How Easy Is it to Sell Microgreens? (Solved & Explained!)

Microgreens are pretty easy to sell. In addition, the cultivation of microgreens is also very practical and fast. You don’t need large areas to grow your microgreens, and short harvesting cycles will allow you to easily profit from this business.

Today you can sell microgreens for around $50-60 per pound. These attractive prices encourage many producers to grow microgreens.

Where to Sell Microgreens?


If there are many restaurants in your city, this could be a great opportunity for you. Restaurants buy many kinds of microgreens to enrich their menus.

Restaurants that aim to offer different tastes to their customers can be a great opportunity.

To turn restaurants into potential customers, you can reach them by phone or at the door and inform them that you want to sell your products directly. 

The Restaurants Perspective

This could be an attractive offer for them too. Most restaurants support local manufacturers. The biggest reason for this is that the products they buy from local producers have not lost their daily freshness. 

Buying products from local manufacturers is more attractive than buying from large distributors. 

Foods that preserve their freshness are always the first choice for restaurants. After all, every restaurant chef aims to serve the best and freshest food to thier guests. 

Restaurants also allow you to generate regular income with very stable and regular purchasing. If you make an agreement with a restaurant that you will deliver your microgreens to them on a weekly basis, this will be very advantageous for them.

The higher the quality of your products, the easier it is to reach potential customers. A good microgreen producer aims to obtain the best product by using the best soil and seeds.

Local markets

Local markets aka farmers markets are great places to sell microgreens first-hand. With a stall that you operate, you can talk to countless people and continue your trade all day long. 

Also, these markets are great areas where you can make great networks with many other manufacturers. At this type of market, you can sometimes come across people who will buy your products wholesale. 

The Benefits of Market Selling

The products in grocery stores and supermarkets cannot maintain their freshness as they are usually kept for a while before someone makes a purchase.

This causes the consumer to buy non-fresh products, but this situation is not so at the farmers market. It is a matter of finding the freshest and most natural of every product in the market. 

The disadvantage of the market is the fact that too many manufacturers are together which increases competition. Dozens of manufacturers like you may want to sell the same product, but if you have the freshest and the best quality available you will be hard to beat.

Be careful not to down-sell. Tough competition may cause the prices to fall too low and the profits to decrease.

Home Delivery to Customers

This sales channel is a method that is used less than other channels but has a very high-profit margin. 

You have to gain potential customers by reaching individual households. As you sell to these customers, you must make new connections and expand your portfolio of customers individually. 

This is hard work at first. Usually, sellers that do this use the internet to find potential customers. but this can be very profitable with the right marketing tools.

You should know how to sell your product and choose an appropriate presentation style and branding. With this approach, you have to be more than a manufacturer, you are also a salesman.

For this reason, you should know how to convince people and present your products to the consumer in the best way with attractive price options. 

By creating a company website on the internet, you can make your microgreen sales through this site. 

Within the payments received, microgreens can be sent to customers on a weekly or monthly basis. 

If your products become high in demand, you should work with transportation companies and deliver your microgreens to your customers as quickly as possible.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Microgreens?

The Microgreen business is a very profitable business model. You can sell microgreens for $40-50 per pound. 

You can earn around $20 per tray of microgreens. The interest in microgreens is increasing day by day. 

Microgreen cultivation is a very easy and practical business model and is the favorite of producers who want to make a profit in the short term.

Is There a Demand for Microgreens?

The global microgreen market is expected to grow by 7.5% between 2020 and 2025. Microgreens markets are led by chefs who also manage world cuisines.

In recent years, the search for different tastes and flavors has pushed chefs around the world to discover different flavors. 

Microgreens are being introduced to more and more world cuisines every day. This rising increase naturally reflected on the markets and both the consumer and the producer got their share of this growth.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Microgreens Business?

Microgreen business is probably one of the easiest to begin. With a budget of only $100, you can get started. 

In addition, the fact that you do not need a large area is another convenient situation for a new business venture.

You can complete your planting work within a few hours and wait only for about 2-3 weeks for your first harvest cycle. 

Of course, if you are going to do this as a professional manufacturer, the situation may change a little and become more demanding, especially if you produce several varieties of microgreens that all harvest at different times.

For large farms, the start-up costs increase, and the labor given increases, but the profit you receive also rises accordingly.

Are Microgreens a Good Business?

Microgreen farming is a very profitable business. It is a business model that has incredible options especially for local growers, and there are plenty of opportunities to reach profitable markets. 

In addition to this, the increase in the demand for microgreens day by day has made this business a more attractive line of business.