What Are the White Mushrooms Growing In Your Yard?

Caring for your lawn takes a lot of work and a lot of time. That’s why when there’s something wrong with it, it’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible, just to avoid any more unnecessary work and get your yard back to how beautiful it was before. 

A prime example of a possible eyesore on your lawn is mushrooms. But what are the white mushrooms growing in your yard? Well, many of the white mushrooms that grow on your lawn are most likely what’s known as fairy rings.

This fungus is the sign of a healthy lawn and shouldn’t be destroyed or removed. Other types of fungus can grow on your lawn as well, usually due to the presence of decaying organic matter like wood or grass clippings. 

But what do you need to know about these fungal invaders? Are they bad for your lawn? How do you get rid of them? Why are they there in the first place? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the white mushrooms growing in your yard!

What kinds of mushrooms grow on lawns?

There are a number of different mushrooms and funguses that grow on lawns. They can range in how healthy or unhealthy they are for your lawn, so it’s important to know which mushrooms you have to determine what course of action you should take. 

One of the most common types of mushrooms that grow in yards is commonly called fairy rings. These rings spring up seemingly overnight and out of nowhere, and can consist of many different kinds of mushrooms. Mushrooms of this type are usually the sign of well-taken care of lawns, as fairy rings like to grow in nutrient-rich soil. 

There are other kinds of mushrooms that grow on lawns too. In fact, there are hundreds of different species of fungus that can be plaguing your yard. To save time, I’ll just say that if they’re not white, and they’re not in a ring, they probably aren’t very good. There are plenty of reasons why mushrooms can spring up, and plenty of ways to get rid of them too.

Why are there mushrooms in the yard?

There are many reasons that mushrooms might be in your yard. Firstly, as we went over, fairy rings appear in lawns that are well-groomed, so unless you think they’re unsightly, they’re nothing to stress over. 

Some other reasons that mushrooms could be growing are as follows: 

You could have some decaying grass clippings, wood, or other organic matter that the fungal spores attached to and grew on. If left unattended, plenty of mushrooms will grow on decaying wood and other such material. 

Damp weather, rainy spells, and too much shade can all be reasons for mushrooms to spring up too!

Are mushrooms good or bad for your yard?

Mushrooms are more often than not a good sign for your lawn. They are a sign that the ecosystem in your yard is healthy and that there are plenty of nutrients in the soil beneath your grass. 

Are yard mushrooms poisonous?

Some yard mushrooms are not suitable for eating, some could be eaten. However, I’d recommend you not eat anything that comes from your yard. Not only is it extremely difficult for non-experts to identify different mushroom types, but you also never know what kind of material that mushroom was growing on. Best to assume that whatever you pick up is unsafe. 

That being said, the vast majority aren’t “poisonous,” and will only upset your stomach rather than endangering your long-term health. 

Do deadly mushrooms ever grow in yards?

It is exceptionally rare to find a mushroom poisonous enough to kill in a backyard. However, it has happened. The first poisonous mushroom in a yard was found in Colorado within the last 5 years, so it is extremely rare. 

How to get rid of mushrooms in the yard

Usually, mushrooms will go away just as quickly as they sprung up! If you really hate them, you can go pull them out of the ground individually. Avoid using a fungicide of any kind, which we will go over later in this article. The safest bet is to just wait it out, they shouldn’t be around for too long. 

How to prevent getting mushrooms in your yard

If you really hate getting mushrooms in your yard, there are a few ways to reduce the amount you might get. It’s impossible to completely avoid them, as they spring up in healthy lawns, but there are a couple of ways to cut back on them. 

Make sure there isn’t too much shade in your yard. Shade not only gives mushrooms a dark place to grow but also slows evaporation, giving mushrooms the moisture they need to thrive. Cutting back on long branches on your yard’s trees can help out with this. 

Keeping your yard clean of grass clippings, wood, and any other decaying organic matter will also help avoid getting mushrooms. Keep your lawn cut short and cleaned up!

Is it a good idea to get rid of lawn mushrooms?

More often than not, as we’ve stated multiple times, mushrooms are a sign of a healthy lawn. Getting rid of them not only takes a lot of effort, but it’s a bit of a waste of time as well. They’ll just go away on their own, and getting rid of them with chemicals can be harmful to your lawn.

Should you use fungicide on your lawn?

No! Fungicide kills fungus by harming the microbes that the mushrooms are feeding upon. However, these microbes are absolutely crucial for the health of your lawn, so damaging them will damage the grass in return. This is counterproductive, so it’s best to stay away from fungicide in general. 

Are there any benefits to lawns with mushrooms?

There aren’t many benefits to mushrooms, but they do show that your lawn is healthy and its ecosystem is working. They are a natural part of the life cycle in your yard, so they are as important as any other part. Keeping them around will usually benefit the health of your yard in the long term.