What Should I Charge to Mow 1 Acre? (Solved & Explained!)

This will be dependent on where you live. The average price to cut one acre of grass is $150-$200. 
Most companies will charge by the hour. This is because some pieces of land may be trickier to cut than others. 

How long does it take to mow one acre of grass? 

It should take around 1.5-hours. However, this will be dependent on the number of obstacles that you will need to face while mowing the lawn. 
If the area is fairly wide open, then it is probably going to be far quicker to cut it than if the land was hilly and full of obstacles. 

Can you charge to mow a rough lawn? 

Yes. Most landscapers will not have a fixed price. Instead, they will charge by the hour. 
This means that if a lawn is particularly tricky to deal with, then you will be able to make more money from cutting it as you will need to spend more time on it. 

How much gas does it take to mow 1 acre of land? 

It will be dependent on the mower that you are using. Most mowers will use anywhere from 0.5-gallons to 0.75-gallons of fuel for one acre of land. 

Can you charge more to mow land during the summer months? 

No. This will be the growing season for a lawn. This is when most people are having their lawns cut and when most landscapers are operating. 
If you tried to charge more for your mowing services during the most important months in the lawn mowing business, then you wouldn’t make much money at all. 

Do people need their lawns mowed in the winter? 

You normally only need to have a lawn mowed during the growing season. The lawn will not be growing during the winter months. 
That being said, there are some people that have particularly rough and unmaintained lawns during the winter months. There won’t be a lot of business there, but there will be some.  

Is it worth getting into the lawn cutting business? 

The lawn cutting business is an incredibly competitive industry, and you will often need to spend thousands to break into it. It is not worth getting into the industry unless you are planning on offering more than just mowing services. 
Most mowing companies will be complete landscaping businesses. 

Do you need any qualifications to be a lawn mower? 

No. As long as you know how to drive the lawn mower, then you should be fine. 
Do bear in mind that if you are planning on taking a ride-on mower on public roads, then you will need to hold a driving license.  

Do you need to have your lawn mowing business insured? 

Yes. You should always have insurance. This will help protect you if you end up causing damage to your client’s land. You will also need vehicle insurance if your lawnmower is going to be driven on public roads. 
Insurance should be fairly affordable for a lawn mowing business. It will normally be standard business insurance. 

Do you need to register your lawn mowing business? 

This will be dependent on your state. Some will allow you to just start running a company, while others will require you to register as a working business. 
No matter where you live, you will always need to pay taxes on any money that you have generated from lawnmowing.  

How often should a lawn be mowed? 

During the growing season, a lawn should be mowed at least once per week. Many people that hire lawn mowing companies to carry out the work will likely have their lawns mowed once every couple of weeks. This is to help them save a little bit of money. 

Do you need to remove grass clippings when you mow somebody’s lawn? 

It is important that you do not remove the grass clippings. The grass clippings will actually provide important nutrients for the grass. 
The grass clippings will decompose and help that lawn look better than ever! 

What is the best mower type for cutting people’s lawns? 

If you are planning on getting into the lawnmowing business, then you should purchase both a standard push lawnmower and a ride-on lawnmower. 
The push lawnmower can be used for tackling smaller gardens, while the ride-on mower can be used for tackling acres of land.  

What company produces the best lawn tractors? 

A lot of companies will produce lawn tractors. The company most people in the landscaping business recommend will be John Deere. 
This is because John Deere lawnmowers tend to have the best customer support, accessories, and lifespan. 

Do you need to buy a commercial lawn tractor? 

Ideally, yes. While you could use a standard lawn tractor for cutting on a commercial basis, they tend not to be designed for long-term use. They are more for a few hours per week. 
In most cases, if you buy a non-commercial lawn tractor and use it for commercial purposes, the warranty may be voided. 

How many acres of land can a set of lawnmower blades cut? 

This will be dependent on how rough the terrain is. A good set of lawnmower blades will last an exceedingly long amount of time. 
You may be able to use a set of blades, with some sharpening, for an entire growing season or two. 

Should you buy spare blades for your lawnmower? 

Yes. It is always worth having spare blades for your lawnmower. After all, if the blades break or are not cutting as efficiently as they should be, it means you won’t be able to earn any cash from mowing those lawns. 

Can you sharpen commercial lawnmower blades yourself? 

Yes. However, unless you have a lot of experience in mowing blades, then we suggest that you make contact with an experienced sharpening company. It helps to ensure that the blades are sharpened properly. 

How much spare gas should you bring when you cut somebody’s lawn? 

Always bring a good few extra gallons of gas. Most landscapers will take 3-4 gallons on top of what they think they will need.