What Is a 4 in 1 Mower Blade? (Solved & Explained!)

The term ‘4 in 1 blade’ refers to a blade that is capable of performing bagging, side discharge, mulching, and shredded. This is basically one more function than a mulching blade and 2 more functions than a standard blade – with mulching blades performing bagging, side discharge, and mulching, while standards can do bagging and side discharge only.

In the rest of this article, we’ll talk more about multi-function blades, so-called ‘universal’ blades, deck maintenance, and more. Let’s explore the questions that people are asking the most when it comes to mower blades.

What is a 3 in 1 mower blade?

When you hear the description ‘3 in 1’ blade, this is referring to a mulching blade. It has 3 functions, those being side discharge, bagging, and mulching, while a standard mower blade is considered a ‘2 in 1’ blade – because it only does side discharge and bagging.

While mulching blades can do bagging and side discharge, we should note that there is a loss of air power with most blades which can cause the bag not to completely fill – you can, however, avoid this with specialized blades such as 8tens and Gators which are designed to compensate for this.

What is a universal lawn mower blade?

When you hear that a blade is ‘universal’, this is actually a bit of a misnomer. Lawnmower blades are designed for specific mowers, in general, because the way that they are connected, the sizes of the blade vs. the deck, and a number of other factors are proprietary. Thus, ‘universal’ blades are really just designed to work on MOST, but not ALL mowers.

Is bagging better than mulching?

Mulching is going to be the better way to go, since it will fertilize your lawn at the same time that you are mowing, and your lawn will definitely look better for it. That said, there is one time that you should choose bagging over mulching, and that is for the first mow of spring.

this time, it’s better to wait until the second mow to mulch so that the grass can recuperate a little from winter.

Do high lift blades cut better?

When you are dealing with high grasses and weeds, then yes, High lift blades have an advantage. They sit higher and the blades lift the grasses, lowering the chances that your mower is going to become clogged and stop cold in the middle of mowing. For an already well-tended lawn, mulching and standard mowing will generally be a better choice.

How do I choose a lawn mower blade?

That depends on your needs. For a well-tended lawn, regularly fertilized, a standard blade is just fine. If you want to keep your lawn trim and save on fertilizer, however, then mulching blades are better. They’ll chop the grass clippings up finely and fertilize your lawn with them, at no cost to you. Finally, for high, dense grasses, High lift blades are the best.

What does a Gator blade do?

Unlike standard mulching blades that push your grass down, Gator blades are designed to ‘lift and cut’, which means that you won’t lose any power for bagging and side discharge usage. They are specifically designed for this, providing mulching power and improved circulation over standard mulching blades in general.

Some of their mulching blades also come with tungsten edges, giving them a cleaner cut and a longer life, so they are well worth looking into.

Do you sharpen mulching blades?

Mulching blades are sharpened much the same as a standard blade would be, you just need to deal with addition cutting edges, so it’s handy to have a few different sizes of files for sharpening. It is recommended that your sharpen your mulching blades approximately every twenty to twenty-five hours in order to get the best cut and overall working life with them.

How often should mower blades be sharpened?

Like mulching blades, standard mowing blades also need to be sharpened on a regular basis, and every twenty to twenty-five hours is ideal. If you run over a rock or hit a poorly-cut stump, then you might want to do it even sooner, but with normal, uninterrupted operation then every twenty to twenty-five hours is best.

What size blades do I need for a 42 inch deck?

For a 42 inch deck you will be using twin blades, which will measure 21 inches each and are usually going to be about 2 ¼ inches wide. As the specific holes for attachment can vary, you’ll want to check with your mower manufacturer first to see what blades are compatible before purchase if the ones that you are considering do not list your mower as compatible.

How much space do you need between mower blades?

Typically, you should see somewhere in the neighborhood of about 7 to 10 centimeters when it comes to overlap, but this is not something that you will generally need to worry about unless the mower has become damaged. In most mowers, you just install the blades, and they shouldn’t need any spatial or timing adjustment – they’re good to go once you bolt them in.

Can I use any brand mower blade?

No, not all brands are going to work with your mower, so don’t let words like ‘universal’ fool you. Lawn mower blades need to fit the deck, have compatible holes for attaching the blades, and specific measurements.

It is best to check with your manufacturer if you aren’t sure, though most ‘universal’ touted blades will have a list of compatible mowers so that you’ll know if they will work in yours.

How often should you clean your mower deck?

Two times a year is the bare minimum that you should clean your deck, but more is always better. When you are trimming your grass, you are cutting it open, and at this time it’s going to have less resistance to fungal growth that might occur in a messy deck – by keeping it clean, you help to ensure that all your lawn is getting is a nice, clean cut.