What Is the Best Old Tractor to Buy? (Solved & Explained!)

There are many great vintage tractors that have people’s attention. According to Tractor Junction’s Vintage Tractor List, the best old tractor to buy is the Ford 8N tractor. This powerful machine first hit the market in 1947, setting new standards of how tractors should be manufactured.

One of the great things about tractors is that they are built to last a lifetime. This is why many people are more interested in buying an old tractor than they are in a new one. If you’re wondering which old tractor is the best one to buy, you’ve come to the right page. Keep reading to find out more about vintage tractors. 

Which vintage tractor is the best to buy?

Vintage tractors have been in demand with buyers for many decades because the quality of make can’t be beaten. Out of all the premium older tractors to buy, the top tractor on every collector’s list is the Ford 8N tractor.

The Ford 8N tractor has actually become one of the most popular tractors of all time, mainly because of its unique features. Out of all the great features, the main highlight of this tractor is that it’s designed to reduce the possibility of engine oil leakage and other repairs. 

Why is the Ford 8N tractor the best old tractor?

There are many features that set the Ford 8N apart from other old tractors. One of the most unique features is that it comes equipped with an L head engine (4 cylinders). 

Some other unique features of this tractor include a 3.75-inch stroke, 3.188-inch cylinder bore, and a contestant mesh transmission. Another feature that impresses many tractor enthusiasts is the Ford 8N has a maximum drawbar of 23.16 hp on second gear. 

How much does the Ford 8N cost?

According to Tractor Junction, the cost of a Ford 8N tractor in 1952 was $1404. Keep in mind that $1404 was the original price of these tractors, and since then the value has increased significantly.

Nowadays, if you were to purchase a Ford 8N tractor, you can expect to pay a lot more. According to the listings on Machinery Pete online, the cost of a Ford 8N tractor varies from $1500 to almost $6,000.

How do you date a Ford 8N tractor?

If you want to buy an old Ford 8N tractor, you may be curious about the year it was manufactured. To identify the date of the Ford 8N you will need to use the serial number.

You can typically find the serial number located on the left of the engine block. It can be found behind the oil filter, slightly below the head.

How heavy is a Ford 8N?

The Ford 8N sits in a weight range of 2410 to 2717 lbs. This tractor is a category 1, 3-point hitch and it can carry a maximum of 800 pounds in a load. 

This tractor is considered mid-size and is very reliable for most farming work. 

What is the most reliable tractor brand ever made?

While the Ford 8N tractor may be named one of the best old tractors to buy, it doesn’t sit at the top of the list as the most reliable tractor ever made. When it comes to reliability, you can never go wrong with a John Deere tractor. 

With nearly 200 years in business, John Deere has become one of the most valuable and reputable tractor manufacturers in the US. It is hard to top the quality of a John Deere tractor.

Why do farmers prefer old tractors to new tractors?

Tractors are built to last a lifetime, so many old tractors are still capable of getting the job done efficiently every time they are run through the field. However, old tractors seem to be more appealing to farmers because they lack all the new features and modern technology that new tractors are made with.

Old tractors are easier to use and cheaper to maintain, according to many farmers. They put the cost of operations first, and old tractors are more budget-friendly for farmers than new models. 

Are old tractors worth buying?

If you find a good deal on an old tractor that’s still in good condition, then it could be a very good investment. A lot of new tractors are made cheaper, which means they aren’t built to last like vintage tractors were. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s very rare to find a “good deal” on vintage tractors, especially Ford 8Ns and old John Deere machines. Most people who own these tractors know how much they are worth and won’t let them go for anything less. 

How long do farmers typically keep their tractors?

Most farmers will use their tractors regularly, so it’s important that they invest in a piece of equipment that will hold up over the years. On average, farmers will typically work with the same tractor for 20 to 30 years before investing in a new machine.

However, if a farmer only uses their tractor a few times each week and makes sure to keep it well-maintained, they could get well more than 30 years of use out of it.

Is there a market for old tractors?

According to Nola.com, there is a big market for antique tractors that date as far back as the 1910s. Aumann Auctions sells thousands of vintage and antique tractors every year.

These antique tractors are purchased for anywhere from $2000 to $500,000. One of the highest-priced tractors they sold was a 1911 Marshal Colonial tractor, which sold for $535,000.  

Do vintage tractors go up in value?

When it comes to tractors, an older machine is likely more valuable. Each year, it seems as though the purchasing prices of vintage tractors seem to rise. 

Farmers and collectors are more impressed by the build and quality of older tractor models. Even though brands like John Deere and Ford still make top-notch tractors, people prefer the machines from decades ago.