What Is the Best Riding Mower for the Money?

In terms of riding mowers that offer bang for your buck, then options from Ryobi or Troy-Bilt can be a fantastic choice. Although, those wishing to spend a little bit more cash will likely get a whole lot more for their money, e.g. if they opted to go down the route of the John Deere models.

Are cheap riding mowers good?

Yes. It costs a lot of money to develop and manufacture riding lawnmowers. As a result, any of the products on the market should be able to perform a decent job.
Obviously, you are going to be getting a much better riding mower if you were willing to spend more cash. However, a cheap riding mower will be perfectly functional for use around the home.

What makes a good riding mower?

The riding mower should be incredibly easy to control. It should also require very little in the way of maintenance.
The bulk of cheaper riding mowers on the market are high quality mowers, so it is really just about choosing one that will suit your budget.

Is it worth buying a used riding mower?

It depends. If you know that the person that you are purchasing the riding mower from has been keeping up with their maintenance, then it may be a worthwhile purchase.
Make sure that you do not purchase a riding mower blind. You should always check it out in person.

Are John Deere riding mowers worth the money?

Absolutely. There is a reason why John Deere is one of the largest names in the world of riding mowers. They know how to produce something that is decent.
Yes. John Deere riding mowers are often going to be a lot more expensive than other options, but they tend to be worth every single cent.

Are Toros riding mowers worth it?

Toros riding mowers are worth it, but you will often find that there are far better options available at the same price. For example, we would opt for a riding mower from Troy-Bilt or Murray as opposed to a Toros riding mower.

Are Husqvarna riding mowers worth the money?

Yes. This Swedish company produces some of the best riding mowers on the market. A good number of their products will be made in Europe and the United States too.
Do bear in mind that Husqvarna riding mowers are very similar in price to John Deere. Because John Deere tends to offer better product support in the US, most people go with that option.

What is the most dependable riding mower?

John Deere produces some of the most dependable products in the world of riding mowers. On the cheaper end of things, Troy-Bilt will be some of the more reliable riding mowers.

Are cheap riding mowers made in China?

Yes. All cheap riding mowers are manufactured in China. There is no way that they could be manufactured in the United States while still offering an affordable product for their customers.
Don’t worry, though. The bulk of these lawnmowers will have been designed to an incredibly high standard, so you are still going to end up with something good.

Can you get spare parts for cheap riding mowers?

Yes. All of the cheap riding mower companies will provide their customers with access to spare parts. Riding mowers are unlike other cheap products that you find on the market. Most of the companies do care to produce a quality item.

How long do cheap riding mowers last?

It depends on how you are using it. If you are just using the cheap riding mower around your home, then it is likely that you will have a riding mower that will last hundreds of hours of use.
This means that you will easily be able to use the cheap riding mower for a decade, if not more.

Is it worth spending more money on a riding mower?

Generally speaking, yes. If you spend a bit more on a riding mower, then you end up with something that is incredibly well-constructed.
You will find that there will be far easier access to accessories for the riding mower. You will also have a far easier job being able to source spare parts for the riding mower.

Who makes the Cub Cadet riding mower?

Cub Cadet products are manufactured by MTD. It is one of the many brand names that the company offers.
This means that if you purchase a Club Cadet riding mower, then you are going to be getting a product that is just as good as any other product that you will pick up in the Club Cadet range.

Are Cub Cadet the same as Troy-Bilt?

Yes. Troy-Bilt is another brand name for Cub Cadet. In the United States, it is much more likely that you will find Cub Cadet products than Troy-Bilt products.

Can you use a cheap riding mower for commercial use?

No. They are not designed for commercial use. They will break incredibly quickly.
You should bear in mind that if you use a cheaper riding lawnmower for commercial use, then it is highly likely that this will end up voiding the warranty, which makes it tougher to get problems fixed.

Can you maintain a cheap riding mower yourself?

Yes. All cheap riding mowers on the market will provide a wealth of detail in the manual about maintenance. It is important that you keep up with the maintenance regime in order to ensure that the riding mower lasts as long as possible.

Where can you buy cheap riding mower spare parts?

All of the cheaper riding mowers are made by fairly big companies. This means that they will maintain a list of their main dealers on their website.
You should always try to ensure that you purchase branded spare parts for the riding mower, otherwise you will run the risk of damaging the mower and voiding the warranty.

What is the best cheap riding mower under $2,000?

Troy-Bilt makes some of the best riding mowers under $2,000.