What Can I Do with Lentil Microgreens? (Solved & Explained!)

The best thing you can do with lentil microgreens is eat them! Packed full of nutrients, your body is sure to the thank you. You can add them to a variety of different dishes to instantly boost their nutritional value.

Not so concerned about the health aspect? Use them as the perfect garnish to make your food look Instagram worthy in no time at all. Continue, to enjoy reading about more creative uses for your lentil microgreens.

What’s so Special About Lentil Microgreens?

Like many plant foods, lentil microgreens are a goldmine of vitamins and minerals. They are high in Vitamins B, C and E and are great for overall health and well-being. They may even help protect against cancer. The term ‘superfood’ could definitely be applied to these miniature morsels of goodness.

The list of health benefits from eating lentil microgreens is quite impressive. From improving bone and heart health, to helping fight high blood pressure, these guys are quite remarkable. And unlike many ‘superfoods’ they are relatively easy and inexpensive to grow. Setting them up inside your house will also make them super accessible.

What Foods Can I Add Lentil Microgreens To?

Lentil microgreens can be added to many of your favourite dishes. Some of the more popular ones that people add them to are salads, smoothies, sandwiches, stir-frys and curries. Their taste is described as an earthy nutty sort of flavour. They have a crunchy texture, and as an added bonus, they are quite filling.

What Are Some of The Easiest Things I Can Make with Lentil Microgreens?

Adding them to your salads would have to be one of the easiest ways to use lentil microgreens. They work well with almost any salad item and you are limited only by your imagination. If you are not a fan of the taste of these microgreens, then throwing them in the blender with your daily smoothie can be one way to disguise the taste.

What Are Some More Unusual Ways of Using Lentil Microgreens?

Wanting to try something a little more unique with your lentil microgreens? How about turning them into spices. Just dehydrate them first and then they can be crushed into a fine powder and used to add flavour and nutritional value to your meals. Microgreens can also be turned into a yummy pesto and then added to your favourite pasta.

Apparently, you can make tea with a variety of microgreens. While lentil microgreen tea may not be all that popular, it would be fun to experiment a little and see the results. Simply cut them into small pieces and then infuse in hot water. Probably one teaspoon of microgreens per cup of water will be sufficient.

Is It Better to Eat Them Raw or Cooked?

Nutritionally speaking, it is better to eat your microgreens raw. Like most plant foods, cooking processes can cause vitamins and minerals to leech from your lentil microgreens. In saying this, they are still going to contain plenty of goodness so do not hesitate to add them to your favourite cooked meal.

Some people may be hesitant about eating their lentil microgreens raw. They can be concerned about germs they may carry, and the resultant stomach issues caused. Simply washing them in water and/or blanching them will solve this problem. By eating them raw you get to experience that wonderful crunchy texture.

What Do Chefs Do with Lentil Microgreens?

Chefs love to make their food look aesthetically pleasing. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘we eat with our eyes’. Well one common ingredient they use for garnish and decorative purposes are microgreens. So next time you’re having a dinner party, just liberally sprinkle some of your lentil microgreens across the plate and voila! A five-star meal.

Need some inspiration for dishes that will look impressive with your lentil microgreens strewn across them? How about start with breakfast; some poached eggs, or smashed avocado on toast. Lunchtime – add them to your pizza that is fresh from the oven. Finally dinner, a small scattering in the centre of your soup bowl will take it to the next level.  

Sneak Them Into Your Children’s Diet

The beauty of microgreens is that they are so small. How is this beneficial to me I hear you ask? Well for any parent who’s tried ‘sneaking’ some extra vegetables into their child’s meal, it’s an absolute blessing. Having so much nutrition in a tiny package means that your child will barely even notice that they are eating healthy food.

Gardening for Children

Sticking with the child theme, lentil microgreens would be great to grow with children if you want to undertake a small gardening project. Due to their super quick growing times, they will be ready to harvest in 5-10 days. This means that kids won’t lose interest and because they can be grown in small spaces indoors, they are easy to tend to. 

Lentil microgreens can be grown on paper towel. This means you could get creative and grow some ‘microgreen hair’ for a small creature or person that you’ve created.

Can I Sell My Lentil Microgreens?

As the popularity with microgreens continues to grow, there is definitely a market for them. One of the major purchasers of microgreens are restaurants, and the chefs that work there. So, if you were wanting to start growing on a larger scale there could be a business opportunity awaiting you. Selling at local farmers markets could also be an option.

Can I Make Beauty Products with Microgreens?

The use of microgreens in beauty products in recent years has become quite popular. They get processed into oils and then added to a variety of products, such as shampoos and other skincare products.

While you probably won’t be looking to turn your lentil microgreens into oils, throwing them into the blender with an avocado could create a decadent face mask.