the mushrooms?

According to Cleanapedia, a leading antibacterial cleaning company, a solution of bleach and warm water can be placed into either a spray bottle or bucket with one-part bleach and three-parts warm water. Spray the bleach solution to the area reapply and scrub with a sponge, then rinse thoroughly and dispose of any sponges or towels that were used.

Why can’t I use a fungicide to remove the mushrooms?

Fungicides can be toxic to any internal or external environment and introducing toxic substances can lead to more other problems that can affect children and other family members and pets within the environment. The best solution is to use the bleach and warm water solution for safety reasons and they are efficient and simple.

What do I do after I have removed the mushrooms?

Search for the leaks or potential moisture build up areas in the bathroom. Reseal any areas that are not sealed correctly, remove all towels and wash them thoroughly and remember to always hang and wash used towels, ventilate the area by opening doors and windows after bathing, and to ensure to find any possible leaks within the space. 

What could potentially happen if I don’t find search for the cause of the mushrooms?

Besides toxic mold, if there are broken seals or water that is pooling, the severity of the damage will increase over time and this could lead to possible replacement of walls or flooring because dry rot can occur under the flooring. Delaying identification and treatment can lead to drastic plumbing and remodeling costs.