Do I Really Need a Torque Wrench for Lawn Mower Blade? (Solved & Explained!)

While you can tighten with a crescent wrench in a pinch, a torque wrench is really a must-have tool when it comes to your lawn mower. This is because when you are securing the blade, there is a recommended amount of torque foot pounds that will be needed to properly secure the blade. The torque wrench lets you know that it’s secured perfectly.

In this article we’ll answer more questions about torque, blades coming loose, electric mowers, and more. Read on to find the most commonly asked questions and the answers that you need to know!

How many foot pounds does it take to tighten a lawn mower blade?

While that is really going to vary, depending on the make and model of your mower, for a standard 9/16 inch socket than a 30 pound torque is often sufficient for tightening. That said, it is recommended that you check the information specific to your mower, as a higher torque recommendation is not uncommon and you want everything to be as secure as possible.

How important is torque in a lawn mower?

When it comes to big jobs, torque is going to be very important. The torque of your mower pretty much translates out into mowing power and higher torque mowers will also tend to be much longer lasting as far as work hours. Torque is simply a fancy word for rotational force, so when in doubt, go for the highest torque rating and you can’t go wrong.

What is the torque on a Craftsman lawn mower blade?

The blade bolt torque for a Craftsman lawnmower will typically be 27 to 35 foot pounds for standard type mowers. Always doublecheck with your included manual or reference information, just to be sure, but this is the most common range which you encounter with the Craftsman line of standard mowers.  

How much torque do I need to cut my grass?

It basically boils down to the size of your yard and how tall the grass usually is (i.e. if it is regularly mowed or infrequently). For small, well-maintained lawns, then a 4.50 to a 5.50 torque should be sufficient.

With larger yards, you will definitely want to go with a medium up to a heavy-duty mower, which will have 6.25 to 6.75 for the medium and 7 to 8.75 for the heavy-duty.

What causes a lawn mower blade to keep coming loose?

Normal use is typically not the culprit when a mower blade is coming loose. The nut and bolt assemblies employ reverse threaded to minimize the risk of this. The most likely reason your blades are coming loose is simply running over rocks, large bits of wood, and the like.

When this happens during mowing, it’s always good to stop and check the blade – if unchecked, you could risk a bent blade, damage to the crankshaft, and it might rip up strips of lawn as well!

What is the torque for Toro lawn mower blades?

When you are tightening the blade bolt for a Toro lawn mower blade, you want to go with a 60 pound torque setting. This will be the 82 N-m setting and you’ll need to wedge some wood in between the blades in order to keep them still while you are putting in a little elbow grease. This should ensure that your blade is installed at the recommended tightness.

Does HP matter in lawn mowers?

Yes, especially with riding mowers, horsepower is a better way to rate your overall power for your mower. With a push mower, it’s important, but not as vital – only the turning blades need to be powered. For a riding mower, however, you are dealing the blades, your wheels, the transmission, and more. This is where high horsepower will be of crucial importance.

Do electric lawn mowers have enough power?

While gas mowers still have more power, electric mowers will usually be perfectly adequate for your mowing needs, although it will vary from model to model. High or wet grasses may be a bit more problematical, as you might end up running down your charge a little early and have to wait and recharge your battery.

That said,  for basic mowing electric mowers of today can certainly get the job done.

Can electric mowers cut long grass?

Electric mowers can cut tall grass, but it’s not going to be done as effectively as it would with a gas mower. Electric mowers are better suited for flatter terrain and regularly maintained grass. When you are dealing with hills and dense growths, it will still cut, but it will use a lot of power doing so and additional charging may be required.

What size is Husqvarna blade bolt?

The most common size listing for a Husqvarna blade bolt is 1 x 1 x 1 inches or 1 ¼ inch by 3/8 24-inch. These sizes also apply to a number of other popular brands, such as Sears Craftsman, Roper, Poulan and Poulan pro, and Weed Eater.

What size nut holds John Deere mower blades?

The standard blade nut size for John Deere tractors and riding mowers is 12 millimeters. It has a thread pitch of 1.250 and the width across the flats is an 18.000 millimeter, with a 8.30 millimeter wrenching height. The thickness is listed as 12 millimeters overall.

Which way do Toro lawn mower blades spin?

Toro mower blades are designed to spin clockwise, though if you view it from below it will look like counterclockwise. If you are installing the blade and not certain where to point the edge, then just remember that the blade turns clockwise and you can align the edge in this direction, facing downward towards the grass.

Check for a label as well, reading ‘bottom’ or with the model number, as these are often present and should be facing the ground when the blade is properly installed.